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  1. mathiasstahle

    Children Of The Revolution

    A high-ranking Russian GRU officer is hiding in the Sahara. Select a group to lead, insert in the desert and eliminate her by gathering clues from her two accomplices. Children Of The Revolution is a fully voice acted ArmA III mission with cinematic cut scenes that can be played in both singleplayer and multiplayer mode. It allows you to lead a full squad in singleplayer mode, or chose between the full squad and a small sniper team in multiplayer mode. Your tasks will include insertion, reconnaissance, logistics and up to three attacks against different targets. Aproximate playing time is 45 minutes up to an hour, depending on your choices. The Mission reguires the Western Sahara DLC and TCGM's female soldiers. It is not tested on, nor designed for, dedicated servers or JIP players. It has ten playable slots in multiplayer mode and uses group respawn with player reviving enabled. Children Of The Revolutuion consists of three sub-missions. The first is static and leads directly to the remaining two. They will be highly randomised to enhance replayability. STEAM Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2899850735
  2. Same thing suddenly happened to me a few weeks ago, and I'm unable to solve it. I've used Google Nest Wifi and Upnp for years without problems. I can still join other servers, but my friends can't connect to me anymore (server not responding error message). No changes or updates are involved. Both Windows Defender and Google Nest router seems to be set up the way they should. If anyone can shed some light on this matter (in addition to the obvious facts stated above) it would be appreciated.
  3. mathiasstahle

    Config.cpp for campaign

    For future references (since there are no tutorials about this afaik). This is a working config.cpp for a campaign: class CfgPatches { class MIST_menu { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class CfgMissions { class Campaigns { class MIST_campaign { directory = "MISTpbo\MIST"; overviewPicture = "MISTpbo\MIST\MISTlogo.paa"; }; }; }; The campaign's name in the example is MIST and it's catalogue structure is as follows: MIST\Addons\MISTpbo\MIST\missions where MIST\Addons\ are the folders you place your campaign in, in order to turn it into a mod, and MISTpbo\MIST\missions are the three folders you need to turn into a pbo-file to be able to upload your mod to Steam. The red part (MIST\missions) are the two folders you used to build your campaign in the editor. The campaign specific description.ext and the overview picture goes into the red MIST folder in this example, all individual mission folders can be found inside \missions. The config.cpp itself goes into the MISTpbo\ folder before you turn it into an actual pbo-file. The actual campaign used as a working example above can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2873533097 Feel free to dePbo and study it if you like. It's sad that this part of mission editing is so poorly documented in the community, because campaign making is fun and not as difficult as it's cracked up to be among many mission designers. Happy editing!
  4. mathiasstahle

    M.I.S.T – Global Manhunt

    M.I.S.T – Global Manhunt is a fast paced story driven campaign for ArmA III in seven interconnected episodes. You play as an undercover intelligence officer and will start out with a camera as your your primary weapon, gathering intelligence about three different targets. The action that follows takes place on five different ArmA III terrains where the missions will require stealth and planning as well as straight forward military assaults to complete. You will insert in jungles, deserts, mountains and higly populated urban environments. And of course there's a boss fight in the final episode. All missions are voice acted with cinematic cutscenes, and plenty of hidden easter eggs for a curious mind to discover. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2873533097
  5. mathiasstahle

    Uploading campaigns to Steam

    I solved the above problem with the instructions from this discussion (scroll down): https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/18/2243301553203400300/
  6. mathiasstahle

    Config.cpp for campaign

    I solved the above problem with the instructions from this discussion (scroll down): https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/18/2243301553203400300/
  7. I've made a campaign that turned out better than I hoped for and would like to publish it to Steam. I have no experience in addon making however, and need help with the config.cpp that's supposed to go in the addon folder of the campaign mod. Can someone show me what a campaign's config.cpp is supposed to look like? (The campaign itself is fully funtional, that's not the problem here)
  8. mathiasstahle

    Uploading campaigns to Steam

    It looks like a useful collection of template-snippets, but I can't see anything related to making a config.cpp for a campaign (that's about to be published as an addon) in there. I've figured out that the config should go in the mod's addon folder and that it needs entries for cfgPatches and cfgMissions, but that's about it. What else does it require? And what should a complete config.cpp for a campaign look like? Someone must have done this before. Plz help.
  9. Sorry. I don't know why they can't be grouped. It annoyed me as well, until I understood how the sensor sharing worked.
  10. mathiasstahle

    Uploading campaigns to Steam

    For example. class Campaigns { class Bootcamp { directory = "A3\Missions_F_Bootcamp\Campaign"; filterGroup = 3; // Only bootcamp campaign will be listed in Campaign dialogue invoked by Bootcamp button. // include the campaign description.ext to make its content re-usable outside of the campaign #include "\A3\Missions_F_Bootcamp\Campaign\description.ext" }; }; Where is this part supposed to go? Is this the config document? Intended for the addon folder? Instructions on the BIS Wiki aren't exactly crystal clear. The campaign in question is straight forward with no chapters and I want it to show up in the regular Campaigns folder.
  11. mathiasstahle

    Uploading campaigns to Steam

    I tried, but probably got something wrong. I'm not familiar with the config.cpp part, but will have a look at it soon. Is that supposed to replace the campaign specific description.ext in the campaigns root folder? Or does it need both?
  12. How do I upload a campaign to Steam these days? Short story: I 've just finished building a new single player campaign with a working file structure. As long as it's in uncompressed format (still in it's yellow folders) everything works when I place it in the campaign folder. I can also pack it, upload it to Steam and subscribe to it without any error messages. But the published campaign doesn't show up in the campaign-folder once I subscribe to it. It only appears as individual non-connected missions in the mp setup section. What am I doing wrong here?
  13. mathiasstahle

    The Fall of Khe Sanh

    There are 18 playable slots in three different squads (helo crew, artillery crew and ARVN squad). 2-4 players is ideal. They should be able to finish the mission in 30-45 minutes. A bit longer than that if no one flies the helo. There are no Zeus modules in the mission, and no respawn. It is intended for hosted MP without JIP.
  14. mathiasstahle

    VENGEANCE: A Family Saga

    Both the singleplayer and the muliplayer versions of "Vengeance" receieved an overhaul this week. The changes are minor bug fixes and shouldn't affect any ongoing saved games.
  15. mathiasstahle

    The Fall of Khe Sanh

    I just gave the multiplayer version of The Fall of Khe Sanh a test run, and left most of the decision making to the AI team leaders. It takes the AI about 45 minutes to complete their part of the mission by themselves (they do needs a little help from time to time). This means that you can play the game as any character, without the need for a human leader.