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  1. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] Donousa, Greece

    Current Release: None New Release: None Predicted Release: v1.0.0 - 29th July 2019 Update: Hello everyone, As of yet no release as I am still having to amend things on the map but I have set a new date being the 29th of this month as a possible release if all goes well. Thanks for your patience as always, I will keep posting screenshots and images as development continues in the next week or so.
  2. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] Donousa, Greece

    Current Release: None New Release: None Predicted Release: v1.0.0 - 1st July 2019 Update: So I have been extremely productive over the last few days, with terrain creation and modification, road placement and precision. The map now has a very good feel about it and there aren't any objects on it yet... Linked are 2 screenshots from in-game showing the terrain at a distance with the satellite image over it, this image will be more detailed in the future but for the current state it is fine. Things I will now begin to work on; - Custom Road Textures, this is to match the stone pathways the island actually has. - Terrain detail, this is the base terrain gaining more detail and being 100% accurate. - Ground textures, looking online at images and video I have seen a slight difference between the textures and reality so this is key to make the island immersive. - Clutter, flat textures are boring and the correct look for grass and other plants is key to adding a living feel to the island. After these few things, it will be buildings and vegetation, I will try to keep this as accurate as possible to the reallocation but some variance will be implemented to give a better gameplay experience. (e.g. military positions will be added) Images: In-Game Image 1 In-Game Image 2
  3. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] Donousa, Greece

    Hey George! Glad you like my plans, I found the island by accident just looking over the area and thought it looked like a good place to start a collection of maps with. Thanks for the link I will be using it to make the island as realistic as possible! Cheers, Capt. Fantastic
  4. Hello everyone, Its been about 3 years since I last made a map for Arma 3 and I am back working on a small project that I hope to release a working version on soon. The island information is below and I will upload a high-resolution satellite image later today for people to see the real world location. Here are the map details; Predicted Release: v1.0.0 - 1st July 2019 Map Name: Donousa Location: South Aegean Sea Size: 8km x 8km Highest point: 385m (1263ft) Climate: Hot, Dry and Generally Arid Population: 167 Civilian Locations: Capitol: Donousa Villages: Mersini (South East), Kalotaritissa (North) and Charavgi (South) Military Locations: Small checkpoints, one central base for a small garrison Road Types: Single Main Highway, Dirt Roads, Dirt Tracks, Footpaths Vegetation Types: Bushes, Trees, Low & Overgrown Grass Satellite Image: Link To Imgur
  5. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    Hey Guys, So I have begun to work in my maps again and will be updating it soon hopefully. To start what I have done so far: - Improve the terrain - Updated height mapping to correct scale and positions - Updates shape of the island and features around the island - Roads placement - Correct roads types are now in place and will be updated to U.K. looking roads - Using QGIS I have taken the real placements of the roads so it's all correct What is still needed: - Texture Updates - improving the terrain with correct textures that you find in the U.K. - Detailing the textures and making them look realistic - Building Placement - Buildings and their layouts are a big part of maps - Creating all locations and their layouts - Trees & Rocks - Placing trees in realistic locations - Rocks around the island to provide hard cover
  6. I had this same problem, I had to downgrade/remove the Dev build of the tools. There seams to be some sort of conflict with the Dev build of Arma 3 tools and the Standard Arma 3 stablebuild. The Dev tools only work with Arma 3 Dev build at the moment I think but have not tested.
  7. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    Thanks sonsalt6 for putting my mod on withsix I have linked it to my account and will be able to update it my self now :)
  8. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    I have already added lots of buildings and objects to the settlements and surrounding areas, I have made a development plan that will be released with the next update in a couple of weeks most probably but possibly sooner depending on my free time. So far I have set up a set of 8 or so building compounds and layouts with objects and stuff that have begun to be placed and more are on there way, I will be changing the terrain height at the ferry as well to make a more gradual slope to allow for more buildings and easier access. Any other things anyone wants to have more off and changed let me know as they will be added to the development plan. This is just a couple of the many things on the development plan that will be implemented for next update.
  9. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    Update My realism group 1JEF as seen on the title has now disbanded but I will be continuing to make the maps and as I am the only person involved in making them it will just the the UK Maps Pack, I hope to have a version for release soon but real life has been getting in the way.
  10. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    All these locations are still a work in progress! http://i.imgur.com/SICRAQN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PiK2txY.jpg http://i.imgur.com/XUHCayT.jpg
  11. Squad name: 1st Joint Expeditionary Force Timezone/location: UK/EU GMT +0 Gamemode preference: Organised Coop Contact email: See Website or Teamspeak 3 Website address: http://www.1stjointexpeforce.co.uk/forum/ Short description: Casual mil-sim unit based on expeditionary warfare, using an Individual Interoperable Groups (IIG). Language: English
  12. Website: http://1stjointexpeforce.co.uk/ Disbanded Teamspeak: ts.1stjointexpeforce.co.uk What is the 1st Joint Expeditionary Force? The 1st Joint Expeditionary Force is an ArmA 3 Realism Unit that isn’t tied to any armed force, country or set of equipment. We aim to vary the Arma 3 experience by looking at different eras of expeditionary warfare, setting appropriate objectives and adopting our equipment to complete them. To achieve this we will bring together a wide-range of content putting it to the test through objectives and game dynamics. We have a public server online 24/7 running custom missions designed by our Mission Design Team so that players can get a feel of how we operate prior to sending in an Application. Along with that we hold our Private Operations every Sunday at 7:00pm (UK Time) for our members. Individual Interoperable Groups (IIG) Within our unit we have an individual group structure so that if you merge with us or want to form your own group to play with your friends you may do so. The only requirement is that it must be formed with a minimum of 8 people and a Sergeant must register the group. You can speak any language internally of your group, host your own group training sessions, organised group operations, etc. however you must speak English over the radio during joint-group operations. I have listed our current IIG’s available, please note this list will expand once our numbers grow but for now these are the main two. IIGs Light Infantry Division (UK/EU Group) Rapid Reaction Force (Danish Group) Royal Danish Combat Troops (Danish Group) One of our weekly game nights! Our most recent private operation Requirements You must be at least 16 years old. You must own a legal copy of ArmA 3. You must have a working microphone. You must have Teamspeak 3 installed. You must have a good understanding of English. You must have ArmA3Sync installed. Anyone is welcome to join our public server, just download our mod set and join the teamspeak. All the best with your applications and thank you for reading. Post by Captain Fantastic Made by LCpl. Drev Clan Communications Officer
  13. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    haha that looks great I may not do Swindon its self but the roundabout may make an appearance.
  14. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    I was thinking about doing a location that would have a landmark building but that's just a small thought at the mo!
  15. Capt. Fantastic

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    A lot of the buildings aren't going to be used as they as too Greek but I will be using the dark stone clad buildings and some industrial buildings just to add abit more to the map. I have made the island slightly larger than in real life due to it being quite small and I will be increasing the amount of houses and locations for game play purposes.