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    SECREPs will signal the update of main branch for anti-cheat / security only. Typically this means only BattlEye files were changed, and the game is not changed itself. ---------- Post added at 15:26 ---------- Previous post was at 15:23 ----------
  2. Sometimes it's useful to discuss updates to the Steam Development branch in one centralized place. Let's use this thread for that. The changelog thread can stay clean and do its thing. It mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if a daily update is very broken or very epic :ph34r: Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker of course. Thank you!
  3. In this thread we'll post announcements about Release Candidates (RC) of future main branch updates. That includes the opening of the RC-Branch ahead of an update, possible change logs between RC updates and details on (multiplayer) stress tests. This thread itself will remain closed to allow for a clear overview of announcements, please feel free to discuss this branch here.
  4. RC testing of Update 1.96 has kicked off! Steam branch access code: Arma3Update196RC Arma 3: ~7.1 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~841 MB Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog) Added: 6th anniversary music track Changed: Moved various Contact components to default platform data (e.g. music, animations, hand-written font, Spectrum Device, etc.) Changed: Decrypted Livonia object addons to PBO Fixed: Various issues in the "First Contact" campaign and on Livonia
  5. In this thread we'll try to describe updates happening in the Development branch of Arma 3. This changelog is not complete, nor confirmed to be working as advertised. Again, Development branch does not pass internal QA before publication. Stick with main branch if you do not want to deal with the (big) potential issues and frequent data transfers. Feel free to discuss the updates to this branch in the relevant thread. 12-03-2013 Cross-joining default and Development branch disabled in MP Ifrit config class names changed to O_Ifrit_F and similar Various artwork fixes and tweaks in materials, textures and passenger animations Active Development branch is now indicated in the main menu Showcase: Helicopters - little optimization and conversation timings Various other showcase fixes Multiple crash opportunities fixed First tests of shadow improvements
  6. Please use this thread to share your notes on the new Livonia terrain in Arma 3 Contact (accessible to those who own it). For concrete bug reports, the preferred reporting method is Feedback Tracker. Remember to include coordinates, screenshots, Splendid Camera exported settings, or simple reproduction scenarios where possible. General expansion feedback is discussed in this thread.
  7. Arma 3 Contact will be localized and translated to the standard Arma 3 languages. In order for our localization team to effectively process feedback, we'd like to ask for your language-specific notes in this thread (or on Feedback Tracker of course). The first iterations of translations are starting to arrive to Dev-Branch, however, we should point out that our own localization testing in all languages is only just beginning. General expansion feedback is discussed in this thread. Please include the following information where possible: Language (Czech, German, Polish, etc.) What is wrong? (including any incorrect text) What is your proposal? Reproduction steps Screenshot(s) Thanks!
  8. Leaflets are a scripted feature meant for use in playable content most of all (Laws of War DLC). There is some Sandbox compatibility, but since they are not fully engine-driven, they are also limited in some areas. For this reason they are not by default added to the Utility Drone (but can be added as special 'weapon' via pylon settings or scripting). Notes: Find a start of documentation on the Community Wiki. We've extended the feature to allow for full-screen inspection of the info stands (Faction Showcase IDAP e.g.). We'd prefer specific issue reports on the Feedback Tracker.
