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  1. FSAA is not fully supported yet (that's why you can have some shadows problems ...), you cant tweak it in the options menu. You can get it worked by changing value in your ArmA2.cfg file. :) FSAA=0; Disabled FSAA=1; Low FSAA=2; Medium FSAA=3; High FSAA will be completely supported in one of the futures patchs :)
  2. Here is the changelog, you can also find it in the readme file of this patch :) ---------------------------- Version 1.02 Highlights ---------------------------- * Improved AI driving skills * Lowered enemy AI skills for regular and recruit difficulty levels * Improved Micro AI tactics, attack in pairs, path limiting to avoid passing through walls. * Fixed multiplayer session NAT negotiation * Improved game stability (various crash opportunities fixed) * Multiple save slots supported * Improved terrain shape beyond map borders * Various campaing and localisation fixes and improvements * Modules (F7) support added in the Mission Editor ------- Engine ------- * Multiple savegame positions allowed. * Configuration fixes in radio protocol (including faster reaction to crew-related orders in vehicles). * Multiplayer server browser enlarged. * Improved steering for car. * Improved mobile artillery simulation. * Improved terrain shape beyond map borders. * Improved Micro AI tactics, attack in pairs, path limiting to avoid passing through walls. * Added UAV camera stabilization. * Indication of player connection status in list of players (Diary). * Possible to connect to server with template-based MP scenario. * Repeated weapon change command fixed in radio protocol. * Game no longer crashes when copying the linked trigger in the Mission Editor. * Different radio notification of multiple units attacking. * NAT negotiation issue removed (diffferent negative sign cookie on client and server). * Fixed possible crash after or during Get In in multiplayer. * Improved transfer of building destruction in multiplayer. * Fine surface information are now properly used for surface properties. * Destroyed targets are no more massively reported after player has left the vehicle. * Proper update of AI pathfinding when new building is created in the landscape (new objects were ignored). * VON no longer crashes the game on certain circumstances. * AI sprinting on a spot removed if route was planned across the roof. * Server shown as passworded in Server Browser when passworded or locked. * Improved functionality of Get In command if player is vehicle commander. * Swimming soldiers no longer drop inventory items. * Swimming players cannot use Gear dialog. * New scripting function "GetPlayerId unit" available to help server admins better recognize teamKillers etc. * Fillrate optimization in Video Options is now defined via combo box. * Improved light count optimization (should help performance when many distant lights are present). * Low-frequency effect (subwoofer) improved. ------------- Scenarios ------------- * Added or fixed markers in pre-mission briefings in various scenarios. * "Eye for Eye" singleplayer scenario: Hostiles balanced and loadouts of playable units fixed. * "Counterattack" singleplayer scenario: Flow fix, player's group now properly advance from the harbour if strong enough to continue. * "Trial by Fire" script error fixed. * Campaign: Time flow screen added to scenario intros. * Campaign: "Murder" mission ends are now triggered also when firing from a vehicle. * Campaign: Multiplayer info for all campaign scenarios added. * Campaign: Scene-specific sound entities are deleted after end of a scene. * "First to Fight" campaign scenario: o Shooting range bug fixed. o Officer's speech has titles added. * "First to Fight" campaign scenario: O'Hara animation speed fixed. * "Into the Storm" campaign scenario: Conditions of interaction with civilians improved. * "Razor Two" campaign scenario: o Mission-failed end now performs correctly. o Razor members cannot use UAV during conversations. * "One Week Later" campaign interlude: Conversation more logical. * "Manhattan" campaign scenario: o Animations of ambient people improved. o Taks waypoint for main task positioned better. o Insurgent animations after death disabled in scene. o Civilian woman stuck near transport prevented. o Reinforcements navigation fixed. * "Bitter Chill" campaign scenario: o Conversations and broken mission flow fixed. o Accidental death of Cpt. Shaftoe after a scene prevented. o Improved positions of several killed unit. o Radio chatter disabled where disturbing. * "Badlands" campaign scenario: o Ending and conversation flow fixes. o Scene of talking to locals improved. * "Dogs of War" campaign scenario: o Insurgent leader presence now logical. o Several story-related vehicles are now properly usable. o Initial conversation work in multiplayer. * "War That Never Was" campaign outro: Amount of units decreased, behaviour improved. * AI grouping prevented in team deathmatch and deathmatch scenarios. * Module for limiting area of operation script fixes. * Recomposed fortifications and minor fixes in Warfare. * First-aid module performance improvements. * Language and gameplay fixes in multiplayer and singleplayer templates. ---------------- Art/Environment ---------------- * Changed lighting values for early morning and dusk. * Improved wheeled vehicles turning definitions. * Utes: Improved carier deck colision shape and F-35B geometry. * Gas stations on map can now refuel nearby vehicles. * Minor object fixes on Chernarus map (traffic signs tweaks, small objects). * Added small signs to Chernarus map. * Less frequent occurence of thunderbolts.
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