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  1. barrett217

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    "Almost like" World War Z The Movie. Far as the speed of the horde of Zombies coming after you. I like it, I been waiting for something like this. Plus you can always change the speed and how any you want coming after you. Keep up with the awesome work. You Rock.
  2. Congrats on becoming a finalist for Make Arma Not War. Keep it Rockin. :)
  3. barrett217

    Cosmos Engine 0.41

    I agree, plus there is Reign Of Jurassic Mod. Maybe just maybe, there might be an Godzilla mod. But that might be stretching it a bit.
  4. barrett217

    Cosmos Engine 0.41

    Nice, keep up with the Awesome work. Space: The final frontier These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise Its 5 year mission To explore strange new ArmA III worlds To seek out new life and new civilizations To boldly go where no man has gone before
  5. That sounds like what I was having, not able to get in ammo boxes as well. The strange sound, it sounded like when you are getting healed and it kept on going until I stopped playing it.
  6. Hey SaOk, I always I really enjoy sp whole lotta altis v1-995. But the trouble that I'm having is, I'm not able to get back into any of the vehicle the I get. At first I'm able to get in. But when I get out to talk to the people or anything else, I'm not able to get back in. Not able to get ammo truck unstuck. I'm guessing that there is nothing that can be done about Ammo Truck getting stuck. This is what mods that I'm using. -mod=@CBA_A3;@JSRS2.2;@JS_JC_FA18;@UUA3a_Scopes;@HiddenIdentityPackv3;@AV_Mods;@mas;@PG_Services;@SaOk;@Blastcore-A3;@Blastcore-Tracers;@MK18Mod1;@Nimitz;@RecoilFix;@m107;@blood_mist;
  7. How do I switch to a different AI member? I have seen others have this, to where their AI would be a blue E moving around the map. Plus they can keep some at the base. To keep the base safe from enemy's. I using Domination_West-AI.Chernarus
  8. @Tankbuster. Is there any way to change Engineer ability repair features to unlimited. As well as medical heal self for everyone and unlimited.
  9. Thanks, that worked like a charm. Now I'm able to save it with out having to restart it. I'm able to add Mk17 Sniper SD or Mk17 TWS SD to it. Cause I tried to put it in domination folder/x_client/x_weaponcargo.sqf and it didn't show up. __awc(SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper_SD,1) __awc(SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD,1) __amc(20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR.50) I found out how to put in the weapons that I wanted in Domination_West-AI.Chernarus. I just took x_weaponcargo_oa.sqf from co40_Domination.Takistan file. Then replaced it with x_weaponcargo.sqf, by removing _oa from the equation. Like this: x_weaponcargo_oa.sqf - _oa = x_weaponcargo.sqf. I know that I could of just type what I wanted. But after I tried this, I see that now. 3,2,1 Duh " we tried to tell you ,But " I'm able to use those weapons now. Thank you, to the guys that where trying to help me.
  10. Here is what is in init.sqf #include "x_setup.sqf" diag_log format ["############################# %1 #############################", missionName]; if (!isNil "d_init_started") exitWith {}; d_init_started = true; enableSaving [false,false]; enableTeamSwitch false; #ifdef __ACE__ if (isServer) then { ace_sys_aitalk_enabled = true; publicVariable "ace_sys_aitalk_enabled"; ace_sys_aitalk_radio_enabled = true; publicVariable "ace_sys_aitalk_radio_enabled"; ace_sys_tracking_markers_enabled = false; publicVariable "ace_sys_tracking_markers_enabled"; }; #endif #ifdef __CARRIER__ d_with_carrier = true; // Spawn of the LHD Carrier