  9. The audio changes which delayed Development branch updates are now partly published. As with most of these large tasks, this is ongoing work and so the current state is not considered final (in some places it may be worse for a little while). Effectively the core foundations are in place and now each individual asset needs tuning and fixing. We feel it will improve the soundscape in the final game :622: Senior audio team member Ondřej Matějka goes over the details:
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    In this thread we'll post updates in the form of quick SITREPs about ongoing work during on Arma 3. These will include things like high-profile fixes, content additions, focus areas, announcements, and general development chatter. Keep an eye on the Dev Hub for all the details. ---------- Post added at 16:09 ---------- Previous post was at 16:06 ---------- Full SITREP
  11. If you have any feedback on the various assets (props, structures, signs, and later vehicles, weapons, gear, etc.) in Arma 3 Contact, please share it with us here. When discussing alien assets, please use spoiler markings. For concrete bug reports, the best go-to is the Feedback Tracker. General expansion feedback is discussed in this thread. How to access the assets? Main Menu: Shift + P In the DLC Content Browser, select Contact Platform or Contact (when running this mode), and explore its contents. Some assets have a TRY button that will open the asset in … Main Menu: TUTORIALS > VIRTUAL ARSENAL (For vehicles, switch to the Garage mode at the top of the screen.) Each asset category shows the appropriate DLC / mod icons behind each asset for easy identification. Use Sort by mod to make it even easier to find them. Note: in this mode you should be able to preview the assets without DLC ownership. Main Menu: EDITOR In the Asset Browser on the right, all assets are marked by the DLC / mod icon. Use the Filter by mods option and select Arma 3 Contact (Platform) or Arma 3 Contact (when running this mode). What assets are available?
  12. Mines (specifically detection) are another existing feature that we've had a chance to make a few improvements to with Laws of War DLC (as a platform update for all). Most of these changes have already been on Dev-Branch for a while and we've read your feedback so far. We'll divulge more of our goals and details over the next weeks in the form of OPREPs for example. Note that we've wanted to preserve backward-compatibility as much as possible, limiting some more drastic changes. A clear example is the 15 meter detection range. Sure, we could decrease it, but it would potentially unbalance any existing scenario with mines. Note: expanded Community Wiki documentation is in progress. Specific issues go to the Feedback Tracker as per usual. What changes does this cover? Most characters are now less adept at automatic visual identification of mines. You will need to manually T-reveal them in more cases (also depending on difficulty options). Note that in order to disarm mines, you need to have revealed them. Many other factors influence visual identification: night-time, being in a vehicle, hidden in vegetation, etc. The Mine Detector has the same 15 meter range as it always had, but is slightly less 'magical' now. An Info Panel is used to show the approximate location around you ([ or ] by default). It pings off nearby detected mines, but does not yet reveal their type (potentially offset cloud symbol). Audio cues reveal the direction and distance of the nearest unrevealed mine (also without the panel open). Vehicles can have their own Mine Detector with custom range and Info Panel (see the Demining Drone). Most explosives should receive their own placement / deactivation SFX (WIP). Many explosion SFX were tweaked. The Radio Protocol message that is triggered when a mine is discovered has 'spam control', so it's not repeated too often in a large field. disableAI "MINEDETECTION" can disable an AI's mine detection abilities.
  13. Greetings Earthlings! After a long period of radio silence, we’ve finally revealed the next big addition to the game: Arma 3 Contact expansion. Check out its website for an overview of this very diverse package. We hope there’s something for everyone, not just the heavier sci fi aspect, but also more conventional sandbox goodies. This thread is the best place to let us know about your general feedback, comments, suggestions, and all that doesn’t fit one of the more specific threads. Concrete bug reports are still welcomed to Feedback Tracker. We know our activity there has been lower, but we do check for bugs, and try to fix those we can. The Contact devs will also be actively checking all channels. Thank you all for the help! Livonia feedback Asset feedback Playable Content feedback Translation feedback Some additional trivia 💡 Check out the F.A.Q. for some specific topics! The alien content is in an optionally loaded part of the expansion (via Launcher with PLAY CONTACT - or folder contact). They will not be in the vanilla sandbox, so that stays fairly conventional. The terrain, weapons, vehicles, etc. will be in default Arma 3 data with Content Licensing applied (folder enoch).
