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  1. m1lkm8n

    Polygon tool fill option "preset name"

    You can’t. Unfortunately it’s a bug that I doubt bis can fix. It’s a feature in VBS but my guess is when stripping It down for TB it was broken. best to use terrain processor. Although you can definitely still use the polygon fill it just takes more time fooling around selecting everything because you can’t save it.
  2. m1lkm8n

    Runway Config Issues

    If you followed the tut it “should” work but then again this is Arma. For the last week I spent every day trying to figure out why my terrain would no longer pack ever though I didn’t do anything other than update the tools :) the second airport is most likely one inherited from whatever terrain you are inheriting from. You need to empty the class by deleting everything in the { }; for the second airport. If you can’t figure out the runway issue contact me on discord and I’ll help you.
  3. m1lkm8n

    Objects do not appear on the map

    Output log. After it errors using pboproject
  4. m1lkm8n

    Objects do not appear on the map

    And now you have a terrain with no map objects showing....ridiculous right 😂 What’s ur binlog say when using pboproject which you should use. Forget addon builder.
  5. m1lkm8n

    Objects do not appear on the map

    Are you using Pboproject or addonbuilder to binarize the terrain?
  6. Honestly if this your first terrain I would stay away from a heightmap of 8192 and stick with 4096. I would also stay away from a terrain that big unless you are planning on placing only veg. Or or at the very least start with a small test terrain to get the basics down first. It it will be easier to diagnose if something goes sideways.
  7. m1lkm8n

    Housedoors with terrainbuilder

    works for me: https://youtu.be/7NFuxI8WBSc the only thing i can think of which i did was check your named selection. i selected door_1 and only the vertices were selected in the model. the entire component needs to be selected for the animation to work so i selected all of door_1 then in the named properties box i right clicked on door_1 and selected redefine. Now when i select door_1 the entire component is selected. tested in game and it works. the other question i have is were are you testing this? in eden as a placeable object or as an object binarized to the terrain?
  8. m1lkm8n

    JBAD Release Thread

    some terrain pics. https://imgur.com/a/kNGzQPc
  9. m1lkm8n

    visible waterobject

    It unfortunately doesn’t work like that. There is a limit (determined by the engine) when the model is not loaded. You will I’ll have to mess around with your sat map to make it less noticeable
  10. m1lkm8n

    layers.cfg error??

    Sounds like you may not have your p drive set up correctly. The path should be: P:\your path\to project
  11. m1lkm8n

    layers.cfg error??

    Is the file in the correct location? how did you set up the p drive? can you post a screen shot of the file path
  12. m1lkm8n

    layers.cfg error??

    ok. take a look at that picture i linked to. you need to make sure the path to your layer config is correct.make sure each one of those check boxes is checked off along with the "6 materials per cell (arma 2)"...i know it says arma 2 but that is the correct one unless you are using a satellite normal map..which you are not..so don't worry about that now. next you see the arrow with the * next to it..that one you have a choice. you can either select it and let buldozer convert the pngs to paa files for you(which takes forever) or uncheck it and just let terrain builder export the pngs then you can use a batch converter and convert the files yourself which is faster as you can run multiple instances of the program. https://imgur.com/a/zsf4560 see this link for how to create the .bat file https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:convert-layers-png-fast also i answer you here rather than PM in case anyone else has this issue they can read here to solve.
  13. m1lkm8n

    layers.cfg error??

    Ok. Few things :) when posting configs. Don’t post them via a screenshot. Post them with pastebin. It makes it so much easier when helping. Next. I believe your original post said “the terrain texture will show up in Buldozer after press "OK" in mapframe properties right? If yes, i have a problem my textures doesn't show. If no, how to make it show up” that makes it a lot easier to understand then your edited post above which is just links and no explanation of what is going on. At at first glance the configs look ok however going on the original post once you input the configs you have to export the texture tiles but selecting in your case 6 textures per cell and convert the exported png files to paa files. See pmcwiki for how to do that via a batch converter.
  14. m1lkm8n

    Error with edge of map

    you need to make sure the island doesn’t have any bit of land touching the edge of that map or that will happen