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  1. MrSanchez

    Arma 3 Trouble in Terrorist Town

    This is true. For Mr. HateMySelf, note that I tagged the code I provided as pseudoish code. It is not code to be directly copy pasted without adjustments :) Kind regards, Sanchez
  2. MrSanchez

    Arma 3 Trouble in Terrorist Town

    Hi, If you have access to the gmod files you could take a look at the lua scripts used for some of the original TTT's components such as the selection system. I think that for the selection part you should let the server do that and once that's done, broadcast the players' roles to them using _unit setVariable ["ttt_role", 2, true] or use remoteExec. The selection logic could be as follows: (pseudoish code) // Many different ways to approach this. // Below defaults everyone to role 0 (innocent) and then sets the role IDs. _innocentPool = allPlayers; { _x setVariable ["TTT_Role", 0, true]; } foreach _innocentPool; // Determine traitors for( int i = 0; i < amountOfTraitors; i++) { _traitor = selectRandom _innocentPool; _traitor setVariable ["TTT_Role", 1, true]; _innocentPool = _innocentPool - [_traitor]; } // Determine detectives for( int i = 0; i < amountOfDetectives; i++) { _detective = selectRandom _innocentPool; _traitor setVariable ["TTT_Role", 2, true]; _innocentPool = _innocentPool - [_traitor]; } { _x call TTT_fnc_initializeRole; // Uses TTT_Role variable } foreach allPlayers; As I commented, many ways to approach this. I'd recommend you write some pseudo code to figure out what you want, how you want it and how to get there :) Kind regards, Sanchez
  3. MrSanchez

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I replied to your comment on Youtube. I indeed also tested flying completely alone. This is such an obscure issue, haha. You said you could reproduce it on your local server. Is that without Exile running? If so, could you give me the list of mods you can reproduce it with (running on server and running locally) and the mission file if possible? Can be by PM if you wish. Kind regards, Sanchez
  4. MrSanchez

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I tried to reproduce your issue using Z&D and only a few other mods. I was unable to do so even with some silly test cases like landing the Blackfoot as gunner among a crowd of 50 now-spawning out-of-ground-crawling soldier zombies. You're having the issue on an Exile server, which probably runs tons of mods. My guess is that one of those are contributing to the issue. Video of one of the test cases Kind regards, Sanchez
  5. MrSanchez

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Ryan doesn't check the BI forums much (especially while logged in). He's more active on Steam. We both have shifted our attention away from SQF scripting (with exception to Ryan's Z&D movie productions) and so there have been no updates for quite some time. We consider the Z&D mod as still functional and feature rich, such that there's no need for any update, which could potentionally break things for the many users using the mod. If an ArmA update does come out that renders the mod broken we will certainly try our best to update it. And perhaps we may release an update before that happens, only time will tell. Kind regards, Sanchez
  6. MrSanchez

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    We noticed a flaw with the zombie civilian-targeting system a while ago but unfortunately we haven't been able to rewrite it just yet. I have a suspicion your issue may be related, could you go into the editor and stand infront of one of the civilians that get ignored and type this into one of the the debug console's watch tabs: cursorObject isKindOf "Civilian" and see if the output is false? If it is indeed false, try placing down one of the altis (generic) civilians with shorts and see if the zombies do attack those. If you don't want to that's fine, in that case just let me know which (subtype/subfaction) of civilians you're using that get ignored. I had some time tonight to investigate the issue with civilians and it seems that it's caused by the OPFOR AI not 'knowing' the civilian units. Their knowledge of units can be tested using the knowsAbout/targetKnowledge commands. Atleast some knowledge of the civilian units is required for zombies to attack them, hence why the zombies right now straight up ignore them. The only quick workaround I can think of right now is to write some loop that reveals the civilians to the zombies, but that is obviously a very tacky hack. I'm not quite sure why the zombies do not have knowledge of the civilians by default, this definitely used to be the case (it worked when we made this system). Perhaps a BI update changed things. We do no longer give out update ETAs so I'm afraid you'll either have to come up with a workaround or otherwise abandon the idea until we publish another update. Kind regards, Sanchez
  7. Don't get me wrong, this looks amazing and I love C&C Generals but uhhhm, this is a C&C Generals mod, not an ArmA 3 mod so I reckon this post is in the wrong (section of the) forums :P Regardless, well done :)
  8. MrSanchez

    Russian police forces

    Looks really cool, well done.
  9. MrSanchez

    MrSanchez' Headlamps

    Unfortunately that last bit is not true in the ArmA engine. The head in Arma 3 characters is actually a proxy and ArmA 3 (unlike VBS :p) does not allow you to get a proxy object from a parent object and use it with attachTo. Using attachTo with the 'head' memorypoint would result in the lamp being attached to the head alright but when you change orientation it all fucks up. A post of mine about it a while ago. You could see how it messes up yourself by attaching a little sphere object to the character's forehead (using offset) and then try looking around with different stances. My first proof of concept actually used attachTo and that's when I found out it wouldn't work properly. I can't remember any other reasons why I switched, it's been a year and a half since. Kind regards, Sanchez
  10. MrSanchez

    Animation dump

    I really love some of these animations. I can think of a few use cases. Well done :)
  11. I've not used the command yet, but from the wiki, it seems like you're correct. Let's say that the _values array is filled with classnames instead of numbers, and this script is used to pick what item will be randomly spawned on the ground, see the below code: _values = ["arifle_Mk20C_F","arifle_Katiba_F","srifle_GM6_F"]; _weights = [6,6,1]; _result = _values selectRandomWeighted _weights; In this example, the MK20 and Katiba have the same odds of being picked. But the GM6 is a lot less likely to be picked. If I recall maths correctly the odds of a GM6 is spawning is: 1 / (6+6+1) = 0.077 = 7.7% Whereas the mathematical odds of a MK20 or Katiba spawning is: 6 / (6+6+1) = 0,4615 = 46,15% (Naturally, these chances would remain the same if the weights array would be e.g. [60,60,10] or [0.6,0.6,0.1] or [0.06,0.06,0.01]) Note you could also use the other syntax for this command if you'd wish. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Sanchez
  12. Dayumn...5 years ago :O I'm not sure if I still have the code, I'd have to search. It was working based on the weighting system Sa-matra posted above. However, the last ArmA 3 update did introduce an interesting script command that may be perfect for what you want achieve: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/selectRandomWeighted Kind regards, Sanchez
  13. MrSanchez

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    It's been a while but iirc you just override it. somewhere in init.sqf maybe: RZ_fnc_zombie_onDeath_exec = { systemchat format ["%1 zombie is now dedded",_this]; };