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  1. Keep in mind that JEBUS doesn't respawn units in the same sense that players respawn. They're completely new units. So your event handler would need to be added to the new units with the "INIT=" parameter.....
  2. If you give a group a variable name in the editor eg GroupA, the group spawned by JEBUS will be called GroupA...
  3. Hi all. I'm sorry. I'm not really playing Arma 3 at the moment, so no new features are on the cards for the time being. All the source code is on the GitHub. I was hoping someone would create a fork and enhance the project on their own, but no takers so far.....
  4. JEBUS doesn't use 0,0,0 in it's group spawning code. I have noticed Arma spawning units at 0,0,0 when using certain modules, but I can't recall which ones. I'm not that familiar with Guard waypoints, you use them with "Guarded By" triggers, is that right? Maybe there is a problem with spawned units knowing about the triggers, so they head to 0,0,0 by default?
  5. So, I made a little skirmish with a squad of DE_Revive enabled friendlies against respawning waves of enemy AI. Generally, things worked well. I could revive AI and I could order AI to revive each other. A few little things though: I accidentally ordered an AI to revive himself, which of course did nothing. But, when he did eventually get revived, he played the revive animation The "Revive x" addAction wasn't getting removed properly sometimes, cluttering up the AI order menu with revive actions for units that were already revived When I was downed in heavy contact, the AI was too focused on fighting to send someone to revive me. Even after they dealt with the threat, I was lying there and nobody came. Eventually I had to respawn
  6. Not with the way the script is currently set up, sorry.....
  7. I don't know why this happens. I don't know how to fix it.
  8. I'm not planning any updates to JEBUS at present as I'm not really playing A3 at the moment. If anyone wants to fork the GitHub repository and add new features and pick up any remaining bugs, they are free to do so.....
  9. I thought I changed it so the vehicle spawns first so this wouldn't happen anymore... 😞
  10. I did have an issue with units spawning under the vehicle and getting crushed before they got teleported inside, but I resolved that and haven't seen it since... Not sure what I can do about this...
  11. Sync your trigger to the unit you're running JEBUS on and the unit (and its group) won't spawn until the trigger is activated.....
  12. Gaia is optional, I was just using it a lot when I first wrote the script, so I added support for it. Your init line looks fine to me.....
  13. I can't tell what's going on without looking at your mission, but I've experienced similar problems when I accidentally had JEBUS running on more than one unit or vehicle in a group. Maybe look at that?
  14. From the error message, it looks like the waitUntil line in fn_spawnGroup is causing the problem. You could comment that out and see if it makes a difference.....
  15. I don't know. It's working at this end.....