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  1. fredkatz

    Warfare BE

    Here is my skydrive folder with all of my Warfare BE map conversions Warfare BE Maps Currently it has a CO Version of Isla Duala I also have Lingor, Dingor and a few other maps already done
  2. fredkatz

    Warfare BE

    Sorry I been gone for so long, I been having problems with my gaming computer used to play ArmA 2 was having graphic driver problems, but I seem to have fixed it. I have a working copy of warfare for Isla Duala that I built myself about a year ago that I can send to you, It will take me a little bit to convert it back to vanilla ArmA 2 units from my custom version. The only thing it does not have is town templates for small games, I like playing full map warfare so if you want to play with fewer towns it can be easily set up to work. It's a little more involved then just changing position on the existing towns. The town name, and supply value should also be changed to suit the town. Here is some information about how to setup towns in Warfare BE Starting from version 2.72 on Game Logic -> Locations -> Depot - The towns main depot to capture and the center of the town, has a init line in the editor that looks like this nullReturn = [this,"Nagara","+",30,120,1000] execVM "Common\Init\Init_Town.sqf"; The Red is the town name, this can contain spaces to make it look nice The Yellow Number is Starting Supply Value - When the game starts and after you capture the town this is the value it starts at The Blue Number is Max Supply Value - This is the max the town value can go Game Logic -> Locations -> Camp - The camps that surround the town Game Logic -> Objects -> Game Logic - The static Defenses that go with the towns, depending on the init line passed to them is what they will become when the town activates Init Lines for the different defenses this setVariable ['wfbe_defense_kind', ['MGNest','MG','AT','GL','AA']]; - This line is used for the camp static emplacements, The type defined in the brackets is which one it will choose randomly when the town activates this setVariable ['wfbe_mortar', true]; - This line is used for the town defense mortar emplacements that were introduced in 2.072, put many of these around the town and it becomes EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to capture the town. All camps and Defences are synchronized (F5) to the depot to link them to the towns Here is a example town template in the Proving Grounds, Useful for copy-pasting in to any other maps and just moving the items and changing values WarfareBE_Town_Template.ProvingGrounds_PMC There is still a little more that has to be done to get the map to work, but hopefully this can get you started on creating your own town templates for warfare BE
  3. fredkatz

    Tu95 and Tu142 Bombers

    Thank you for updating this model and adding it to the Takistani army. I can finally have full out war with this for the Takis and the B-52 for the US
  4. This problem still exists in the 1.0 release, please fix this as I and a few friends play in a LAN environment and trying to play warfare or any large mission does not work when one person is hosting the server
  5. After some testing this problem on my end seems to be caused by steam being in offline mode and trying to connect to a dedicated server
  6. fredkatz

    AI Heli Control 1.0

    thanks, I am glad it is useful for you. the ArmA 3 version is already in development since the beta, so it is coming soon
  7. I have had the same problem since the ArmA 3 beta and I have not been able to solve this. If I find any solutions I will post back
  8. fredkatz

    Warfare BE

    I run the database server, ArmA 2 Dedicated Server and Client all on the same system and have no issues and I have Windows 7 It works for me when I play, I cannot run alot of AI during my games usually 5-6 AI teams per side, to many more and the server dies. The only thing I do know is to not use the 0.73-2 version as the guerrilla/resistance forces don't spawn in their towns when playing
  9. fredkatz

    AI Heli Control 1.0

    It will probably be updated when I buy ArmA 3, and when it is fully released
  10. fredkatz

    Warfare BE

    I have done some work on it since that release, I should update that download, but the current version works with the 0.73 release. I believe that version had worked on 0.71. I might also post up some of my map conversions for 0.73, I have done Dingor, Jadegroove, MBG Celle 2 and Reshmaan Province On the To-Do list is Isla Duala and Tasmania2010
  11. fredkatz

    Warfare BE

    The version I was working on is working, it saves towns, base locations and player gear. I just haven't worked on it lately, been very busy
  12. fredkatz

    AI Heli Control 1.0

    I have been working on adding some new features to the airplane systems. You can now set a patrol area for your AI planes to fly. As well as set them "on station" to circle a given point. I have also been working on the heli taxi system. @Hillsbills The script must use a invisible helipad for the artillery targeting. The AI will land at the nearest helipad first then try to land in an open space that they think is big enough. @Fruity_Rudy I think it is a problem with the AI itself, because I have had that problem with helicopters when I set the height over 1000m.
  13. fredkatz

    Warfare BE

    Version 073_2 It works fine in Version 073, which I went back to since there was nothing to shoot at in the towns :p
  14. fredkatz

    Warfare BE

    Hey Benny, I was trying out the newest version and I ran into a problem. I entered a guerrilla held town and no guerrilla town patrols spawned. The Static Defenses were manned but no patrols, but when one of the US towns were triggered, the US forces spawned both Defenses and patrols. I am not sure what is causing this problem
  15. fredkatz

    AI Heli Control 1.0

    It should add it to the ACE Menu automatically, there is a check to see if you are running ACE and add it to the self-interaction menu. Unless they changed the variable containing the self-interaction key, it should work.