  14. Now that the Arma 3 Contact expansion is out, owners finally get to play the "First Contact" singleplayer campaign. We’re definitely still interested to hear your feedback. If you encounter specific issues, please consider filing a Feedback Tracker ticket. Of course other playable content, meaning the Livonia multiplayer modes, can be discussed here as well. For general expansion feedback we prefer this thread. While it may be hard to avoid spoilers entirely in this thread, try to use the spoiler widget to encompass plot points. How to access the campaign? The campaign can only be played using Contact's 'Total Conversion' mode. This mode makes changes to various parts of Arma 3 and is primarily intended for the campaign, not for regular sandbox usage nor multiplayer. Once in, you simply press PLAY. There are several ways to launch Arma 3 in that mode: In the Launcher: press the PLAY CONTACT button. In the Launcher, open the DLC page, select and enable Contact, then press PLAY. For advanced use cases, launch the game with -mod=Contact
  15. No targeted changes, but there was a full data pipeline cache clearing some weeks ago. It could be either a RVMAT is missing or it needs proper repacking. I'll ask an Artist to check.
  16. 14-08-2019 EXE rev. 146002 (game) EXE rev. 146002 (Launcher) Size: ~140.2 MB DATA Added: Missing private keywords to BIS_fnc_3DENInterface (General Discussion - Dev-Branch) Tweaked: Alien Entity behavior routines Fixed: The Contact Welcome Screen counter was not working correctly in Contact mode Fixed: The Alien Entity waypoint was not working if the initial movement grid was not initialized Fixed: The Alien Entity was scanning its own (matter) balls on some occasions Fixed: Missing aircraft wing vortices (FT - T142848) ENGINE Added: currentPilot command (returns the currently piloting unit) Added: getDiverState command (returns the current diver state of the unit) Fixed: A potential Backpack inventory glitch Fixed: An issue where "-name=aaa bbb" would create a profile folder "aaa bbb" instead of just aaa bbb (without quotes)
  17. 07-08-2019 EXE rev. 145991 (game) EXE rev. 145991 (Launcher) Size: ~74 MB DATA Fixed: Further increased backward-compatibility with mods in Arsenal ENGINE Added: New script command isActionMenuVisible Added: New script command isGameFocused Added: New new script command isGamePaused Added: New script command getMissionPath Added: New script command getPosWorldVisual Fixed: Compartments lights were drawing light flares in certain situations Fixed: The FOV of all vehicles would change when the player FOV changed
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    Whereas SITREPs are general development updates, the SPOTREPs will focus solely on big default branch updates to the game. Keep checking the Dev Hub for all details. ---------- Post added at 13:16 ---------- Previous post was at 13:14 ---------- Full changelog and SPOTREP
  19. RC testing of a hotfix to 1.94 has ended - thanks! Steam branch access code: Arma3Hotfix194RC Arma 3: ~210 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~20 MB Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog - see Dev-Branch for more details, although some of those engine changes are not included) Fixed: Increased backward-compatibility with popular mods in Arsenal Fixed: Improved forward-compatibility between the new radio protocols and mods Fixed: The Spectrum Device detail screen was not positioned correctly when the FOV was manually overridden in a player's profile file (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T142652) Fixed: Various "First Contact" campaign mission issues Fixed: getFuelCargo, getRepairCargo, getAmmoCargo will return -1 when the vehicle is not configured to supply fuel / repair / ammo Tweaked: Warlords are being rude to Eddie, tell him to leave the server 🤖 Tweaked: waitUntil will now continue looping when incorrectly returning something instead of true / false, and show a warning. We strongly recommend fixing scripts, because we intend to force exiting the loop again in 1.96.
