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  1. If you have so little memory on your computer, you could always use the option to create a game shortcut with the SU so you don't have to have running all the time?
  2. anarcho

    Arma 2 Revolution-new game mode

    good luck, I can't even find the server
  3. anarcho

    Fallujah 1.2

    good work on the update :)
  4. ts3 ok? password is lol, should be around from 2pm GMT you can check my website to see if i'm on there.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post now? anyway i get this when i join my server via the SU 19:24:22: Free space on C:\: 9229 MB 19:24:22: Not allowed mods: @ACEX_SM 19:24:22: Free space on C:\: 9229 MB guessing it's not a issue as the sound mod still seems to load? Also with regards your request for Mirror hosting let us know what is needed as i have dedi linux webserver with lots of space main issue i guess would be bandwidth.
  6. nope its not local, it's a slot server with alpha-networks. i'll add a support ticket to them see if they can fix it at there end
  7. when ftp'ing with the six to my new windows server it seems to get stuck. could it be because of the space in the folder name? worked fine when i did to my linux server 13:44:53: Processing @ACE 13:44:53: Uploading @ACE to ftp://username:password@ipaddress/arma port 2322/@ace also i have to force it shut. should also point out the mods are already there on the server
  8. anarcho

    Uk game servers

    thx for find that out that info ck-claw :)
  9. Steam lol not a chance :P the key was in the name ace_usnavy i had miss spelled it on my test server
  10. should @ace_usnavy be disabled seems to be on my six now?
  11. anarcho

    Uk game servers

    thx for the info i ended up going with these guys http://www.lrc-gaming.co.uk just a 12 slot on a linux server though if i ever have problems i'll check out alpha
  12. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=116748 just ignore the bit about ukgame ;)
  13. k and i was about to ask which logs :) guessing six-updater-gui.log?
  14. thx for the info :) will send the logs in the morning