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  1. Oh yeh that could be the problem as FASTER does launch a HC for me, Will test that thanks @DPM
  2. Anyone else having issues with FASTER not actually providing full Admin access? When I log into the server I do not have access to MCC ( yes it is loaded ) and also am not aloud to change settings of mission on server only Client. If I run Server from a parameters file I get full access? Thanks for the continued updates @Keelah this is a very handy tool
  3. Initial check, fix appears to have worked thanks @sadfrog17. One very minor quick report, Edit Profile section has English "Edit button" and what appears to be Russian "cancel" button. Thanks again for continuing to work on this tool mate, much appreciated
  4. Not sure if just me or IF I have missed something but everytime I click on "Missions" tab the whole app freezes ( tried on several computers running Windows 10 x64 ) and when I try to rerun the software I get an error stating "One or more errors occurred. Exception cause by ThrowIfExceptional"....
  5. It seems even though the RPT shows all the mods messed up they at this stage appear to be working, all except MCC Sandbox. I am not sure what I am missing but using FASTER it is loading but I am not getting the menu to activate it however if I create a "par" file with all the same mods etc all works fine. Verty strange but I continue to find the fault. I am guessing it is a problem on my end, a setting that I am missing. Is there anyway to see what launch parameters are being passed to Arma 3 server? to compare perhaps see what is different?
  6. It should work without issue, I haven't had any issues to be honest. This might be a dumb question but do you have the Server keys in the appropriate folders?
  7. How do I copy profiles for easier creation? I am unable to work out how to do it Thanks Edit: I think I may have found a bug. I have chosen several mods but some of them are not loading and when I look through the RPT it appears as though the Dir is mixed up with some of the mods names ( like several mods details have merged together ) hence mods cannot be found / loaded. Where can we find the actual launch params to check what the mod list looks like? Edit2: Just tried FAST2 and it does exactly the same thing with mod dir getting confused, this is shown in the RPT. Somehow mixes names of different mods together. These are all pre-existing mods that have been used however launching through FASTER / FAST2 .One unlikely possibility is theses are listed as local mods not from steam?
  8. Rockapes

    Ghost Missions

    File version isn't a big issue, I do use it to keep track of changes just in case something doesn't work for me I can easily revert to older version till issue patched / root cause discovered. To be honest I do like your current naming format, makes it easy for myself to find your missions on server as I have too many ( if I am honest )
  9. Rockapes

    Ghost Missions

    I am just about to play this and I cannot wait. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your missions and cannot thank you enough for the continued updates
  10. Agree totally ^^^ Very nice work
  11. Cant wait, looking forward to learning how to setup / use this
  12. Oh, I could see this being alot of fun and dangerous
  13. I have to say this is looking really good mate
  14. Well if your version just upgraded to latest v1.90.145751 ( or something like that ) then you are technically running performance branch based on above from Dwarden If you haven't upgraded then sure keep running the performance version you have