  20. 01-08-2019 EXE rev. 145961 (game) EXE rev. 145961 (Launcher) Size: ~222.6 MB DATA Fixed: The Spectrum Device detail screen was not positioned correctly when the FOV was manually overridden in a player's profile file (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T142652) Fixed: ED-1 Mini UGV probing multiplayer locality issues Fixed: Certain custom saved loadouts could not be loaded in Arsenal Fixed: Increased backward-compatibility with popular mods in Arsenal Fixed: Improved forward-compatibility between the new radio protocols and mods "First Contact" (potential spoilers!) Warlords Known Issue: There are issues caused by the attachTo optimizations Removed: The LDF mortar backpack is no longer available in Arsenal Removed: ED-1 Mini UGV backpacks are no longer available in Arsenal Fixed: Turrets can no longer be deployed under terrain ENGINE Added: getResolution was extended with topFOV, leftFOV, and tripleHead Added: getObjectFOV command to get an object's FOV Fixed: tvSort and tvSortByValue would fail if an optional parameter was not passed to the command Fixed: Deleted EH would trigger when a unit enters a vehicle Fixed: getFuelCargo, getRepairCargo, getAmmoCargo will return -1 when the vehicle is not configured to supply fuel / repair / ammo Fixed: currentMuzzle and currentWeaponMode could return a number instead of a string
  21. This is in sandbox mode or Contact mode? It implies the counter is not stored; can you check the return of: profileNamespace getVariable ["BIS_welcomeScreenContactShown", 0] Bohemia Interactive Netherlands (also used in Laws of War) In a future update they will be indeed.
  22. 26-07-2019 EXE rev. 145932 (game) EXE rev. 145932 (Launcher) Size: ~3.5 GB NOTES This update primarily updates to main branch 1.94 data, so it does not contain any truly new post-Contact changes. We have also plugged in the Global Mobilization owner depot, so it should not delete / re-download when switching branches. Please note that the Arma 3 platform Dev-Branch does not actually contain tweaks to GM data. For information on Creator DLC public testing, check this page (RC-Branch section at the bottom). DATA Added: Contact expansion** Added: "First Contact" campaign* Added: Large Alien Entity* Added: Small Alien Entity* Added: Alien Network* Added: Spectrum Device (Jammer / Military / Experimental antennas)* Added: Cutscene and ambient animations* Added: Contact in-game music tracks* Added: Contact campaign characters and roles* Added: Livonia topographic map PDF (Digital Deluxe Edition) Added: Contact OST MP3 / FLAC (Digital Deluxe Edition) * Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Contact expansion. ** Restrictions apply to those who don't own Arma 3 Contact. Added: Missing suitpack textures for the Farmer Outfit and NATO Woodland uniforms Added: 3DEN Steam Workshop tags for Livonia, Contact, and Contact (Platform) Tweaked: Improved skinning on the right arm of a Scientist Outfit Tweaked: Various LDF loadouts Fixed: Material for Scientist ID tags to fix an issue with shadow not being cast on them Fixed: Re-added a missing selection in the Mini UGV shadow LOD and assigned a correct geometry to it Fixed: Moved Promet GL eye memory points closer to its sight to fix clipping issues with some of the uniforms Fixed: Promet GL shadow animation Fixed: HEMTT Transport, Box, Repair and Medical were missing part of their mesh when they were used as Simple Objects Fixed: HEMTT Transport was missing part of its fire geometry Fixed: HEMTT Transport (Covered) and Medical variant canvas covers were too effective at stopping bullets Fixed: HEMTT Medical mirrors in the driver LOD Fixed: Various Livonia object placement issues Fixed: Ambient SFX on terrains other than Livonia were incorrectly overridden Fixed: Ambient SFX near the Livonia water should no longer be muted Fixed: The Rugged Laptops did not have their user texture set in a LOD Fixed: Livonia Combat Patrol would sometimes use AAF instead of LDF Fixed: Livonia ZGM missing location type error ENGINE Added: Support for 'any' and '<null>' to parseSimpleArray Removed: toArrayAnsi and toStringAnsi Fixed: Server did not restart with missionsToServerRestart set Fixed: #monitor and #monitorDS were showing wrong memory usage Fixed: #monitor and #monitorDS were not transferred after server restart Fixed: Passing controlNull to tvExpandAll caused a CTD Fixed: tvDelete returns "" when it should return NOTHING when the control is null Fixed: The game would not load a scenario directly in the editor with <path> passed via the command line LAUNCHER Tweaked: Shortened the text for the PLAY CONTACT button in the Russian translation
  23. Hi, this should work fine (and there should be also Warlords and Combat Patrol listed). Are you running with or without mod contact? For Livonia MP, it's better to run just vanilla Arma 3.