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  1. Thank you very much, PuFu. I'm sure that will help many people. Edit: Tested it out on a fresh install of 3DS Max 2013. Worked like a charm.
  2. Well, the point is folder locations and names have changed. ie. there is no longer a UI folder etc. Providing instructions for 2013 would greatly reduce the number of unneeded posts here.
  3. Now we need instructions for installation into 3DSMax 2013. I got it working but not without copying files everywhere I could. LOL
  4. Actually we are both right. The book I have says it was originally the M290 but was later changed to the M987. So its my fault for not reading further. ;) Edit: Hmm, where'd my post go? Here's the link
  5. Small update. M270 MLRS variant to come some time soon. M987 (M290) FVS
  6. Thats only if I feel that the original texture was accurate and and detailed enough. :)
  7. @adumb: Dork! :D Something that I have been doing over the past couple days. The M290 FVS (Tractor used in many vehicles like MLRS)
  8. Very early previews. HEMMTS are OFP release models redone. All models are up to ArmA2 standards and working in-game (.i.e Shadowvolumes, Ambient Occlusion, etc) Enjoy and be kind. It's been a while for me! ;) M551A1 Sheridan M1009 Truck M978 Tanker (HEMTT) M977 Cargo (HEMTT)
  9. Has anyone ever come across a bug with the Sort Alpha function in O2 like I have? When I choose Sort Alpha, O2 seems to enjoy randomly adding faces with transparent textures to other Named Selections (i.e Added parts of the tank tracks to OtocVez, adds the clan logo to PasAnimL etc.) I first suspected a corrupt file so I copied all my LODS to a new file. But that did not resolve the issue. I can replicate this on both of my PCs, one is running Win7 32bit and the other is Win7 64bit.
  10. Rudedog

    FDF sound pack v1.0

    Did find one issue I haven't seen posted. All MP clients connecting need to have it if the Host has it installed. Otherwise, those people without it will experience their avatar running around uncontrollably. Other than that, this pack changes the whole ArmA experience for me. Great MOD!
  11. Rudedog

    1.05 Causes performance Hits.

    Remember the days of OFP when they released beta patches before final release? Was a much better way of getting community feedback if you ask me. I do have a strange bug though. Cannot turn my turrets on vehicles with HDR set to Low. When I put HDR on High, everything works fine. Even get a slight FPS increase.
  12. Rudedog


    OK, this is too funny and ironic. I guess you should also add Dolphins to your project too. Dolphins with Freakin' Laser Beams
  13. Rudedog

    Geforce4 too old?

    Yes, Geforce 4 only handles up to DirectX 8. ArmA requires DirectX9. Minimum specs specify at least a Geforce 6600GT.
  14. Rudedog

    Tonal Redux

    My suggestion is that before anyone reports a bug, run plain vanilla OFP with only the @Tonalredux MOD folder and all required addons. Â If it is a map bug, also report the map grid location and object ID (you can find this in the editor). This will make it much simpler to locate and/or solve problems. Â I'm sure Ebud will have no problems fixing them as long as he can reproduce them. Â Also take into account that things like terrain detail settings can make things appear on your system that some of us will never see.
  15. Rudedog

    Germany 1985

    So far, no UK addon groups accepted or either they ignored our offers.