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  1. I have same issue, I thought I may have reached a Mod limit so started unsubscribing in Steam but Launcher still thinks I am subscribed and lists them all as corrupted, very rough at the moment
  2. Rockapes

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Cant wait, particularly for the aussie stuff, Thanks to you guys for this work
  3. Rockapes

    Apex Framework

    Nice work mate, appreciate the continuing of updates.
  4. Nah, looks nice mate. Was an awesome day, you should definitely go if they have another one
  5. Did you go to the Enoggera Open Day, was a blast seeing the Tiger, tanks, AFV etc and speaking to the guys. Massi did an Australian version I quite liked but tbh I have no idea how "Accurate" it is..lol
  6. Being an Aussie, Thank you very much for the Australian Uniforms....
  7. ^^^^ All you can do is provide the instructions mate ( not like they are difficult to follow ), also there are others that provide a userconfig that needs to be installed manually so not like its new. Also, I learnt that you can block feedback on your SteamMod so perhaps do that if you need to? Thanks again for the mods, love em
  8. Mate, your mods. You have my support either way you decide to provide, I am just grateful for the work and time you put into these
  9. Look nice mate, really enjoy the uniforms etc that people like yourself produce and share, Thank you
  10. All you have to do is configure the Steam login details, then add the Steam Workshop mod IDs or import a playlist. After that you can create your own modlists from the subscribed workshop items Edit: I will try to come up with something with pictures later but right now unable to
  11. Technically speaking it can do both using STEAMCMD if you configure it
  12. Rockapes

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Wow, you have one hell of a team. I am continued to be surprised on the quality of the models / detail etc. Nice work as always