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  1. Hi, I updated my account credentials today and when I try to enter the forums I received this error code: 2S119/1 After a while I was able to login on the forums but I am not entirely sure that everything is working correctly. Such as my username is not showing correctly on the upper right side. It still shows my old screen name and not the updated one from my bohemia account? I am not even sure I will be able to post this to be honest 😕 edit: upon post it seems to work, but the screen name here is still not showing the correct updated screen name from my bohemia interactive account any idea how to fix this? Kind regards.
  2. Hey, this helped me out a bunch. Do you also know how to disable the notification popup on TPW load? It seems that there is a popup right upper side and when recording cutscenes this is rather annoying so I want to disable it if possible. Edit: Never mind, I feel a bit stupid that I asked. If I only had taken a bit more time before I popped the question! I have been reading through the .HPP file and it was right on the top of it . ... // STARTUP HINT tpw_hint_active = 1; // 0 = inactive best of regards
  3. Ohw I hoped that I could change a specific true-false state in one of the setting files so it would be off at default :s the thing is I am playing through the cold war campaign again and with the many cutscenes the hud shows through the scene at times and this doesn't really feel right :D
  4. I like the mod so far, however, is there a possibility that I can turn the TPS HUD off on default, I rather like to turn it on manually since it shows in cutscenes and all which breaks immersion a bit on singleplayer missions.

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    I think you are missing the point, being repressive towards modders who create their OWN content for free WITHOUT COSTS to be used in another game which is not even related to them except of the fact that it is based on something that they created hardly reflects their copyrights nor does it harm their IP in any way, sorry but I can not really agree with that statement that they are protecting their products when it is not created by their hand meaning created from the bottom up by modders from the hobbyist perspective. I do understand that a developer wants to protect their product but in my book this does not apply to this case, if I would follow that logic I wouldn't be able to create my son's or daughter's own lightsaber or Jedi costume and play with it just because Disney didn't give me the permission for it. The content created by these modders are in my eyes created from the ground up and is not theirs to claim in my opinion, modders should be lawfully be protected to make such things without the worry to be prosecuted because they want to offer friends or communities their OWN created content and play together. Plain and simple yes, people like you and Disney see these topics to black and white while there should be a more gray area around this which would be perfectly co-existant with the protection of the copyright laws, in this case, it is not because they say no that it should be a no because they said so. This is NOT about their content being misused it's about content created by others "who are, I agree, strongly relying on visual aspects created by Disney in their movies, cartoons, and games alike," offered freely in another game for personal use with friends and community without cost. Copyrights should not be restricted and implemented in such a repressive way in this case as it doesn't really harm Disney or businesses like them financially or at least I can not see something bad coming from it as long if it is used in such a way as described. Look at Mass Effect which is another nice IP I can name a few game where MOD developers recreated that world in another game e.g. Stellaris, Homeworld. Same goes for example Lord of the Rings which is also is owned by Disney those modders recreated LOTR's word nicely in Medieval II Total War, also known as Third Age Total War, strangely Disney did not put a DMCA on it at all but they did surprisingly put a DMCA on a modification which would recreate Lord of the Rings in Skyrim, which proves kinda exactly my point! I can not get rid of the idea that Disney uses copyrights in similar cases based on clouded judgements, not backed up by decent arguments that would harm them in a way that these modders are in the wrongdoing, in such a case we even have a law here, when freely translated, it means "The Wrong Uses of Right" in this case the wrong use of the copyright infringement which leads to a unrightfully take Dawns based on their personal opinion, not because it really harms their business or their IP in general. Best of regards

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    It is definitely sad, Firstly I personally really hate the fact that license owners like Disney are so repressive towards modders who are creating their own content from the Hobbyist perspective. I think they should actually motivate this kind of work and they should be more proud of what is being created by these people and instead of putting them down they should offer these Creators Legal protection from such nonsense if they do create it from the ground up. There should also be some sort of protection towards intellectual property theft for modders when it comes to creating these MODS, however, as long if we do not see such a legal structure around the work delivered we will keep seeing these things and legal issues will keep rising up whether we like it or not, while it is sad, we personally as the user can not do anything about it but I do believe "and this is like with everything" if modders stand up against it together things can change but only those involved in such an undertaking can do something about it. Crowdfund legal actions against dumbwits like Disney and shut them up for once and for all so they can not take the hard work away, force something out of the sleeves of the hard working modders who do it with their heart and soul that's the only way I see something changing as for the nitwits that like to steal intellectual property goods I want to be clear I talk about those modders that really create their own stuff, or at least refer to the original creator of the MOD being used as those do earn that respect, your kind definitely not! best of regards.

    Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017) Rest in Peace

    While I am less active on the forums for the past year, a friend of mine just notified me of the loss of a dear community member, it is always sad to hear this kind of things. I wish to send out my respect to the family and his closest friends R.I.P. Bushlurker !

