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  1. actually HMG/GMG is just a renamed weapon system that never made it past prototypes or testing. So technically it's real too. As for would I buy a Amphibious DLC for ARMA 3, sure, assuming the assets are of good quality. Even better if it manages to add additional gameplay/feature enhancements similar to the official DLC's from years past. Things like radar functionality and anti-radiation missiles with the jets DLC, weapons resting with marksmen DLC, sling loading with the helicopter DLC etc etc. Something like maybe better ship based AI that would allow for more functional naval/coastal operations and fire support or can at least do some level of ship-to-shore work moving vehicles/personnel from a amphibious assault ship to the beach and vice-versa.
  2. odie0351

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain

    Can we possibly get animated door gunners for the Blackhawk and Hip. Something similar to RHS's helos which has been great. also, ATM we cant aim with the miniguns on the Blackhawk at all.
  3. odie0351

    Place-able Aircraft Carrier

    not sure about Zeus, but you most certainly can place down the Freedom in the regular mission editor.
  4. odie0351

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey guys. with the armed CH-53 will it eventually also get window mounted GAU-21's or is the ramp the only one possible with the current model? Also will the New GAU model ever become a option on the UH-1Y?
  5. odie0351

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Has anyone else noticed that the probe on the new UGV kinda sorta doubles as a robotic melee weapon...May or may not have discovered this while doing some overly aggressive probing 🤪
  6. Miniguns are heavier and require more ammunition for a combat load. Regular Army birds don't need miniguns as they generally are there to just deliver or pickup troops and tend to have escorts whenever it's deemed necessary. The SOAR birds are often expected to need to support the troops they are delivering/retrieving and the AF HH-60s are expected to do search and rescue sometimes behind enemy lines and therefor require the extra firepower a minigun or electrically assisted 50. provides. Miniguns are not always the most appropriate weapon, M240s and other medium machineguns are perfectly adequate when the goal is purely self defense.
  7. Quick PSA for those who haven't tried the slug bug on actual maps yet, corpses are hurled with enough force to knock down trees🤣
  8. odie0351

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Guess I'll be that douche. What, if any, variants do you guys plan to drop with this 'mystery mobile'? Anything of the "removed from service" variety perhaps? *COUGH*LAV-AD*COUGH*
  9. Sometimes when I have AI squads begin a mission inside a vehicle the group leader orders several units to exit the vehicle immediately. This happens regardless of whether or not the transport is airborne and is causing serious issues with several of my missions. Is there anything I can do to fix this besides deleting the units being ordered to exit. Normally I just avoid the problem by having the transported groups start on foot and then embark the transport and I have no issues, but some of my missions cant be reasonably changed to allow for this "poor mans" fix. And yes, this is happening with and without mods.
  10. odie0351

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are you guys going to use the door gunner animations from the new Huey on other helos, specifically the Y model? Also, and sorry if I've asked this before, but is defensive armament for the CH-53 planned? And to continue with the annoying questions, would it be possible to allow the outboard bench passengers on the UH-1H to fire from their positions? Or was this tried in testing and too wonky?
  11. I've been trying and failing to figure out how to use the VLS the on destroyer, I've tried linking it as an artillery support but it's not usable. Does it require some scripting to work?
  12. I kindve agree with you in that I hate the premise of the vanilla NATO faction, I'm not always intimately familiar with eastern weapon systems and vehicles so I don't harbor any particular disliking of CSAT though. I can't stand how NATO was supposed to be this advanced primarily American force that for some reason used modern Israeli armored vehicles. While I understand why they went the way they did I do disagree with it. If anything they should have given FIA the merkava and it's variants and went for futuristic American or other western tank designs. But it's too late for that to be changed now, at least in ARMA 3.
  13. You come in here crying that the assets aren't EXACTLY what you wanted yet expect to be taken seriously? I suppose to each their own but it seems quite childish to me. But, since you brought it up, what should the main new assets have been according to you? While I certainly look forward to playing with it, the new MBT is honestly superfluous. It fills no roll that the vanilla CSAT MBT didn't already, granted it will probably perform those rolls better but still. In truth all the main factions already have adequate MBTs, at least in function and purpose, as such, the single MBT added is the most unnecessary new asset. The other new assets actually fill previously unfilled rolls within their factions, the Nyx adding scouting and AA capabilities to AAF and the MGS giving NATO an airmobile gun platform. So please, enlighten us as to where BI has gone astray here.
  14. So after a quick run through, all the new interiors look great! Mildly disappointed that the loader's stations and gun breaches were left out of the Slammer and Kuma but I guess since there are no loaders it kinda makes sense. Now on to my "big thing" (not really), the Bobcat still has a 6.5mm LMG even though the model in the CROWS is a .50 cal
  15. odie0351

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    HEY MAN!! It has it's uses mmmkay