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  1. Chaostika7-17th

    Music Recommendations

    @ dice...hmmm, why?!? 89LeVbFVpfM
  2. Chaostika7-17th

    Music Recommendations

    JkGSPvA4434 59HZhH6EE8g
  3. Chaostika7-17th

    Any interesting books to recommend?

    This is a collection of four mesmerizing novellas, including the inspirations for the beloved movies The Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me and Apt Pupil. US LINK http://www.amazon.com/Different-Seasons-Signet-Stephen-King/dp/0451167538 UK LINK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Different-Seasons-Stephen-King/dp/0340952601
  4. Chaostika7-17th

    Paul Hardcastle | Boys To War, 25th Anniversary Edition

    presenting the boss rc-50 & 300 v3Pc4y2vAMg 89LeVbFVpfM QJvTT-x8ZAI @ mods: please change topicname to 'The "secret Room" 4 Musicfinds' ...... thx m8's .... and keep up da good jobs over and out
  5. Chaostika7-17th

    Merry Christmas / Happy New Year Thread

    better late than never *super caugh* delayed feast and new years greetings to the comm
  6. Chaostika7-17th

    Released: GITS Evolution Tigeria

    just fooling around a bit and a littl "presentation" ps:flying with mouse+keyboard..my hotas joystick wasnt enabled :butbut: kckAkkDd0jo
  7. Chaostika7-17th

    Released: GITS Evolution Tigeria

    sir yes sir and thx m8 ps: testn now
  8. Chaostika7-17th

    Released: GITS Evolution Tigeria

    eggbeast, finally time again to set up some arma stuff.....just downloading and setting up the server with both islands and mods for wednesday also thx for the upload of the mods'n addons as a pack dude :icon_hug: i will also load them up for quick downloads and traffic saving!!
  9. Chaostika7-17th

    Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad

    try out this [solution] Bad Performance - Possible Fix maybe helps, maybe not :cool:
  10. Chaostika7-17th

    Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad

    come on günter, dont give up ze ship, soldat! ps: i couldnt start the fifa12 demo, till i noticed, that it wouldnt start, as long as the hotas flightjoxstick was pluged in!! its still a pc and a pc title mr.spock and i'm thankfull for that..and with all the struggle one has with the bugs left, right and center, its still really worth playing it. keep it, till it runs 4 you sir and i hope u'll get that sorted out soon.....just as JonPL said...well spent money, and:
  11. Chaostika7-17th

    Old school Evolution (Sahrani RACS) MP co-op

    thx m8 and also plz have a look @ Tropica..im trying my first domination port there and think it also would be a cool island for a gits evolution (nice big areal for flying hehee)
  12. Chaostika7-17th

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    howdy jarhead, here are 2 vids of the radiochatter used in sgt.eliassoundoa2 (i once wrote 2 ya) and i just made them to show you. also the the "darth vader" pilot breathing sound is cool. maybe u could add those two things or something similiar like that at one day in/to your sm. im trying to reach elias to ask him, if the sounds could be used with permission, but couldnt reach him till today. he has been away for a long time :( ill give ya a pm, if i reach him and get green light...that means if you are interrested at all!! here the 2 videos i made to show the radiochatter and pilotsound (must turn the volume up a bit for the "darth vader" sound hehee) soz 4 bad quality 0kblC5V8pfE wHwuBmAAcMQ
  13. Chaostika7-17th

    co30 Hohei Evolution 2 - the Evolution must go on!

    yap, that would be sweet, just like in xenos domis i onced filmed OsaXCKqV8JI think that should be coming, once i think that already had that in his Evo_Blue_V53_OA.Takistan today, whiles testing, i could not join a squad?! is that like revive still disabled pyscho?!!? anyway..great job an keep up the good work soldier ps: here a vid on your evo testing jsrs with sgt.elias for the pilotsounds and radiochatter 0kblC5V8pfE
  14. Chaostika7-17th

    co30 Hohei Evolution 2 - the Evolution must go on!

    ahoi, thx 4 da update m8....i know revive is still dissabled...as soon as u implemented it...plz, plz try to add serverparameters to your mission like xeno on his domi, thx. so everyone can set up his own favorite reviveoption...that would be moore than schaweeeeeeeeettttttttt, sir...over and out ps: i hope you and saint eggbeast will also get that revive serverparameters running some time