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    same here, i constantly endure internal server issues when i try to enter the unit section, either while trying to manage the unit profile or trying to manage members, I also get reports from those that visit the page to endure these errors. It is kinda a pain if you use that page as that one page to let people enlist to your clan. I would like to see it fixed best of regards. lhq

    [SP] In Our Time (Campaign) v1.05

    On mission 3 i cant seem to continue when the shopper lands the units inside disembark and when me and my team embarks the shopper we end up just waiting for the shopper to start moving, but the shopper does not seem to move at all. Is this due to the new expansion being released? best of regards

    Arma 3 - Marksmen DLC Developer Diaries

    I refuse to take this kind of razing seriously.
  11. First off I wonder why people always have to do this :p I cant help to notice but I wonder where it will make any difference to what you are trying to say, If i can count you are around 34 years 35 years old? I guess you can figure out where I am going with this :cool: There is no pun intended and I may get flame-bated over this "how to 101 reply", however every word is meant well. The first thing i would like to know is what do you actually mean by saying "lag"? Pure connectivity issues or FPS drops? What kinda missions are you playing? And are you the only one lagging on those servers? Some missions are poorly written and can cause massive fps drops, do you endure the lag also when you try to do some single player missions? Exclude eventually where the issues are not persistent and move on from there. Net lag is not something that is caused by BIS "perce" it might but it is very often not the case; don't forget they do not actually run those servers, if i for example want to run a server on a pore connection it may cause you to lag eventually but this is not due to the pore optimization of bohemia interactive but rather to the mere fact that you are connection to a server which is not that healthy for your game experience ... I am going to contradict this, I am running my internet on a 200 meter distant wireless connection way to the back between two TP link adapters with two large antennas, they are both about 2 meters high, one is on the front of the street and one on the back end yard and even I don't endure the lag you are claiming to have, and I have been connecting to a friend who is established into CHINA so i am sure the multi-player part is pretty well covered if you ask me, pore optimization in my book is when a larger part of the player base endures the same issue you have and i aint seeing anything like that yet. This doesn't necessarily mean that there isnt any problem on Bohemia interactive's behave but it indicates that it is unlikely that the problem can be fingered towards pore optimization of the multiplayer platform it self, in my experience I suggest to try to locate the source of your problem "i know you are tiered of it" but look if their might be something wrong with your ISP, maybe your settings are not coping with the heavy mission load, there are so many reasons why you may enduring the lag but make up a list and check it off. Multiplayer Net lag: -> not only test it on the servers you want to play on but also try other servers, try to host one with a friend or the other way around and look how it pans out, use tools to monitor net behavior when you stress the net (ping it to the source to see if there are any packet losses, do this wile you are playing the harder you stress it the better you get an insight on what is going on. Try alternate DNS settings on your network routers and or modems, also be aware that some internet security programs or other background programs may also cause you to lag, try a clean reboot and start up a fresh Arma without any mods what so ever try not to use any other programs and see if the issue still persist. Anyway: Sorry if i sound so trivial but whenever a player endures lag like you claim to have, compared to a larger player base? I can assure you that 95% of those issues can be fingered to that player's own game setup, connection or their own ISP. In the mean while I wish you luck on your search for a fix ... Best of regards lhq.
  12. For The Lord, Lord Jarhead!!!

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Nice to hear however i also really like the Russian side they are really well don but it would be nice to see a Venom and other USMC equipment in there e.g. LAV-25; AAV 7A1; Harrier II; Super Stallion FTW :D; Osprey I gonna stop now :p Kind regards lhq ...

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Well you most surely earned it, and its not you that need to thank us, but we that have to thank you for the great additions you made so far. In the end if it wouldn't be that good as it was and as it is now then it wouldn't go near the attention it got from the community eater, anyway in the mean while I am quietly anticipating the release of DragonFyre .... :dancehead: best of regards lhq ...

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I appreciate the documentation however not sure how you see it but when I launch Arma cwa .1 .2 or 3 I already spend a ton of time on the armawiki pages if you add simple descriptions for the editor to use RHS units it will be more clearer for its end users and it would be more user friendly in general. Not that I have huge problems with it but I for one only give constructive criticism to a modification I like a lot but I would appreciate (in my opinion) a more cleaner configuration like the one from EvroMalarkey which gives more a authentic armaverse feeling or Defunkt's option which leans to a more cleaner but realistic configuration with proper direction on what each section does without the need to dive into yet another wiki. On another note I encountered a issue: So far i only encountered this issue with the HIND's and this happens on a clean RHS Escalation installation * when you place a hind on the map already flying the hind will have fuel but it is drained rapidly ... * when you place a hind on the map not flying e.g. empty or occupied, when you start the engines the hind's fuel capacity will be drained immediately other mods used: CBA_A3 A3MP jsrs2 XLA_FIXED_ARSENAL TMR asdg_attachments asdg_jointrails babe_me so far it also seems to happen when i do not load the above modds alongside RHS Escalation .... Best of regards lhq ...