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  1. mr. Duck

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    Just be careful that you don't make 'em too light, or else you'll be forced to make your weapons weaker to compensate for the punch back effect. And if you make the weapons too weak, it won't be funny anymore cuz then you'll start seeing 1985's abrams tanks easily bashing your high tech hover tank from the year 3000+ (just as funny as seeing an Sherman demolishing a T90 with its 90mm cannon).
  2. mr. Duck

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    canFloat in the config will make the ground vehicles "float", couple this by positioning the models in O2 a bit high above the ground and you can simulate a hover. However the catch is that the vehicles themselves should not weigh too heavy (see LODS where you can designate the "weight", or mass). The downturn of a light vehicle is that whenever it is hit by a real powerful weapon (think of hit=1000+ and the speed of the projectile/missile is really high), it could fly backwards (for a couple of meters or worse, depending on the mass). If you make the vehicle's mass too heavy, you can say bye bye to the hover above water thing because it'll just sink (but it still remains amphibious). You could try to script (mind you I haven't tried this, it's just a theory) a hover though (make sure it loops if the engine is on and if the engine is on, setVelocity it like 1m above ground or something), I'm not sure how the AI will respond to this though (in terms of aiming and driving)... ps. the Marine vehicles were named after Greek mythological creatures (Geryon, Pegasus, Medusa, etc.)
  3. mr. Duck

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    I'm sorry but I can't help. I've stopped modding for OFP (if I did continue on modding I'd still be doing the terrans). Plus I've got other priorities at the moment.
  4. mr. Duck

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    Try this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=411
  5. mr. Duck


    Your selections are messed up probably, the guys from WH40K use their own custom anims (and you're using the stock anims). Try getting the standard BIS soldier and use that as a reference for your selections (go check the area around the hands).
  6. mr. Duck

    Spacemod pack FULL

    What I meant with a third party script was something like this or this.
  7. mr. Duck

    Another scifi thing

    Ok, here it is, latest version with gunship and fighter. I'm off to ArmA, please read the readme well. First page will be slightly changed. Download As of now, this has become freeware, I will not work on it anymore (lost interest in the Terrans and OFP), but I will continue modding in ArmA from now on. So, this will be my last post in this thread. have a good one. Signing off, mr. Duck edit: had to change something today as I got a message from somebody complaining about an error. That has been fixed now, first and this page has been edited with the correct link.
  8. mr. Duck


    Yay I'm finally able to test them out. Here's my take of it. Yes, the invaders miss a dedicated infantry AT weapon, but it wouldn't hurt if you add an infantry AA weapon in the equation as well. What these dudes also could use is a dedicated space fighter (maybe a big one), one that goes very fast (not like BIS's SU34 or AV8). And about hovertanks, the hovertanks in OFP we're nothing more than just tanks without tracks. Mine sunk to the bottom of the ocean (because the thing was pretty heavy) while the WH40K didn't (because it's very light). Now the nasty thing in OFP was that if the tau hovertank got hit by a very powerful weapon, it would "fly away" (also depending on the angle where you hit it, but there was another hover tank that would literally fly away if it got hit by my tank's main gun), where mine would just jump a little. I haven't tested this stuff out in ArmA yet. Well, it's up to you to decide if you want to make hovertanks or not :P (I'm not making them anymore for ArmA, that's for sure). And about the drone issue, I also can't find another solution besides killing the occupant But you could always depend on the rationality of human players to not enter a vehicle that is meant for an AI drone Â
  9. mr. Duck

    Another scifi thing

    Yeah I know about that one. Nobody can pick up a RPG-22 because it has been set to private. Has been fixed though.
  10. mr. Duck


    Ah shame I was hoping your infantry would be a tad stronger than standard BIS units (I made mine in ofp stronger too, it needed to be able to fight off other scifi units such as the predator as well). And about the AI drones, well, I made some automated sentry in ofp for my dudes and the way I did it was like this. I just made a small block that would represent the AI and configged it in such a way that when the gun would be destroyed the AI unit would not jump out of the gun (there's a line in the config that would do that in ofp, it might work in ArmA as well). The AI block can be made invisible too by just texturing it with an "invisible" texture. In case you want to put these AI units in an airplane and want to make sure they don't bail out, you might add a script that will kill the pilot when the air vehicle has suffered a certain amount of damage (like 80% or 90% damage). So basically these "AI" drones are not under your control (unless they are part of your squad) and act more like automated units
  11. mr. Duck


    Dude keep up the great work, I really liked your work in ofp, can't wait to see these in-game I might make some human (scifi) adversaries for these dudes (if I ever get myself a decent copy of ArmA from the store...). I got a couple of questions though: 1. How strong are these units compared to the standard BIS units? Will the infantry be comparable to your cyborg infantry from ofp? How about the armor and air vehicles? 2. You got some other units on your to do list? Like AI robotic drones (or biomechanical drones)? How about drop pods? At what side are these aliens on? Greetings, mr. Duck
  12. mr. Duck

    Another scifi thing

    Are you sure you tried the download link that I gave on the first page? I tried it as well (downloaded it several times) and it gave me four files (each time). - AS-X65.pbo (specops weapons) - TerranSoldier.pbo (infantry + specops) - TerranTank.pbo (armor support) - TerrWeap.pbo (regular infantry weapons) If you tried downloading from ofp.gamepark.cz then yes, all you get is the basic infantry without armor and specops. That said, for future reference: The official released stuff so far only contains infantry, special forces and armor support. VTOL's (and fighter) are not released yet. But they are in game and require some tweaking. And now the updates (note the below stuff is just something that I've worked on, not stuff that were released): The gunship and troop transport have a booster script (from the wanzer pack, but I can't contact the maker of them, tried through email as well, looks like the guy left the OFP world). Fighter can take-off vertically (thanks Acacyn for lettin' me borrow yer scripts). I've reworked the AT weapon and added another one. A small automated defence turret has also been added. An AA armored vehicle (on a tank chassis) is also in-game.
  13. mr. Duck

    Another scifi thing

    The filefront thing should contain tanks (if I'm not mistaken), that should be the latest release. Â That said, here's something. Nothing fancy there, I ain't no video editing guru (stupid video maker is also constantly crashing on me...)
  14. mr. Duck

    Spacemod landunits

    Ah, so that's how the MG looks like in game :P
  15. mr. Duck


    Well, you could have two bases on one island, just have one base well established (big base, with buildings comm. equipment blablabla) to represent the planet this race belongs to and another base that is quite makeshift and well hidden (a more secret base, just made after invading troops made a landfall, a base with some deployable sensor array, maybe some camouflaged prefab buildings dropped from orbit). But the last base shouldn't be that big as compared to the first one