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  1. correctly. as if inidb2 would not work in multiplay. How can I verify that? can that be changed?
  2. nothing happens. even if I enter it in the debug console May I see a few examples of you saving and reading something?
  3. I already tested. did not work either -.-
  4. the database was created by inidb mod. if I delete this, the database is created as I have defined it. Changing the database name does not change anything
  5. db order & .ini changed. no success. I hate windows..
  6. I found something: Unfortunately it did not work.
  7. I assume otherwise the writing would not work. For testing, I use dedected Arma 3 server on my local windows 10 pro pc
  8. add initserver.sqf: _inidbi = ["new", "test"] call OO_INIDBI; _version = "getVersion" call _inidbi; _write = ["write", ["GLOBAL", "VERSION", _version]] call _inidbi; test.ini (Database): [GLOBAL] cat=""text"" one=""text-one"" two=""text-two"" three=""text-three"" VERSION=""Inidbi: 2.05 Dll: 2.05"" the writing works well therefore I do not understand why he does not want to read. as if he had no rights to read :/ edit: I have now created a new empty Altis mission. Writing works. Reading does not work. -.-
  9. on server: with @inidbi2 in the launcher -> eden editor multiplayer test:
  10. update: init.sqf: _inidbi = ["new", "test"] call OO_INIDBI; _write = ["write", ["GLOBAL", "one", "text-one"]] call _inidbi; _write2 = ["write", ["GLOBAL", "two", "text-two"]] call _inidbi; _write3 = ["write", ["GLOBAL", "three", "text-three"]] call _inidbi; sleep 15; _read = ["read", ["GLOBAL", "one"]] call _inidbi; systemchat str[_read]; _read2 = ["read", ["GLOBAL", "two"]] call _inidbi; systemchat str[_read2]; _read3 = ["read", ["GLOBAL", "three"]] call _inidbi; systemchat str[_read3]; output: Database: [GLOBAL] cat=""text"" one=""text-one"" two=""text-two"" three=""text-three"" the writing of variables works. reading variables does not work. when I load the mod "@ inidbi2" in the A3 Launcher, and run multiplayer test in the eden editor, reading and writing will work without errors. I am using a Windows 10 Pro server.
  11. the writing has worked
  12. INIDBI2 (64 bit) install. // init.sqf: _inidbi = ["new", "test"] call OO_INIDBI; _write = ["write", ["GLOBAL", "cat", "text"]] call _inidbi; sleep 5; _read = ["read", ["GLOBAL", "cat"]] call _inidbi; hint format ["%1",_read]; // Output: "any" sleep 5; _read2 = "getVersion" call _inidbi; hint format ["%1",_read2]; // Output "any" Database read ok: [GLOBAL] cat=""text"" when I'm in the A3 Launcher the mod "@inidbi2" load, loading, then reading works in Eden Editor Multiplayer. @inidbi2 is in -servermod my start.bat: @echo off start arma3server_x64.exe -port=2302 "-config=config.cfg" "-cfg=basic.cfg" "-profiles=profile" -name=server -filePatching "-servermod=mods\@inidbi2;" "-mod=mods\@Australia 5.0.9;" -autoInit timeout 3 Unfortunately I do not know where the error is. Thanks again for your help.
  13. yes, INIDBI1 (32 bit). INIDBI2 (64 bit) I did not understand how it works. I have not found a simple tutorial yet.
  14. Unfortunately, my problem persists. version: inidbi - v1.4 did not anyone have a similar problem?
  15. the saving it works. no output if I set the database manually: // init.sqf call compile preProcessFile "\inidbi\init.sqf"; [] execVM "scripts\system\db\save_inidbi.sqf"; _loadplayeruid = ["7656119806*******", "GENERAL", "UID", "STRING"] call iniDB_read; hint format ["%1",_loadplayeruid]; as if "call iniDB_read" is not defined.