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  1. I did as you said and then when I click Execute it says this: :confused:
  2. Yes I uninstalled updater, the game, run a cache cleaner everything.. no luck it just doesn't want to find arma 2 oa's directory for some reason :/
  3. You can get it here: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/list_files/six-arma-updater ______________________________ Now I have a big problem I have installed the Six Updater Suite's latest version which is v0.24.3 and I get this error when trying to install/execute ACE update/install. So er how do I set a folder/target for ARMA 2 ? And shouldn't it auto detect both games... :( I have arma 2 on legit copy DVD version and OA on steam (+BAF DLC). Thanks, XeqtR
  4. Cant wait to see this finished, keep it up man good work! :)