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  1. UK Apollo, I've been able to eliminate Arma 2 ports throwing these errors from within the config.cpp itself. In most cases the configs that come with Arma 2 ports have script like the following inside etc. You will notice that they are calling up Arma2 actions, which refer back to arma 2 man models. These don't exist in arma 3. You remove those formt eh config and replace with relevant arma 3 animations. bone errors go away. Worked for the helos I'm working on anyway.
  2. Most of the arma 2 ports are still trying to use arma 2 units for the animations. I've contacted you on PM and can send you my fixed config if you'd like.
  3. gnrnr

    Line of sight bug

    I'm getting a line of sight issue in the Operation Tempest - Connection Lost. In this mission there is a bonus objective of shutting down the comms before any shots are fired. I can get intot he building next to the comms link no problems, but as I move through it, a guy on the roof, gets an interrupt and shoots at my team trhough one wall and the floor. He should not be able to see from there. This is easily reproduced. ---------- Post added at 08:33 ---------- Previous post was at 08:30 ---------- I'm having similar issues with the guys near the gate. I think in your case the guy is somehow switching poisitions between roof and floor...
  4. I've finally gotten around to completing this mission ready for public release. Enjoy. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16972 Thanks to Big and the team for Armaholic. Regards Gnrnr http://www.australianarmedforces.org
  5. A quick question here guys. I'm doing an I44 mission and I want to remove all the radios from all the units on the map. I've tried using the following scripts in various places (inits etc) and I'm only getting inconsitent joy. this removeweapon "ACRE_PRC343"; I've also tried the following to cycle through the radios they may be carrying and getting rid of those too. _ret = [] call acre_api_fnc_getCurrentRadioList; { player removeweapon _x; } foreach _ret; What am i doing wrong?
  6. gnrnr


    Jaynus, does the script that runs the auto updater hide in the dsound.dll? i still have the issue that I discussed earlier, where if I run as admin while UAC is turn on, the dll crashed the armaoa.exe. I've been running with that turned off to play for the time being. I've been doing some playing around and i think the crash occurs when the autoupdate script is run, but obviously that may not be the case if it is not in the dsound.dll. I'd like to get this resolved if possible as I'm not confortable with having to run continuously with UAC turned off. Regards Gnrnr ---------- Post added at 10:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:17 AM ---------- I've added -noautoupdate to the mod line and it no longer crashes when right clicking and selecting run as admin.
  7. gnrnr


    Sickboy, When I did that I got the error listed above. Changing the account to an administrator account didn't help and if I select run as admin, ArmaOA.exe crashes. Turning off UAC was the only thing that enabled it to run. Please let me now nay other ideas I could try as to setup etc to change this as I'm out of em. This is on a fresh install of the OS (fully updated with all patches etc) too.
  8. gnrnr


    Ok Tonight after much fiddling I got arma and TS3 to talk to one another. It didn't hold though. I changed my user account to an admin account, but this didnt work either. I have disabled UAC and now it works. Be better if I could reenable UAC though, but at least it is working now as this is my Favorite mod by far for Arma. Regards Gnrnr
  9. I remember a long time ago, Rommel was playing around with being able to move around in a chinook and enable firing from the open rear door etc. We mucked around and eventually someone pulled out an antitank launcher and fired down from the open rear door. The helo blew and crashed, all cause of the backblast we had all forgotten about. Funny as at the time.
  10. ACRE is an absolute must include in Arma 3.
  11. gnrnr


    I will do. I'll put this together when I get home. The issue has been both from the manual install .zip file and the six updater verison after delteing the jayarma2lib completely. Either way I'll have the file list tonight for you. Jay arma 2 lib folder contents are: .rsync addons (contains 6 pbo files and associated bisign files) Auxillary (empty folder) keys .version.txt changelog.txt dsound.dll (21/5/2011) jayarma2lib.dll (20/5/2011) readme.txt version.txt Thanks
  12. Installation of the files is working fine from both six or from zip files. Thye install to the right locations (arma 2 directory and plugins directory). Something is not working right with the dsound.dll as when I try and run as admin, arma crashes due to that dll (at least according to the windows error message) If i run as normal user, arma doesn;t crash, but TS3 doesn't connect. 'm due it is something in the setup on my PC rather than the Dsound.dll itself, but I just cant put my finger on what could be missing or conflicting with it. What other packages are required to run that file? i down loaded the C++redist for both 2008 and 2010 as suggested in the Jayarma2lib thread, but it doesn't seem to have helped. I've removed and reinstalled TS3 RC1 and ACRE/Jay at least three times in past few days without result. Is there anything else that could be missing? It has me totally stumped. It is my favorite mod too and since my squad uses it, being without it has nearly made arma unplayable now :)
  13. gnrnr


    Any thoughts?
  14. Hi guys, I changed my Harddrive this week and have had to fresh install everything. The OS is vista. I've loaded TS3 RC1 and have the 1.2.10 plugin registered and apparently working. Arma2 shows as not connected. Works both as admin and as normal user. If I try and run Arma as an Admin, Dsound.dll crashes the Arma2OA.exe (combined ops). If i run arma 2 as normal user, it loads fine but doens't connect to TS. I've use the manual install from united ops and the six updater, but have this problem with both methods. I've done completely clean installs and have run out of ideas. The prblem seems to be with Dsound.dll but I can't seem to work out how to fix it. Any suggestions? Regards Gnrnr ---------- Post added at 04:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:31 AM ---------- Might be a windows update need for C++ redist. Trying that first. ---------- Post added at 05:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:34 AM ---------- The redist didnt help :(