if (isServer) then { _LHDspawnpoint = [getPosASL LHD_Center select 0, getPosASL LHD_Center select 1, -0.9]; { _dummy = createVehicle [_x, _LHDspawnpoint, [], 0, "NONE"]; _dummy setdir 270; _dummy setPos _LHDspawnpoint; } foreach ["Land_LHD_house_1","Land_LHD_house_2","Land_LHD_elev_R","Land_LHD_1","Land_LHD_2","Land_LHD_3","Land_LHD_4","Land_LHD_5","Land_LHD_6"]; }; #endif #include "i_common.sqf" if (isServer) then {skiptime d_TimeOfDay}; X_INIT = false;X_Server = false; X_Client = false; X_JIP = false;X_SPE = false;X_MP = isMultiplayer; #define __waitpl [] spawn {waitUntil {!isNull player};X_INIT = true} if (isServer) then { X_Server = true; if (!isDedicated) then { X_Client = true; X_SPE = true; __waitpl; } else { X_INIT = true; }; } else { X_Client = true; if (isNull player) then { X_JIP = true; __waitpl; } else { X_INIT = true; }; }; if (X_Client) then { [] spawn { waituntil {X_INIT}; #ifndef __ACE__ d_phd_invulnerable = true; __pSetVar ["d_p_ev_hd_last", time]; __pSetVar ["d_p_ev_hd", player addeventhandler ["HandleDamage", {_this call XfHitEffect}]]; #else player setVariable ["ace_w_allow_dam", false]; #endif execVM "tasks.sqf"; }; }; #ifdef __CARRIER__ // fix for delayed LHD creation on clients if (X_Client) then { [] spawn { private ["_dirp", "_posp"]; waituntil {X_INIT}; _dirp = direction player; _posp = [position player select 0,position player select 1, position player select 2]; if (isNull (nearestobject [player, "Land_LHD_4"])) then { player setPos [markerPos "d_c_safepos" select 0, markerPos "d_c_safepos" select 1, 0]; waituntil {!isNull (nearestObject [_posp, "Land_LHD_4"])}; }; player setPosASL [_posp select 0, _posp select 1, 9.26]; player setDir _dirp; }; }; #endif if (isNil "x_funcs1_compiled") then { __cppfln(x_reload,x_common\x_reload.sqf); __ccppfln(x_common\x_f\x_functions1.sqf); __ccppfln(x_common\x_f\x_netinit.sqf); }; [0, "d_AirD", {[_this] spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestruction}] call XNetAddEvent; [0, "d_AirD2", {_this spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestructionStage2}] call XNetAddEvent; [0, "D_Burn", {_this spawn BIS_Effects_Burn}] call XNetAddEvent; [0, "rep_ar", {_this setDamage 0;_this setFuel 1}] call XNetAddEvent; [0, "setcapt", {(_this select 0) setCaptive (_this select 1)}] call XNetAddEvent; [0, "d_say", {(_this select 0) say3D (_this select 1)}] call XNetAddEvent; [0, "d_flav", {[_this] spawn x_flares}] call XNetAddEvent; [0, "d_del_ruin", {_ruin = nearestObject [_this, "Ruins"];if (!isNull _ruin) then {deleteVehicle _ruin}}] call XNetAddEvent; if (isServer) then { [1, "d_dam", {_this call XDamHandler}] call XNetAddEvent; // different handling [1, "d_m_box", {if (!(__TTVer)) then {if (!AmmoBoxHandling) then {(_this select 0) spawn XCreateDroppedBox} else {[(_this select 0), (_this select 1)] spawn XCreateDroppedBox}} else {if (!AmmoBoxHandling) then {[(_this select 0), (_this select 1)] spawn XCreateDroppedBox} else {[_this select 0, _this select 1, _this select 2] spawn XCreateDroppedBox}}}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_p_group", {if (!(_this in d_player_groups)) then {d_player_groups set [count d_player_groups, _this]}}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_p_a", {_this spawn XGetPlayerPoints}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_air_taxi", {_this execVM "x_server\x_airtaxiserver.sqf"}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_r_box", {_this spawn XRemABox}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "unit_tk", {_this spawn XfTKKickCheck}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_pas", {(_this select 0) addScore (_this select 1)}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "mr1_l_c", {if (!isNull _this) then {[_this, 1] spawn x_checktransport}}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "mr2_l_c", {if (!isNull _this) then {[_this, 2] spawn x_checktransport}}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_p_varn", {_this spawn XGetPlayerArray}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_ad", {__addDead(_this)}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_ad2", {(_this select 0) setVariable ["d_end_time", _this select 1];d_allunits_add set [count d_allunits_add, _this select 0]}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_p_o_a", {d_placed_objs_store setVariable [_this select 0, _this select 1];((_this select 1) select 0) setVariable ["d_owner", _this select 0];((_this select 1) select 0) addEventHandler ["killed",{_this call XfPlacedObjKilled}]}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_p_o_r", {d_placed_objs_store setVariable [_this select 0, nil]}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "x_dr_t", {_this execVM "x_server\x_createdrop.sqf"}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_f_ru_i", {[_this] execFSM "fsms\XFacRebuild.fsm"}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "ari_type", {_this spawn x_arifire}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "l_v", {if (!((_this select 0) in d_wreck_cur_ar)) then {(_this select 0) lock (_this select 1)}}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_mhqdepl", {(_this select 0) lock (_this select 1);d_allunits_add set [count d_allunits_add, (_this select 0) getVariable "D_MHQ_Camo"]}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_g_p_inf", {_this spawn XGetAdminArray}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_ad_deltk", {_this spawn XAdminDelTKs}] call XNetAddEvent; #ifdef __TT__ [1, "d_a_p_w", {d_points_west = d_points_west + _this}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "d_a_p_e", {d_points_east = d_points_east + _this}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "mrr1_l_c", {if (!isNull _this) then {[_this, 1] spawn x_checktransport2}}] call XNetAddEvent; [1, "mrr2_l_c", {if (!isNull _this) then {[_this, 2] spawn x_checktransport2}}] call XNetAddEvent; #endif }; #include "i_server.sqf" #include "i_client.sqf" #include "x_missions\x_missionssetup.sqf" if (X_SPE) then {d_date_str = date}; if (isServer) then { ["d_mt_radio_down",true] call XNetSetJIP; ["mt_radio_pos",[0,0,0]] call XNetSetJIP; ["target_clear",false] call XNetSetJIP; ["all_sm_res",false] call XNetSetJIP; ["the_end",false] call XNetSetJIP; ["mr1_in_air",false] call XNetSetJIP; ["mr2_in_air",false] call XNetSetJIP; ["ari_available",true] call XNetSetJIP; ["ari2_available",true] call XNetSetJIP; #ifndef __TT__ ["d_jet_s_reb",false] call XNetSetJIP; ["d_chopper_s_reb",false] call XNetSetJIP; ["d_wreck_s_reb",false] call XNetSetJIP; #else ["mrr1_in_air",false] call XNetSetJIP; ["mrr2_in_air",false] call XNetSetJIP; #endif ["current_target_index",-1] call XNetSetJIP; ["current_mission_index",-1] call XNetSetJIP; ["ammo_boxes",0] call XNetSetJIP; ["sec_kind",0] call XNetSetJIP; ["resolved_targets",[]] call XNetSetJIP; ["jump_flags",[]] call XNetSetJIP; ["d_ammo_boxes",[]] call XNetSetJIP; ["d_wreck_marker",[]] call XNetSetJIP; ["para_available",true] call XNetSetJIP; ["d_dam",[]] call XNetSetJIP; #ifndef __TT__ ["d_campscaptured",0] call XNetSetJIP; ["d_searchbody",objNull] call XNetSetJIP; ["d_searchintel",[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]] call XNetSetJIP; #else ["d_campscaptured_w",0] call XNetSetJIP; ["d_campscaptured_e",0] call XNetSetJIP; #endif ["d_currentcamps",[]] call XNetSetJIP; execVM "x_bikb\kbinit.sqf"; X_DropZone = createVehicle ["HeliHEmpty", [0, 0, 0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ["X_DropZone",X_DropZone] call