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  1. eduzumaki

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    Guys Optical Snare has abandoned this community a long time ago due to some issues with people messing up his mod, so don't hope for any kind of answers or official another Blastcore so soon.
  2. eduzumaki

    Arma 3 Eden Editor Sneak Preview Live Stream

    Alright i'm happy to see the announcement,but i will be at school :( hope to watch the live later. Thanks for the hardwork bohemia :D
  3. eduzumaki

    Tactics to counter rockets?

    Well there's dslyecxi art of flight videos here you can find some good information https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQEd6zRLOafVn1SweJmdr-3ICqI885awY. A good technic is to fly low and fast while using the terrain cover and deploy flares not too late.
  4. eduzumaki

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Dude this version wil be SP only and the new MP version will be mp compatible and maybe if we find some bugs he probably will patch it . And thanks for the birthday gift LJ you're the best
  5. eduzumaki

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Hope to see a only SP version i think many of us only play offline by many factor like connection,hardware and the main factor performance,and thanks for the headsup LJ you're the best :cool:
  6. eduzumaki

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Yes and No,with the new updates the scripts in dragonfyre are messed up and the LS enhanced soundscape is already inbuilt with the DF.
  7. eduzumaki

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    LJ you're a beast dude amazing work can't wait to try it,wish you all the best with your amazing and fabulous work arma lacked those incoming jet sounds fear play's a big part on the war and we all know loudness=danger=fear.
  8. eduzumaki

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    These tire sounds are amazing LJ it's awesome do we have the same for helis ? I lived near an air base and many times blackhawnks and some UH-1 they flied between 100-500 meters of altitude and even from 2 km away you can hear the sounds very clear that is a feature that lacks too much the sense of distance.
  9. eduzumaki

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Please show the trailer fast these are great news but i want to watch MasterChef,yes too hyped.
  10. eduzumaki

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    I'm having some errors No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/arifle_MX_ACO_pointer_F.nameSound'. 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/arifle_Katiba_ARCO_pointer_F.nameSound'. 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/arifle_MX_ACO_pointer_F.selectionFireAnim'. Then i enter on the editor and this happens No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/arifle_MX_ACO_pointer_F.selectionFireAnim I don't have any other mod running just the ones you released right now could you help me ?
  11. eduzumaki

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Please make us this favor MEGA is the best the fatest download that i know and thanks for the great work that you did,anxious to try it out.
  12. eduzumaki

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    OS what an amazing news :D. But now i have two things to worry the new Blastcore and GTA V what a mind blown,thanks for your hard work
  13. eduzumaki

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Jarhead these sounds are AMAZING :D dude look that the engines looks like is gonna blow up it's claiming for you to slow down and that's great brother loved it <3. And the crash sounds are very cool. And the heli sounds how they are going ?
  14. eduzumaki

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    And add some climbing gear too,that mountains are so cool i wouldn't mind one map like that .
  15. eduzumaki

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Great news Jarhead,take your time wish you all the best,and hope to see a bright future for JSRS series. Ps "ARMA default sounds sucks too much"