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  1. Love those ^^^ pictures @GEORGE FLOROS GR. Someone seriously messed them up
  2. Rockapes

    User Input Menus

    I am interested in starting to play with GUIs so this looks like it could be good to start learning from. Thank you Connor
  3. @pierremgi really like the look of this and can't wait to do some testing. Thanks very much for putting the time into it.
  4. Rockapes

    Ghost Missions

    Nice work as always mate. Will definitely update ASAP...Much appreciated
  5. Lots of work going on their mate and all of it is greatly appreciated. Very nice work
  6. Rockapes

    Ghost Missions

    Tanoa and can't remember role as I tried a couple Team Leader, UAV OP and JTAC
  7. Excited for this one @GEORGE FLOROS GR, cant wait
  8. Rockapes

    Ghost Missions

    I was still having issues where when calling the AR Darter you click on map and if never arrives..Other than that awesome. Did you remove the ability to recruit? Or have I just missed it somewhere
  9. Rockapes

    Ghost Missions

    I agree totally with @GEORGE FLOROS GR.
  10. Rockapes


    Sweet a module version is coming...Love it @pierremgi
  11. Rockapes

    Ghost Missions

    Sounds like a plan, You will certainly find more errors ( if there are any ) my having lots of people test as long as they accept that it is a sort of WIP. You do some damn fine missions @Ghost
  12. This sounds awesome. Going to watch for fun for sure.
  13. Just to be sure I understand, you tested without CBA? Thanks @GEORGE FLOROS GR
  14. Looks great. Will def give it a test
  15. Rockapes

    Ghost Missions

    Will that work on the ground also as on Tanoa the AR2 crashes / never is created there also ( unless its spawning on the aircraft carrier ) below ATL also Thanks @magicsrp I will try this and see if fixes all the Darter issues 🙂