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  1. DunnoDunKe

    OFP Addon request thread

    could anyone plz upload an un'PBO'ed version my 3148 '48_RTroop.pbo' and '48_Rwep.pbo'...i had a broken HDD and lost all of my work...and i've tried to download it from bronze's thread and try to un'pbo' it myself but didn't have luck..don't know what's wrong
  2. DunnoDunKe

    Arma 3 engine

    As Rye said, what i meant was to get behind a wall and shooting from cover:cool:....a system where makes you stick to wall or any nearby cover available....it's not neccessarily blind fire, you can aim down your gun... why's that?:( it think it adds a lil bit more realism.... but i guess, different people, different preferences, lol....:)
  3. DunnoDunKe

    Arma 3 engine

    hi, guys, just wondering it would be great if the engine support a firefight such in the Rainbow Six: Vegas (it's that the right name?).. a lil bit of realism i think..i dont know much about gaming engines, but is it possible to implement it in BIS' RV? p/s: and plz don smash me because of this question...just asking out of curiosity due to my ignorance lol :)
  4. guys, i've been away from the ofp & arma community for so long, i've wondering, does arma ii support animation for vehicles, such as walking mech or some thing like that, if there's some one already done that, could any1 plz gimme the downld link 4 da addons...n forgive me if im writing in wrong thread..
  5. DunnoDunKe

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    howdy everyone, its been a long time since my last post, but as per everyone's information, i've never complete the animations, but i do update them, like improved AT stance, soldiers treating wounded and getting treated, entering vehicle and getting out of vehicle, since i've been too busy with my life's problem here, i never get the chance to take a sneak on how much this mod's team progress so far..so i don't know how much bronzie has finished so far...for the time being i cant send the updated anims yet, but i'll try to post ASAP...
  6. DunnoDunKe

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    that's true mate, but u can ask first...anyway the next release will be plus-minus 2 days on x-mas, and sorry for long time no news. it's been quite hectic weeks for me...but i got a few things done already, newly remodeled XDT-12 tank and XDT-9 APC, also the crewman for both sides (will be used as pilot also).....and since i couldn't complete any 3148 mech, i'll release my old man-class mech based on Zenith (with animation) that i've done a long time ago...the backpacks also will be included in next release but i cant say anything yet on air units...so gunny24, i appreciate your idea on the plane but my hands are tied already. and i've got one more announcement, the next release will be my last release for this mod, on 28th December, i'll further my study....so, i decided to give the mod to bronzeEagle...i'll give more details soon enough...
  7. DunnoDunKe

    M4's for weapon Individualism

    no i wonder BronzeEagle call u a lagend...nicely done work, but it seems you work well with US Army Stuff, have ever thought of Making US FFW soldier? i'm sorry if my suggestion is not in the place, well u know this thread is for M4 Riffle..lol..btw keep up the nice work..
  8. DunnoDunKe

    WW4 Modpack 1

    hi, i'd like to ask, is it possible to make the ai use the leaning abilty in this mod? i thought maybe it can give quite an experience if it does...and a little suggestion, have u ever thought of making the US FFW soldiers like in the GHOST RECON ADVANCED WARFIGHTER? it's kinda cool u know? i thought of making it, but too busy....lol
  9. DunnoDunKe

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    okay thanks for the tips Mr.Duck, i did try the canFloat in the config, and in facts what u said is right...the tank sink..ouch, lol..i'll try to edit its weight after this...For Gunny-24 suggestion, maybe i can take it into account coz right now i don't have a clue for republicans heavy gunships...and Ezhik-iz-Tumana, in the config, i did make it move with high speed, but for acceleration, ur right, it's very slow...
  10. DunnoDunKe

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    yea, of course, those pics are rendered in 3dsMAX so i didnt make it see-through
  11. DunnoDunKe

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    hi guys, some pics, all these tree vehicles are still wip, about 85%(lod works exlucded) just need to rework the config and finishing the interior, and for info, i decide to remove the previous MACH that i post in this thread, i'll get it reworked for the alien side. New M4 Geyron HACH (Heavy Armored Combat Hoverer) New M3 Pegasus HAPC (Hovering Armored Personal Carrier) New AV-9/C Medusa (based on BronzeEagle proposal, hope mr.duck doesnt mind using his addons name) and zadrein, take your time, im taking this mod slowly too..i send a pm to u check it..btw How's ur mom?
  12. DunnoDunKe

    Thyria: sands of resistance.

    well, i guess, everyone knows that you are the best currently-active modder right now, as for me i can't deny that...but just a thought, are you planning for any artilerry vehicle? i'd really love to see that in your mod..
  13. DunnoDunKe

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    Firstly, Im sorry to hear bout your mother zadrein...how is she doing now? as for me, what can i do is only to pray for her health..let's all hope for a miracle that she will be back to normal.. okay, then, id like to apologise for not being able to get online, i was...'out of commision'....bout my last post, i did say bout some pics of new terran vehicles, but, my bad, i cant show it you guys just yet, well, right now im in a Cybercafe on the way home, just got out from hospital..so for the past few weeks, i didn't work at all on OFP,...i'd just figured that maybe i should post something, so dante, your rifle's new looks will take a little bit more of time, i guess.... and drongo, your works sounds interesting, i will try to experience it.. and lastly, let's all hope the best for zadrein's mum...
  14. DunnoDunKe

    Thyria: sands of resistance.

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: im just speechless, on how they look, exceeded far more than i expected, damn, you're the best modder around here u know pal, any idea when can start playing this machines? okay then, since u say so, i'll find some time to do it;)
  15. DunnoDunKe

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    i dont think mr.duck have any problems with us editing his addons if what i read in his readme is right (damn of course it's right!!! lol) don't worry, i've finished already modeling the new MBT,APC (both based on mr Duck's design) and also new Medusa (based on the illustration bronzeEagle proposed), but still need to do some UVWwrap...(still no pic, maybe tomorrow) and for information on v1 release, all the small arms will be replaced with new models (the rep's gun was a test actually) but since this new rep guns model looks more ass-kicking than the terrans', i will also design a new one... and also, for the MOD folder's official name is @3148, i've spent some little time working on custom GUI also. and real sorry for not putting the instruction how to install the mod folder...i thought there was no newbie playing OFP anymore since it's an old GAME lastly, i wasn't planning to put my own custom map into v1 release but if there's any world-maker interested in making one, plz contact me.