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  1. Zedrein

    Arma Cold War Assault Mod Tools

    Thanks alot! for the help everyone. DL'ing the tools now.
  2. Zedrein

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hey all hope your all doing good. i need some help finding a few addons i hope that some of you long time members may be able to help me find them. here is the list of what i need. 1. Mammoth Tank. 2. Gears and Strider Pack. <--Found This a few pages back! 3. GDI Titan. 4. GDI Juggernaut. 5. High-MACS. <--Found This a few pages back! 6. A.P.U. Any help would be appreciated. i have been looking all over the place no luck yet nothing but dead links.
  3. I looked in the thread that had the links to the pbo extractor ect but nearly all the links are dead. i am wanting to get tino modding OFP/CWA but i do not know where/what tools to get. can someone help me with this? like a pbo extractor/builder, modeling software ect.
  4. I know its been trouble animating the walking movements for mechs in any BI milsim game. the wanzers for OFP/CWA is about as good as it can get from what i have read but i was thinking would it be possible to have a mech that looked humanoid/biped with head,arms,torso and legs. the legs would not need to be animated because i want them to hover for movement. i would like to have the arms be animated to do melee and shooting actions would this be possible? this way i could bypass the walking problems but still have mecha's. any help would be appreciated.
  5. Zedrein

    Ffur & cwa ?

    I am looking for a mod that will make things look better in CWA then i remembered playing with FFUR but that was before BI updated OFP to CWA. my question is will FFUR work with CWA the way it is now, if so how would i go about getting it to work? if not is there any other addon out there that would do what FFUR done? sry if this has been asked before i have been gone for a while. i have a son now. which being a father is wonderful
  6. Zedrein

    Cant install GOTY edition on Windows 7 64 bit

    I am having the same problem the game has always installed fine till now.
  7. Zedrein

    the official 3148 release thread

    @BronzeEagle i'm getting a "No Entry 'CONFIG.cpp/CfgWeapons.PulseRiflePSG' error when the main menu loads up. do you know how i can fix this?
  8. Thanks for the help. i will check it in a few mins and post back here. reason i was asking theres so many different patches to dl i dont know which one to dl if i have to dl one. ---------- Post added at 01:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:30 AM ---------- ok i just got done installing OA to the Arma2 directory and it said that Arma2 was newwer then OA and i do not have a CO .exe
  9. i just downloaded and installed Arma 2 and OA and i have Arma CO my question is now which patch do i need to download? i downloaded them from sprocket.
  10. Agreed. we need a mod section here ASAP! but they may be waiting for the "official" CCGM mod tools to be released before they do it. i rly think they should go ahead and make one i am seeing mods already and the bad thing is you got to do alot of reading to find them. if we had a modding section "now" we wouldnt have to do all that looking.
  11. Zedrein

    allied infantry?

    I think this would be good. havent played too much of the game yet "working on it" but if the devs dont add it "if its not already added" maybe someone can make a mod with this.
  12. wondering if theirs a way to play the infantry parts in third person? and i am a little ways into the game now and i have not played any more infantry missions is the beginning infantry missions the only ones?
  13. Zedrein

    What Engine ?

    BIS you guys just rock ^^ Thank you for always supporting us modders. i have many many plans for a huge mod for CCGM "which this game is wickedly fun" please keep up the great work my BIS peeps!
  14. is it possible to port these wanzers from OFP to Arma2? they are the Zenith & Grezex wanzers. heres the link to them. Link--> http://ofp.gamepark.cz/?oblast=news&search=wanzer