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  1. Do you have a lot of JEBUS groups all spawning at once? If so, consider using the "START=" parameter to spread them out a little bit..... I believe the problem is caused by lots of "createVehicle" commands running at once in a laggy situation, but if anyone has any other ideas I'd be grateful for the assist.....
  2. @avibird 1 Appears to be working at this end. Here's a demo mission. The units will respawn endlessly until you stand on the square helipad. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ol7h-G-4PqF-N6EEpYR8-6wEBMKJiFRK
  3. While technically such a thing would be possible with JEBUS, you will wind up with a massive pile of spaghetti and meatballs with all the triggers and synchronisations you will need. I'd look for a simpler method......
  4. @avibird 1 I made a quick demo mission to show what I did: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NzwITS_b3Rm_3IS31OGvuN9fxy7H129g In the infiniteFuel.sqf file, I reduced the sleep time to 5 seconds so you can see the results quickly. Use Zeus to reduce the Blackfoot's fuel and see what happens.....
  5. I don't know how I can fix this. It's hard enough finding bugs when they occur in the first 30 seconds.....
  6. @avibird 1 Sorry for the slow reply. I couldn't get the event handler version working, so here's what I did instead: 0 = [this, "INIT=", "[vehicle _proxyThis] execVM 'infiniteFuel.sqf'"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; In the mission folder, I created a file called infiniteFuel.sqf, which looks like this: //0 = [this, "INIT=", "[vehicle _proxyThis] execVM 'infiniteFuel.sqf'"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; while {alive (_this select 0)} do { (_this select 0) setfuel 1; sleep 30; };
  7. Is the unit being checked with !alive a JEBUS unit as well? Because the trigger would activate at the start of the mission when the unit is saved and deleted by JEBUS.
  8. Yeah, you're right, I forgot to add the debug condition to that section Change line 249 of fn_main.sqf from: systemChat "First Loop!"; to: if (_debug) then {systemChat "First Loop!";}; and you're good to go! Far from a genius here. I imagine most of the veteran scripters cringe when they look at my code. What I mostly do is what you did: trial and error until I get it to work somehow.....
  9. Try: 0 = [This, "INIT=", "(group _proxyThis) hcSetGroup [Squad1]"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; You're right. The group name is not saved, only the individual units and vehicles.....
  10. I think there is a scripting command or function to add new units to high command, but I'm not able to look it up just now.
  11. The first thing I would suggest is add the DEBUG parameter to your JEBUS units and see what happens. The other thing is to enable the showscripterrors parameter in the A3 launcher and see if you get any errors from that.
  12. Do the markers still disappear in the JEBUS demo mission? I forgot to check when I did the update....
  13. @anfoI did update JEBUS recently with a bug fix, but I haven't got around to adding this feature yet. I'm playing with ALIVE and Ravage at the moment and not really working on JEBUS..... @redarmy http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Script_Snippets#Profiling_all_non_profiled_units_on_the_map will automatically add JEBUS units to ALIVE. You just need to remember that when ALIVE profiles those units, JEBUS will think they're dead and respawn them unless you have a synched trigger of some sort.... Also, ALIVE just spawns from unit classnames, so you'll lose any custom loadouts.....
  14. Have a look at the Gaia demo mission. I believe some troops get transported by helo. At least you can check if this feature is still working.
  15. v1.432 (2019/6/1) Variable names are now *actually* saved for all group members and vehicles Pause radius default is now 0 Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ol2G_RWqR5xzyQx8-Bb6zcWG7Y6D2LBy/view?usp=sharing GitHub https://github.com/DreadPirateAU/JEBUS