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  1. Try SAS Planet; https://bitbucket.org/sas_team/sas.planet.bin/overview It's open source but the documentation seems to be only in Russian. You can look up some videos to get an understanding on how to use this.
  2. I blame high expectations and ignorance. Ryzen should not have been a surprise. AMD used high resolution benchmarks for a reason, even the fx 8350 doesn't too bad in similar conditions. Although it's a massive improvement over the FX line and a plausible choice if you're building a dev machine or workstation compared to LGA 2011. Building a Ryzen rig exclusively for gaming isn't the best idea. Otherwise, theoretically at least, it's better to go with a high frequency Intel processor and spend the rest of your budget toward a stronger graphics card.
  3. bmcook

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    sweet. looking forward to see vcom driving in action again
  4. bmcook

    Scrap the AI System

    According to https://arma3.swec.se/server/list, ~5300 players online and according to http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410, ~13000 in game.
  5. just replicate mando missiles please.
  6. bmcook

    Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    can someone(anyone) post 'benchmarks' for comparison w/ current caching solutions? I think we will all benefit since we're left to empirically test by ourselves.
  7. Hey Gunter, have you tried using spoiler tags? There's a 'special BBcode' button left of the font dropdown box. I don't remember how your thread was exactly but it was really helpful to me and presumably a lot of others. I just copied and pasted your first post, then quickly added spoiler tags here to demonstrate. I don't know if this is elaborate enough for you as before but your thread is a great asset. Edit: Along with spoiler tags, you could also create a new thread, make 'reserved' posts for a category and link to them using <thread link>#entry<post id> Here's an example linking to your post I quoted.
  8. Does anyone know if this still works? EDIT: need to use -filePatching
  9. You could use an image. Take a look here; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Structured_Text https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/hint Edit: Actually, I loaded up the game and hint "£25000" displays £25000.
  10. Maybe... If this is the case, isn't it more likely that these rifles will have variants like the Taru instead of a modular system?
  11. bmcook

    ASDG - Mk. V SOC (WIP)

    When i delete the ship, I can still walk on top of it.
  12. bmcook

    High resolution DEMs

    Intermap requires a Minimum Order Amount Balance so don't expect to spend that low.
  13. bmcook

    New rocks?

    Doh! Can't believe I missed that. Thanks for another rescue M1lkm8n.
  14. bmcook

    New rocks?

    Hello. I've read that rocks do not have classnames/configs. There isn't a sample to work with so if there are any guidelines for creating rocks, what would be the best approach? Edit: There are samples. A2 sample models here just in case someone was in the same situation.
  15. bmcook

    TerrainBuilder freezes

    19thCypeRevenge, do you also have symptoms of http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19153 ?