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  1. Rockapes

    Standalone JTAC Script

    Wow, very nice. Thank you
  2. Pretty sure Invites to Discord are closed, could be wrong. Will find out and update
  3. Hey @tpw, love the mod(set), If I may be so bold do you have any plans perhaps to integrate MP / Dedi support?. Thanks for continuing to work on this project.
  4. Wow @Keelah, looking very sleek and stylish there mate
  5. "File no longer on server" at link provided above
  6. Rockapes

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Very nice attention to detail, the level of work you guys are doing is fantastic
  7. If you are using FASTER then it is on first page below admin password. check make sure BattleEye is not selected ( ticked ). Otherwise check you launchers ( client ) under the BATTLEYE option and make sure Clients don't have it enabled
  8. Cannot say I have ever seen a HC enter an admin role, works fine here ( when I have used it as not supported by all missions )
  9. Rockapes

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Damn you guys are doing some damn fine work, love the detail
  10. Have you check event log to see if it is producing the .net error? If so and error is occuring then delete the "FASTER" folder as mentioned above and issue hopefully will be rectified
  11. I am still using the Mod version and although there are some little incidents, mainly AI drivers taking 10 point turns to change directions ( no running over friendlies ) and still very smooth for myself Thanks @RCA3, Very nice work, hope you can maintain it in the future
  12. I can relate, RL stuff really messing with my Arma time lately. Hope all is well
  13. Thanks @Mack. I didn't even think to check that folder. Will try that with 1.6 version, cheers
  14. ^^ Nice work as always @GEORGE FLOROS GR