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  1. The same happens to me.
  2. brigada_spanish

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Very good mission Barbolani congratulations. Is there a version in spanish?
  3. brigada_spanish

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Congratulations, this mission is one of the best out there for arma3, if not the best. I want to contribute my bit to improve the mission. I think should be included in the file redeply_manager.sqf, the set custom aim precision coefficient for weapon sway, tremble lest both, with 0.2 doing very well. player setFatigue 0; if ( GRLIB_fatigue == 0 ) then { player enableStamina false; player setCustomAimCoef 0.2; };
  4. brigada_spanish

    Ghost Missions

    I love the Enemy Assault mission, congratulations.
  5. This mission is very good, but needs updating, fails in ammunition box.
  6. brigada_spanish

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    There a mission without mods?
  7. brigada_spanish

    [MP][COOP] COMBAT ASSAULT - Official Thread

    It would be interesting to integrate into the mission, the scripts view distance. Mission very good. Congratulations.
  8. brigada_spanish

    benelli m4 super 90 pack by Purple

    Could you fix errors animations? Thank.-
  9. I think this is due to the import the animation file "xxxx.rtm" the arma2, which is not compatible with the arma3.
  10. Yes, unfortunately my english is very bad. Sorry. Thanks for your answers friends shx and WarLord554. I want the shotgun with two functions, one fire cartridges cal. 12 and other riot gear. If the gun does not have the nozzle, it is not possible to shoot riot gear. Maybe with some scripts I could do what I want. Some pictures are worth a thousand words.
  11. I'll pose the question differently. One could make a grenade launcher removable, to attach to a rifle?
  12. Can be placed on a rifle, a grenade launcher removable, as if it were a muzzle? Greetings.-
  13. brigada_spanish

    Ghost Missions

    This version works perfectly on our dedicated server, thanks. As comment, the letter of some menu action that is 1.5, would look better to 1.2
  14. brigada_spanish

    [COOP-8] Black Ops

    The proven dedicated server version is the co08_black-ops.altis, the other two missions Takistan and Chernarus, I can not try them on our server, because it is a clean server without mod. See if another player can check on the other islands.