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  1. cobra5150

    [R3F] Logistics

    I am trying to add new items to the movable objects list. I followed the documentation and have tried to add the custom objects using the script method in the documentation ant the method of adding the object class names directly into the config.sqf. Sometimes the latter method works. I will start the mission and the object which classname I have added will be movable. Then the next time I preview the mission it will not work again. I tried using the scripted method from the docs and that dosent seem to work at all. Also I noticed that R3F itself is working because the vanilla objects can be moved ect. Could this have something to do with the script not being called properly before or after server initialization or something?
  2. Does any one else notice that virtualized Unsung unit drop a copy of their ruck when first initialized? I believe its just the group leader. Can anyone else check this out in Zeus and see if it happens?
  3. cobra5150

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hello, I'm using VCOM_AI on my dedicated server with ALiVE and a Headless Client. It is working and it works well, although I can't seem to disable blufor AI from calling the ALiVE blufor arty emplacements. I have the userconfig file in my server's root file as such. A:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\userconfig\VCOM_AI\AISettingsV2.hpp The option for AI to use arty is set to false. I also have -filepatching in my servers startup line and have allowedfilepatching set to 2. It seemed to work when I tested in multiplayer in the editor. It dosent seem to work when deployed through the dedicated server, leading me to believe it has to do with the server side user config.
  4. I have updated the repo. Try to update it and see if it completes. Seems like the error occurs when updating as opposed to when it is downloading for the first time.
  5. cobra5150

    lukrop's customized configs

    I noticed these configs alter the 416 and m4 sound from the massi pack, giving them JSRS sounds. Can this config make the massi weapons that fire 7.62x51 nato use the JSRS EBR sound. That would be much more realistic all around. That would encompass the 417c,417, sr25,G3,FNFAL and m24. The massi stock 7.62 sound is the same for all those weapons and it is really bad. Any help or how to on this would be awesome. thanks
  6. I have a link to an error received when I try to update massi's african conflict mod. http://pastebin.com/DkFcakKm This is when I try to update where arma sync left off. It just hangs. I have just tried deleting the problem files folders (which I have tried before and that did not work) and this time it did work. Also this time I am using the arma3sync.bat not the normal executable. Deleting the problem folders with the uncompleted downloads seemed to help and no errors were reported in the console, Yet one mod, hafm helis did not fully download and update. So I deleted the hafm folder re updated and it worked. All mods were updated. Not sure why it wont just download and complete first try. It's going to be hard to manage a group and use our mods pack if this happens to others. Having to delete and reupdate ect.
  7. I have created a repository on my dedicated server box and am hosting via http. When a client tries to update the repository some of the files do not download completely and never show them as being up to date, however the download meter indicates that the full amount of data has been downloaded. This is a super frustrating problem. Any help would be amazing. Thanks.
  8. I was hoping there would be a script that would enable the thermals in the vehicle's init field.
  9. Is there a way to put an RWR on a plane without one??
  10. ?i've been trying for two days to figure a way to add flir capabilities to the zu_23 gunsight. Also is there a subsequent way to make the sight zoom in and out?
  11. kylania, I looked at the way you triggered the dust in the boxey example. I need to know how to make the cloud bigger, Also I need to know how to use that trigger for a crate falling from a parachute and the dust puffing as it lands. I could also use some help calling that spawned box with dust, but spawning at the back of a c130 on the ground. I have the boxes spawning at the back of the plane on the ground, now how to add the dust attached to the box.
  12. I need a puff like a crate hitting the ground. How do I call your script Kylandia??? I put it in a trigger and it wont let me due to syntax??? do I need to plug in my units name or something??
  13. can i trigger a dust cloud, or is there a script out there for this??
  14. I just want to be able to use a script to tell the c-130's landing gear to deploy and retract, via trigger while the plane is being flown by AI. Is that possible?