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  1. Mr-Murray

    Merry Christmas / Happy New Year Thread

    Happy New Year everyone!!!
  2. Mr-Murray

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    No worries, everything is fine with Bohemia and Sprocket. They always supporting me as good as they can. Otherwise I wouldn´t be here *heh* Btw: Thanks so far to both of them. I only got some differences with the German Publisher, because he sold my guide with his Gold Edition without paying me for the rights to use it.
  3. Mr-Murray

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    Actually I don´t won´t to post it here in the forums, but let me describe it in short sentences: If someone is selling your intellectual property as an exclusive feature of his product and you as author havn´t got any money for it, then you can talk about "unfortunate circumstances". And that is exactly what happened. The German Gold Edition of ArmA 1 includes a digital version of the Editing Guide. .
  4. Yes certainly. Other players need that addon to see the compositions as well.
  5. @WillaCHilla: Yes, certainly! I have to look where´s my script to realize it. I wrote something like that in the past. @MadMike[brig2010]: You are welcome, thank you! I will contact the Author of it. Shouldn´t be a problem. @KeyCat: You are welcome ;)
  6. Just download and test it. These are object compositions. Complete camps, firing ranges and so on. You can place an entire camp with bunker, ammo and static vehicles with only "one click" instead placing object by object in several steps and a lot of clicks.
  7. Hey guys, thanks for your feedback. I hope it works well :bounce3:
  8. Hi all! Today I would like to wish you a “Happy New Year And All The Best For 2011â€! That´s my first addon release at all. Enjoy that addon in order to cut down the long waiting time for the A2 Editing Guide. And if you have some suggestions, additions or wishes for that new guide, please don´t hesitate to contact me. Cheers, M-Murray Mr-Murrays ARMA II Compositions Description: This addon allows you to place and align the original by BIS delivered ArmA compositions in the 2D-Editor of ArmA II whithout any syntaxes. Just click, place and play! That's it! Features: - 2 different PBO's - 2 different categories (A2 / OA) - 165 compositions (A2: 81 /OA: 84) - Works below SP and MP (Dedi, Hosted) as well - Well structured in the Editor Installation: As we always advice use mod folders to keep your mods organized and to prevent errors in the future. Check our FAQ for a clear explanation. Included PBO-files: MrM_Compositions_OA.pbo MrM_Compositions_A2.pbo Mr-Murray.bisign Usage: Just place the mod folder (@MrM-Addons) into your arma directory or an other addon folder of your choice. In the Editor: Choose side Empty/Compositions (A2) or Empty/Compositions (OA). That´s it! Known bugs: - Unusable into the 3D-Editor (Once placed you can't remove and align it anymore!). Means, you have to reload the mission after you deleted the placed composition from the map. Note: Please keep in mind that the eleven Firing Range units of both (A2/OA) are exactly the same. Anyway! I placed it separate in both categories. Credits & Thanks: W0lle, Legislator, Cyborg11, Memphisbelle DOWNLOAD Update Ideas: - New symbols - New symbol sizes in proportion of the composition - Align compositions to its symbols - 3D-Editor usage .
  9. Mr-Murray

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    As promised: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13122 :D
  10. Mr-Murray

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!! I stopped that project for a while. In the last year I worked not really much for it because of several unfortunate circumstances with the German Publisher. I´m very disappointed about the situation and that´s exactly and the only reason why it is still not final. And nearly a reason to release something like that guide nevermore. Anyway! It´s 2011 and let´s see what I can do for the Community - but only if it´s still appreciated :rolleyes: But before a come to you with another little present during the next hours ;) Best, Mr-Murray
  11. Mr-Murray

    Extrating PMC PBOs

    Frustrative isssh...
  12. Mr-Murray

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    It seems it was shortly after the A2-Release. It's not my desk - only both guides on the left :-)
  13. Mr-Murray

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    Somebody's Arma-Desk
  14. Mr-Murray

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    Just another question regarding the class lists of Chapter 3. It already includes a lot of Class-Stuff. Now I´m thinking about to add to add just the Unit and Vehicles classes of A1 as well. Is it a good idea from your point of view or just "the damnest thing you ever heared about" :D Thanks a lot for your feedback. Best, Mr-Murray