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  1. As ppl said and my findings came to same conclusion. Vanilla. And its working perfectly :D now when i found out how exactly its simulated. So no further assistance is needed :D
  2. I was only considering bullet path. You also raise importnant question. Game mechanics after syncing back has to decide which events to confirm.
  3. Ive run few test and I came to conclusion (cant confirm 100% though). Bullet position is updated with every client frame. However position calculation is with 1ms accuracy. So every frame, algorithm is running number of itterations for missing timeticks. So for 60FPSit is 17 timeticks and then bullet update. In result every client will get same trajectory no matter lag. But its only my guess based on data Ive gathered :D
  4. I wrote app calulating firesolutions. however I'm getting diffrent results in game. My algorithm used to work perfectly in ACE2 (in vanilla one doesnt use wind though ;) ). However it updates bullet data (position, velocity) every 1ms. Tell me please how often this data is updated in multiplayer (vanilla)? Maybe the problem lays in framework? Is this client side thing? Or server?
  5. Yup that paritally works :D. I wrote _missile = _this select 6; diag_log getPos _missile; before spawn[] in result i am geting data of bullet in moment of shot. After that it still printing position every frame :(. How to overcome this?
  6. Hi :) I want my script to report bullet position every milisecond including a moment of fire. However loop occurs every game frame. player addEventHandler ["Fired", { _null = _this spawn { _missile = _this select 6; waitUntil { if (isNull _missile) exitWith {true}; diag_log getPos _missile; }; }; }]; this is a player position :[3999.79,999.912,0.00143909] and this is a first report of bullet : [3999.97,1016.43,1.35643] as you can see projectile flew 16 meters before first data, that means Im missing time before fire and next frame. The most importnant for me is a position of bullet in moment of fire. It would be great if script reported data every milisecond. What should I write ? Please help ! Thank you.
  7. Mariusz B

    Scopes zeroing

    Thx for response. Probably You didnt understand me buddy ;). In vanilla zeroing has to be translate to angle. How it happens? Edited: To be more specific. Back in the days i wrote ballistic calculator for ACE2 and AGM before it was incorporated to ACE3. As new ACE has already its own ABC there is nothing to be done. I want to write my BC for vanilla.
  8. Mariusz B

    Scopes zeroing

    Hello I wasnt able to find answer for my questions in any post that I check so I decided to make my own. I need to know : HOW DOES SCOPE ZEROING WORKING IN ARMA 3. HOW DOES GAME CALCULATE WHAT ANGLE corresponds to for instance 2000m zeroing for given weapon? My wild shot is that there is an algorithm that is calculating what angle needs to be set to hit target at 2000m range and 0.0 elevation it uses same function which simulates bullet trajectory. Am I missing sth?