XNetSetJIP; D_AriTarget = createVehicle ["HeliHEmpty", [0, 0, 0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ["D_AriTarget",D_AriTarget] call XNetSetJIP; D_AriTarget2 = createVehicle ["HeliHEmpty", [0, 0, 0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ["D_AriTarget2",D_AriTarget2] call XNetSetJIP; #ifdef __TT__ d_points_west = 0; d_points_east = 0; d_kill_points_west = 0; d_kill_points_east = 0; ["points_array",[0,0,0,0]] call XNetSetJIP; #endif __ccppfln(x_server\x_initx.sqf); if (d_weather == 0 && d_FastTime == 1) then { _ranover = random 1; ["d_overcast",_ranover] call XNetSetJIP; _ww = if (_ranover > 0.5) then {if (rain <= 0.3) then {1} else {2}} else {0}; ["d_winterw", _ww] call XNetSetJIP; execFSM "fsms\WeatherServer.fsm"; } else { d_weather = 1; ["d_overcast",0] call XNetSetJIP; }; // create random list of targets #ifndef __DEFAULT__ d_maintargets_list = (count d_target_names) call XfRandomIndexArray; #else if (d_number_targets_h < 50) then { d_maintargets_list = (count d_target_names) call XfRandomIndexArray; } else { switch (d_number_targets_h) do { case 50: {d_maintargets_list = [24,14,0,13,19];}; case 60: {d_maintargets_list = [5,25,7,26,1];}; case 70: {d_maintargets_list = [10,8,9,4,15,11];}; case 80: {d_maintargets_list = [21,22,12,2,23];}; case 90: {d_maintargets_list = [6,14,5,17,18,0,13,19,1,7,16,2,12,11,8,10,9,4,15,3,20];}; }; }; #endif __DEBUG_SERVER("init.sqf",d_maintargets_list) // create random list of side missions if (d_random_sm_array) then { d_side_missions_random = sm_array call XfRandomArray; } else { d_side_missions_random = sm_array; }; __DEBUG_SERVER("init.sqf",d_side_missions_random) d_current_counter = 0; d_current_mission_counter = 0; d_side_mission_resolved = false; d_counterattack = false; extra_mission_remover_array = []; extra_mission_vehicle_remover_array = []; d_check_trigger = objNull; d_create_new_paras = false; d_first_time_after_start = true; d_nr_observers = 0; #ifndef __TT__ if (!(__ACEVer)) then { // editor varname, unique number, true = respawn only when the chopper is completely destroyed, false = respawn after some time when no crew is in or chopper is destroyed [[ch1,301,true],[ch2,302,true],[ch3,303,false,1500],[ch4,304,false,1500]] execVM "x_server\x_helirespawn2.sqf"; } else { if (d_enemy_side == "EAST") then { [[ch1,301,true],[ch2,302,true],[ch3,303,false,1500],[ch4,304,false,1500],[ch5,305,false,600],[ch6,306,false,600]] execVM "x_server\x_helirespawn2.sqf"; } else { [[ch1,301,true],[ch2,302,true],[ch3,303,false,1500],[ch4,304,false,1500]] execVM "x_server\x_helirespawn2.sqf"; }; }; // editor varname, unique number //0-9 = MHQ, 10-19 = Medic vehicles, 20-29 = Fuel, Repair, Reammo trucks, 30-39 = Engineer Salvage trucks, 40-49 = Transport trucks [ [xvec1,0],[xvec2,1],[xmedvec,10],[xvec3,20],[xvec4,21],[xvec5,22], [xvec7,23], [xvec8,24], [xvec9,25], [xvec6,30], [xvec10,31], [xvec11,40], [xvec12,41] ] execVM "x_server\x_vrespawn2.sqf"; #else if (!(__ACEVer)) then { [ [ch1,301,true],[ch2,302,true],[ch3,303,false],[ch4,304,false], [chR1,401,true],[chR2,402,true],[chR3,403,false],[chR4,404,false] ] execVM "x_server\x_helirespawn2.sqf"; _helper = []; for "_i" from 1 to 32 do { _v = missionNamespace getVariable format ["vecvec%1", _i]; _helper set [count _helper, _v]; }; _helper execVM "x_server\x_vrespawnn.sqf"; } else { [ [ch1,301,true],[ch2,302,true],[ch3,303,false],[ch4,304,false],[ch5,305,false,600],[ch6,306,false,600], [chR1,401,true],[chR2,402,true],[chR3,403,false],[chR4,404,false],[chR5,405,false,600],[chR6,406,false,600] ] execVM "x_server\x_helirespawn2.sqf"; }; [ [xvec1,0],[xvec2,1],[xmedvec,10],[xvec3,20],[xvec4,21],[xvec5,22],[xvec6,30],[xvec7,40], [xvecR1,100],[xvecR2,101],[xmedvecR,110],[xvecR3,120],[xvecR4,121],[xvecR5,122],[xvecR6,130],[xvecR7,140] ] execVM "x_server\x_vrespawn2.sqf"; #endif #ifdef __ACE__ if (!