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  1. soldierman

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Cheers for having a look. I noticed that as well when i managed to get time to test in game. At least its a simple solution for now, looking forward to the next update. Good luck with it.
  2. soldierman

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Had reports from our members that the mortar range table no longer displays when the keybind is pressed after this recent arma update. Is it something you guys have noticed aswell?
  3. soldierman

    JSRS Soundmod Replacements

    Ensure that the inheritance/ structure for the sounds are the exact same as the config you are replacing. For example in your hlc_rifle_honeybase class you are changing the base class of StandardSound to StandardSound when it should be BaseSoundModeType class hlc_rifle_honeybase: hlc_rifle_Bushmaster300 { class Single: Single { class StandardSound: BaseSoundModeType { soundSetShot[] = {"JSRS_ASVAL_Shot_SoundSet","JSRS_ASVAL_Shell_SoundSet","JSRS_FRAME_CALIBER_9X3MM_SILENCED"}; }; class SilencedSound: SilencedSound { soundSetShot[] = {"JSRS_ASVAL_Shot_SoundSet","JSRS_ASVAL_Shell_SoundSet","JSRS_FRAME_CALIBER_9X3MM_SILENCED"}; }; }; class FullAuto: FullAuto { class StandardSound: BaseSoundModeType { soundSetShot[] = {"JSRS_ASVAL_Shot_SoundSet","JSRS_ASVAL_Shell_SoundSet","JSRS_FRAME_CALIBER_9X3MM_SILENCED"}; }; class SilencedSound: SilencedSound { soundSetShot[] = {"JSRS_ASVAL_Shot_SoundSet","JSRS_ASVAL_Shell_SoundSet","JSRS_FRAME_CALIBER_9X3MM_SILENCED"}; }; }; }; You also don't have the aug's in your required addons
  4. soldierman

    Weapons Weight chart?

    We use a Macro to convert from KG to arma's mass value so that it shows the correct weight when ACE is being used. #define WEIGHT_DECIMAL_PLACES 2 #define KG_TO_MASS(WEIGHT_IN_KILOS) __EVAL ( round (((WEIGHT_IN_KILOS * 0.1) * (1*2.2046) * 100) * (10 ^ WEIGHT_DECIMAL_PLACES) ) / (10 ^ WEIGHT_DECIMAL_PLACES) ) This should give you what you need
  5. soldierman

    Helicopter turrets help please

    For the muzzle flash you'll need a proxy for one of the muzzle flash objects from a3\data_f\proxies\muzzle_flash in the model. For the gun spinning you'll need the Gatling animation in your model config and the animation source. Model config: class MachineGun_1: Rotation { selection="gatling_1"; type="rotation"; axis="gatling_1_axis"; angle1="-600 * 3.141592654"; angle0="-3.141593"; source="Gatling_1"; }; class MachineGun_2: MachineGun_1 { selection="gatling_2"; axis="gatling_2_axis"; source="Gatling_2"; }; Config - Animation Source: class AnimationSources: AnimationSources { class Gatling_1 { source = "revolving"; weapon = "16aa_Weapon_Vehicle_M134_minigun_1"; }; class Gatling_2 { source = "revolving"; weapon = "16aa_Weapon_Vehicle_M134_minigun_2"; }; }; Now for the shell ejection and a nice heat haze effect when firing you'll need this in the mingun's weapon config: class CfgWeapons { class 16aa_Weapon_Vehicle_M134_minigun_1: M134_minigun { displayName = "M134 Minigun"; class GunParticles{ class FirstEffect { effectName = "machinegun1"; positionName = "muzzle_1"; directionName = "chamber_1"; }; class effect1 { positionName = "eject_1"; directionName = "eject_1_dir"; effectName = "MachineGunCartridge"; }; }; muzzlePos = "chamber_1"; muzzleEnd = "muzzle_1"; cartridgePos = "eject_1"; cartridgeVel = "eject_1_dir"; selectionFireAnim = "zasleh"; }; }; All of these configs require the memory points to be set up correctly but you should be able to get them sorted based off the A2 models. But this should give you everything you wanted.
  6. soldierman

    Anyone Know How To Make A Static Weapon?

    Your best bet for nice looking configs is to actually depbo the pbo, then look at the config file through that.. If its a BIS config you are after then i recommend finding an all in one config such as this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2ter203arnfzw2/AiO.1.72.142164.zip?dl=0
  7. soldierman

    Anyone Know How To Make A Static Weapon?

