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  1. Rockapes

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Looking forward to the release/s, as always thank you for the good work on this project
  2. Rockapes

    Arma Zeus Cache

    Thanks @Dedmen your mod works like a treat
  3. Rockapes

    Server FPS limit testing

    Is it possible to get direction ons what to look for in order to patch the 50 fps limit out of Arma exes? Would be greatly appreciated
  4. Rockapes

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    This really is some nice work, you guys ( or gals ) have done well. Really like the detail, Thanks for the effort and sharing
  5. Yeh can search, thats the way Ive been getting the information. You can sort? Just thought you might be able to only pull the headgear. Worked well for glasses but headgear had to be under weapons..lol
  6. Anyone know if its possible to just extract headgear? I realise that headgear comes under cfgweapon but is it possible to say extract all cfgweapon configs if say the base class was H_HelmetB
  7. Hi TPW, Not sure I have messed something up or I missed an option but listed below is what I have done 1. Enabled Range function on the HUD ( via TPW_MODS.hpp ) 2. Trialed it but decided was making things a bit to easy so went back into the TPW_MODS.hpp and disabled it 3. Went back in game and still can see the range, for some reason it hasn't disabled for me 4. Just for a trial, I added CROSSCOM version, it to now also has range enabled. Is it possible that the setting has somehow locked in my Arma3profile? Cheers Edit: Looks like I fixed it, deleted the TPW_MODS userconfig folder and started from scratch and now range has gone.
  8. Also not sure if this bug is happening to just me but changing mods in any profile changes them in all profiles......
  9. Well worth the wait, appreciate all the work and effort that has gone into this mod....Just awesome
  10. Hey @sadfrog17 is there anyway to enable default missions in Server settings? I can only get access to non-Bi missions?
  11. All normal commands work #restart #monitor #shutdown etc just cannot for the life of me get access to server ingame settings and MCC wont work also which points me in direction of not full admin access ( if there is such a thing ) which is strange.
  12. Rockapes

    Zeus Enhanced

    I'm not sure if anyone else is having any issues with this but I cannot change other Player traits only my own in zeus? Soon has I choose apply / ok the other players traits change back to original
  13. Rockapes

    3den Enhanced

    Never mind I am a goose, confusing the mods..lol