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  1. So I am slowly returning to Arma after a couple years. I found these two new commands. Do these work on units (like on player)? If yes how? I couldn't push the poor guys around so I must be missing something...
  2. The power of email notofications is strong within this one. :) Ive been firing up ARMA lately too but my version seems to work well. I don't even kow what is released but probably some 2 years old crap.
  3. Oh rly? I have a major update in the works which stalled in June (feels like last week how did we get to November?) at like 90%. But it works for me, so I didn't even know that previous release got broken in the meantime. I may release it soon in current state then: probably better than nothing. If someone gave me 50 hour days, lol. PUBG sucking me in doesn't help either.
  4. Thanks Solano! I've never known that I've been waiting for this until I actually enabled it. I thought the new lightning looked great, but then you removed that dull layer again. :) Exactly how one would re-touch a photograph too. BTW, I followed your installation steps, everything was where you wrote it would be and it went smooth and without any problems.
  5. I shoot a ray upwards from player. If it intersects a buildingobject, he is inside. I guess it's lot less calculations. Just an idea. And according to my experience, boundingboxes on some buildings are not too precise.
  6. Which version do you use? Or you meant the inventory key?
  7. So now after Tanoa hit beta and the 2d editor got removed, what is the official word on keeping the 2D/fast editor as a hidden/power feature?
  8. Well, I kinda work on it, although haven't fired it up for like two months now. Probably an update broke it then. I'll take a look sometime in the future, and there is a huge team handling revision in the works too. The inventory is a separate and unreleased mod, which will stay this way.
  9. Wow. Zooloo did something outstanding again! I've been playing shooters since Wolfeinstein 3D, and I never felt bad sooting an enemy. It was part of the fun. But damnI am embarassed now, this mod brought here something that was never presented well. I am even less triggerfriendly than I was yesterday. This really gives me the creeps. I don't think such should be hidden. This should be part of a simulator.
  10. zapat

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    And if we are talking about visual enhancements: could we get a GetCurrentAperture command please?
  11. zapat

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    If you are tweaking contrast: with the contrast settings which look good daylight (100-110) the full moon nights are way too dark. They need 85-90 contrast to be able to see something. IMHO contrast settings affect the brightness of the night too much, I personally would balance it a bit more. Anyone else loving to play without NVGs and missing some "power" of the Moon?
  12. BaBe: are you planning to update the textures once the dust settles around the new visual system? I really love this tweak of yours, but it doesn't seem right with the new lightning. Thanks man. Edit: actually the lite looks quite good. But it's lite. :)
  13. from the faq: http://sh8.videopilo...t-v6/faq-rl-v6/ CAN I CHANGE THAT KEY? You can change the Key to toggle ReShade in the „Common.cfg“-file at line 14. It goes like this:#define RFX_ToggleKey VK_SCROLL Change the „VK_SCROLL“ value to your key of choice. F12 would be VK_F12 for example. You can find a list of all key mappings here.
  14. Solano: Your mod created a huge difference compared to the original-vanilla game (which had this washed out purplegreyish layer), so in my eyes you are a visual magican. :) What do you think of / how do you like the new vanilla lightning?