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  1. ebud

    Prarie Fire discussion

    The fact that someone made a SOG "game" was enough for me to support them. It may not be everyone's cup-o-tea, but I couldn't pass it up. Reading all the SOG and SEAL nam books over the years always had me hoping for a game that recreates the experience. YMMV.
  2. ebud

    Prarie Fire discussion

    If it had a SP campaign I would get it ASAP but if I have to convert existing missions and campaigns for this I'll wait a bit. It looks amazing though and I'll eventually get it. Hopefully someone will create some SP content for it... but I bet MP will be amazing though.
  3. ebud

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Is there anyone around here that can speak to the SP viability of this DLC? I mean I will get it, but from what I read the only SP portion is a few familiarization missions? The campaign is co-op but can you play much of anything in SP? I haven't played ARMA in nearly a decade and all my old OFP/ARMA/VBS1 buddies have moved on so finding and fitting into a MP group would be some work. I am just hoping for more SP than what I am seeing in on the site/list/
  4. ebud

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Yeah, thanks, I remember what a time suck creating and modding was (haven't touched it in about 10 years lol), I can't imagine the scope of work it took to get this made. If it had more SP missions/campaigns it would be amazing. I hate relying on other people for anything 🙂
  5. ebud

    Prarie Fire discussion

    I think this looks absolutely fantastic. I have been waiting for a SOG game forever and went back and bought Elite Warriors: Vietnam a couple of years ago since the campaign was actually fun even though the graphics are old. I think focusing on a small part of the conflict and trying to do it well is way better than trying to cover every single branch of every service on all sides. From the screenshots it still looks like they are going to broad in scope but that's just me. Also the MP focus will be lost on me, I am SP only kinda player. Man, I still cannot wait.
  6. ebud

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    It's hard to look at it now and see how innovative it was at the time. Complete new factions, new islands, full history, missions on top of missions, music, voice files, etc. at the time it was a giant task, now it would almost be impossible. My fav was the Redux TSF zombie killing mission. Damn that was fun.
  7. ebud

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    I'm so getting ARMA 3 now :) I can't wait to see this happen. If you need any help let me know ;)
  8. ebud

    Bush's "Strange New Worlds"

    Wow, these are all simply stunning and it's nice to see some creativity. Looking forward to finally getting a new PC after 7 years so I can take a look at these in a couple of weeks. Well done.
  9. ebud

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Nice release :) I haven't played OFP in ages but with this release I quickly DL'd the old Tonal remake, installed and played a while. So much fun! So many memories :)
  10. ebud

    Rooster Teeth new series Rage Quit

    I don't get it either. What is funny about watching some idiot play a game poorly while he complains about it loudly? How is that funny at all? I guess I don't "get it" for the same reason I don't "get" MTV anymore, or youtube comments, or Justin Beeber, or Lady Gaga or hipster bands. I'm just too old :j:
  11. ebud

    Rooster Teeth new series Rage Quit

    I can't believe I wasted a couple minutes of my life watching part of that. People like that guy really make me lose hope for society. I guess I'm pretty lucky that I've yet to see or meet people that act like this idiot offline, but I know they're out there. Thank god they just stay at home and post on Youtube.
  12. Yeah it will be interesting to see what comes out of that. A lot of companies at IITSEC want a piece of that pie but creating a "jack of all trades" sim is not as easy as all those upper management people think. "We'll just make a replacement for VBS2. It shouldn't be too hard right? You could have that in 6 months right? OH and we want it to run wirelessly, be accessible by any machine on a DOD network and work via cloud computing." I heard that one at least once a year for the last several years, and when they see/hear what it would actually take to do it they look at you like you just told them aliens landed outside :p So either way it should be neat to see what happens :)
  13. Yeah, it will suck but Orlando has a lot of opportunities in the sim market. Now if I had just been a scripter all these years instead of doing addons/terrains I'd be golden :) More than a few jobs out there for VBS2 scripting.
  14. I know all about those deadlines and how they work, I'll be unemployed by Feb because of them, so trust me I know how they can be flexible or tight as a drum. My point was, it's interesting to me that they like change for the sake of change. I'm also 100% positive that there are also a lot of politics and back scratching involved with this.
  15. I gotta laugh when I read articles like this one http://tsjonline.com/story.php?F=4995898 So by 2014 the Army wants to replace VBS2 with something that does everything VBS2 can do AS WELL AS a laundry list of features. Lol, this should be interesting to see who promises what and what is actually delivered. Another funny thing is that I know people working on contracts that will go out a few more years converting years and years of old simulator content to VBS2 usable content. So by the time it's all done it will be obsolete. Lots of companies are JUST getting into VBS2. Lol, I'm really glad I'm hopefully getting out of mil contracting. All you can do is laugh :)