(__TTVer)) then { [HC130, 300] spawn x_vehirespawn; [towtrac1, 280] spawn x_vehirespawn2; [towtrac2, 280] spawn x_vehirespawn2; [towtrac3, 280] spawn x_vehirespawn2; [towtrac4, 280] spawn x_vehirespawn2; }; #endif execFSM "fsms\Boatrespawn.fsm"; [d_wreck_rep,"Wreck Repair Point",x_heli_wreck_lift_types] execFSM "fsms\RepWreck.fsm"; #ifdef __TT__ [d_wreck_rep2,"Wreck Repair Point",x_heli_wreck_lift_types] execFSM "fsms\RepWreck.fsm"; d_public_points = true; #endif d_check_boxes = []; d_no_more_observers = false; d_main_target_ready = false; d_mt_spotted = false; execVM "x_server\x_setupserver.sqf"; execVM "x_server\x_createnexttarget.sqf"; d_player_store = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicleLocal [0, 0, 0]; d_placed_objs_store = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicleLocal [0, 0, 0]; if (d_with_ai) then {d_player_groups = []}; if (d_FastTime == 0) then {execFSM "fsms\FastTime.fsm"}; __cppfln(X_fnc_serverOPC,x_server\x_serverOPC.sqf); __cppfln(X_fnc_serverOPD,x_server\x_serverOPD.sqf); onPlayerConnected "xhandle = [_name,_uid] spawn X_fnc_serverOPC"; onPlayerDisconnected "xhandle = [_name,_uid] spawn X_fnc_serverOPD"; #ifdef __ACE__ if (!(__TTVer)) then { [] spawn { private ["_pos", "_no"]; _pos = position d_peasa; _no = _pos nearestObject "ACE_EASA_Vehicle"; while {isNull _no} do { _no = _pos nearestObject "ACE_EASA_Vehicle"; sleep 1; }; _no allowDamage false; }; }; #endif }; #ifdef __REVIVE__ execVM "r_init.sqf"; #endif if (!X_Client) exitWith {}; if (!isMultiplayer) then { d_player_stuff = [AutoKickTime, time, "", 0, str(player), name player, 0]; d_player_store setVariable ["", d_player_stuff]; };
  11. @cychou I tried to do that it did show up. I must be doing something wrong. This is what it looks like. I trying to put Mk17 TWS SD SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD & Mk17 Sniper SD SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper_SD with the some ammo type 20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR. So what am I doing wrong? I'm using this Domination Chemarus ai 2.1g clearWeaponCargo _vec; if (d_player_faction in ["USMC", "CDF"]) then { __awc(M9,1) __awc(M9SD,1) __awc(Colt1911,1) __awc(M16A2,1) __awc(M16A2GL,1) __awc(M16A4,1) __awc(M16A4_GL,1) __awc(M16A4_ACG,1) __awc(M16A4_ACG_GL,1) __awc(M4A1,1) __awc(M4A1_HWS_GL,1) __awc(M4A1_HWS_GL_camo,1) __awc(M4A1_HWS_GL_SD_Camo,1) __awc(M4A1_RCO_GL,1) __awc(M4A1_Aim,1) __awc(M4A1_Aim_camo,1) __awc(M4A1_AIM_SD_camo,1) __awc(SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper_SD,1) __awc(SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD,1) __awc(G36a,1) __awc(G36c,1) __awc(G36_C_SD_eotech,1) __awc(G36k,1) __awc(M1014,1) __awc(MP5A5,1) __awc(MP5SD,1) __awc(M8_carbine,1) __awc(M8_carbineGL,1) __awc(M8_compact,1) __awc(MG36,1) __awc(Mk_48,1) __awc(M240,1) __awc(M249,1) __awc(M8_SAW,1) __awc(M24,1) __awc(DMR,1) __awc(M107,1) __awc(M40A3,1) __awc(M4SPR,1) __awc(M8_sharpshooter,1) __awc(M136,1) __awc(SMAW,1) __awc(Laserdesignator,1) __awc(Binocular,1) __awc(NVGoggles,1) __awc(JAVELIN,1) __awc(STINGER,1) __amc(HandGrenade_West,50) __amc(HandGrenade_Stone,50) __amc(Smokeshell,50) __amc(Smokeshellred,50) __amc(Smokeshellgreen,50) __amc(SmokeShellYellow,50) __amc(SmokeShellOrange,50) __amc(SmokeShellPurple,50) __amc(30Rnd_9x19_MP5,50) __amc(30Rnd_9x19_MP5SD,50) __amc(7Rnd_45ACP_1911,50) __amc(15Rnd_9x19_M9,50) __amc(15Rnd_9x19_M9SD,50) __amc(20Rnd_556x45_Stanag,50) __amc(30Rnd_556x45_Stanag,50) __amc(30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD,50) __amc(30Rnd_556x45_G36,50) __amc(200Rnd_556x45_M249,50) __amc(100Rnd_556x45_BetaCMag,50) __amc(20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR.50 __amc(20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR.50 __amc(8Rnd_B_Beneli_74Slug,50) __amc(5Rnd_762x51_M24,6) __amc(20Rnd_762x51_DMR,6) __amc(10Rnd_127x99_M107,3) __amc(100Rnd_762x51_M240,50) __amc(FlareWhite_M203,50) __amc(FlareGreen_M203,50) __amc(FlareRed_M203,50) __amc(FlareYellow_M203,50) __amc(1Rnd_HE_M203,50) __amc(M136,10) __amc(SMAW_HEAA,2) __amc(SMAW_HEDP,2) __amc(Pipebomb,5) __amc(Mine,30) __amc(Laserbatteries,20) __amc(JAVELIN,1) __amc(STINGER,2) __amc(30Rnd_545x39_AK,50) __amc(PG7V,3) __amc(PG7VR,3) __amc(PG7VL,3) __amc(100Rnd_762x54_PK,50) __amc(75Rnd_545x39_RPK,50) 1) modify ammobox content : find this : your domination folder/x_client/x_weaponcargo.sqf or x_client/x_weaponcargor.sqf (x_weaponcargor.sqf if you use ranking system, and x_weaponcargo.sqf if you don't) inside this you will have a list of weapon classname (the rank distinction is only taken into account for x_weaponcargor.sqf) add whatever you want, but the most important is to maintain the text shape (one single error will make the ammobox to not work). for example when using ranked version : //privates rifles [["M16a4",1],["M16A2",1],["M4a1",1]], //Corporal [["M40A3",1]], //Sergeant etc.... - don't forget [[ and ]] at the begining and at the end of each rank weapon list. - don't forget "" arround each weapon name. - don't forget the , between each weapon. at the bottom end of this file you have _awc and _amc line __awc is for additional object ex : _awc(Laserdesignator,1) __amc is for magazines. ex : __amc(30Rnd_9x19_MP5,50) use this site to find all the classname you need (Including all ACE weapons classname if you use ACE) http://browser.six-projects.net/cfg_weapons (press search and find what you want (weapon, Magazines, vehicles...) the object name is the one displayed in the "name" column)
  12. I have a file of Domination Chernarus AI 2.1g. How to get it from restarting at the beginning, every time I play it. I have the Domination_West-AI.Chernarus.pbo file installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\MPMissions\Domination_West-AI.Chernarus.pbo Plus I need to find out if I can have this put in as well. Mk17 Sniper SD SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper_SD 20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR Mk17 TWS SD SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD 20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR
  13. To let you know, that I found the file of Domination Chernarus AI 2.1g. This is from CGS Casual Gaming Squad Web Site. This is the one that I wanted all along. it looks like this one is not corrupted. The only thing that I got to figure out. Is how to get it from restarting at the beginning, every time I play it. Plus would I be able to put this, into the Domination_West-AI.Chernarus.pbo file. Sorry for all the questions. Mk17 Sniper SD SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper_SD 20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR Mk17 TWS SD SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD 20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR
  14. Thank you, that was what I was looking for:notworthy:. Cause I use to play on CGS server. They had a very good Domination 2 mission that I really enjoyed a lot. But they had to shut it down permanently. Cause the Files had gotten corrupted over time do to some people would just add what ever they wanted. Some of them add this to it or snowmen. So that pretty much ended that. Plus they wasn't able to make another mission like that one anymore. Their backup main file was even corrupted as well.
  15. Now to find a copy of Domination 2 missions updated version 2.71.