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  1. From the error message, it looks like the waitUntil line in fn_spawnGroup is causing the problem. You could comment that out and see if it makes a difference.....
  2. I don't know. It's working at this end.....
  3. It should be possible to call the function from the init line. I'll have a look when I get a chance...
  4. In that case, use the same initialisation and sync a trigger to that unit with 300m radius
  5. 0 = [this, "CACHE=", 300] spawn jebus_fnc_main; This will hide the units (not completely delete them) when players are outside 300m and unhide them when players enter the area. Is this what you're after?
  6. It looks like I can get the insignia with getObjectTextures. Texture 0 is the uniform texture, texture 1 is the insignia texture. This should be pretty simple to add, I just want to make sure it doesn't break anything else when I do it.....
  7. I'm using getUnitLoadout and setUnitLoadout, which should save and recreate the entire loadout, including facewear. Perhaps there is unit randomisation overriding this? I know some mods eg Community Factions Project run a randomisation script for facewear and headwear. Maybe this is happening after JEBUS has finished? I'm not sure if there's a command for getting a units shoulder patch, but if there is, adding that feature shouldn't be too hard.....
  8. Sync the radio trigger to the unit, not the waypoint.....
  9. Because JEBUS copies and deletes the units at mission start, any synchronisations to waypoints are lost. What you could do is synchronise your trigger to the unit you are running JEBUS on. Then the units will spawn and start following their waypoints only when you trigger them.
  10. Just comment out the line that calls the function. //[_newUnit] call jebus_fnc_unlimitedAmmo; _newUnit; is still required for the script to work.....
  11. The demo mission is still working
  12. Yes, RESPAWNMARKERS currently only works with map markers (that can be invisible to players) and they are fixed throughout the mission. If you want to move the respawn point, I would create a second JEBUS group at that point and have them activated by trigger when the first objective is complete.
  13. Ah, you've discovered a feature that I forgot to document! Yes, all JEBUS units have unlimited ammo by default, but only for primary weapons and handguns, not launchers...... If you want to disable this, just comment out the line in fn_spawnUnit.sqf that calls the function.....
  14. dreadpirate

    Urban Patrol Script

    If I'm reading it right, it should be: nul=[this, "markerName", "showmarker"] execVM "ups.sqf"
  15. I haven't used LAMBS and JEBUS together before, so I can only guess what the problems might be. The thing with modules is, they often require units to be synced to them when the mission initialises. JEBUS copies the units, deletes them, spawns new units and then tries to sync them to any modules. This only works for some modules unfortunately. I just ran some quick tests with LAMBS and JEBUS. The LAMBS *waypoints* for TASK GARRISON and TASK PATROL seem to work fine, so it is an issue with syncing to the modules...... That leaves you without TASK CAMP, but it's a start..... Edit: It seems that waypoint TASK GARRISON units will also mount any static weapons in the area, so you can recreate TASK CAMP with a mix of GARRISON and PATROL.....