    In terms of model its very similar to a vehicle LODS are pretty much the same except no need for Phsyx LOD Needs a model config with animations Config terms: Again very similar to a vehicle, get an all in one config and see how BIS do it. Then once you reach a specific issue then you can post on the forums. There aren't many guides for modding in arma, people are especially reluctant to sit down and talk someone through the process. Do what everyone else has done, try to figure out how BIS did it, try to replicate their work using the stuff you've made. You can also look at the public source files for the RDS static weapons pack : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24909
  8. soldierman

    Being able to walk through walls

    Objects in the Geometry LOD have to be convex components. Select your geometry object goto Structure > Convexity > Component Convex Hull. If that converts your object into a jumbled mess then i would suggested rebuilding your Geometry LOD using rectangles and squares that have been turned into Component Convex Hulls
  9. The vehicleClass system is sort of unused now; instead you need to use Editor Categories and Editor Sub Categories. For example: class CfgEditorSubcategories { class dan_oil_barrels { displayName = "Oil Barrels"; }; }; class dan_black_barrel: ThingX { editorSubcategory = "dan_oil_barrels"; }; This will put it the objects under the Oil Barrels sub category under the main category Things. Read more here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Object_Categorization
  10. I have made a trench that is a vehicle with a FFV slot for a player. I am having trouble with AI not firing at the player inside the trench; they seem to spot it fine but wont engage with any weapon (even AT). My thinking is its probably some config value that i am missing. I have a fire geometry LOD with the cargo proxy in it in order for the player to be shot. Here is the config: class 16aa_Object_Trench_Dugin_Base: Car_F { class Sounds{}; side = 1; hasDriver = 0; transportSoldier = 1; destrType = "DestructNo"; editorCategory = "16aa_Eden_Category"; editorSubcategory = "16aa_Eden_Subcategory_Object_Trenches"; threat[] = {0.7, 1, 0.3}; cost = 1; ace_dragging_canDrag = 0; ace_dragging_dragDirection = 0; ace_dragging_canCarry = 0; class CargoTurret; class Turrets: Turrets { class CargoTurret_01: CargoTurret { gunnerAction = "passenger_flatground_4_vehicle_passenger_stand_1"; gunnerName = "Trench "; memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos cargo"; memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos cargo dir"; proxyIndex = 1; forceHideGunner = 1; canHideGunner = 1; isPersonTurret = 1; LODTurnedIn = -1; LODTurnedOut = -1; outGunnerMayFire = 1; inGunnerMayFire = 1; allowLauncherIn = 0; allowLauncherOut = 1; }; }; }; class 16aa_Object_Trench_Dugin_Large: 16aa_Object_Trench_Dugin_Base { scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; author = ECSTRING(common,LSR); displayName = "Trench Large (FFV)"; model = QPATHTOF(16aa_trench_dugin_large.p3d); armor = 10000; }; Thanks for any help in advance
  11. I am trying to make a custom tripwire trigger but the coordinates i am using don't seem to be matching up with the direction you need to be in game to activate the mine. I have put 2 memory points in my model for the start and end of the tripwire; i then used selectionPosition to get the coordinates of these memory points. I used the results of selectionPosition as the mineWireStart and mineWireEnd in the trigger. However in game when i walk across the tripwire of my mine it doesn't activate it; the only way for it to explode is to walk at it 90 degrees to the actual tripwire. Is there any translation i need to between the selectionPosition results and the mineWire arrays? Here is the config for the trigger: class CfgMineTriggers { class WireTrigger; class 16aa_MineTrigger_Arty_Tripwire: WireTrigger { mineTriggerRange = 1; mineWireStart[] = {0.49, 0.68, 0.05}; mineWireEnd[] = {-1.12, 0.68, 0.05}; }; }; Thanks in advance
  12. soldierman

    One model, multiple Rvmats

    You can use hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] As long as the selection is in the hiddenSelections[] that will work. Find an all in one config for A3 and search for hiddenSelectionsMaterials to see how BIS have done it. All of this is done through config files so requires no scripting
  13. soldierman

    Turret Turn-In / Turn-Out

    Hey, Would you be able to post the relevant parts of the model.cfg (Cargo translation and hatch rotation) and the full cargoturret config please?. Im trying to use your implementation and ive got everything working apart from the hatch itself not animating which causes the firing to be locked. I have a feeling its the way my animation sources are setup and seeing how yours is would be tremendously helpful. cheers
  14. soldierman

    3CB BAF Weapons

    They are just a groundholder with a eden category/ subcategory. Nice and simple config, i can provide an example if you want.
  15. How did you get around the problems with having large amounts of cargo proxies?. When we attempted we had serious issues where players couldn't see each other in the vehicle and only one player could enter the vehicle. We've noticed there is a limit of about 35 cargo seats before the vehicle becomes unusable