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  1. m1lkm8n

    Terrain Builder Sampler Properties

    Yay I still got it! 😂 Glad to hear it’s working. Now comes the fun part. Object placement 🙂
  2. m1lkm8n

    Terrain Builder Sampler Properties

    Try the sat/suf tiles at 1024x1024 and the texture layer size at 40x40 delete the existing layers folder than re-export and convert to paa. See if that fixes the problem
  3. It happens when the shapefile extends past the map frame. Which doing Rof’s comment above will solve
  4. First rule of addon builder....do not use addon builder. Use proproject by mikero
  5. m1lkm8n

    Giant Crocodile Geometry LOD Issue

    Is the geo lod closed and convex? also make sure you “find components” and add weight
  6. m1lkm8n

    Max Crocodile

    Did you fix the geo lod issue? sorry followed up in the correct thread. Didn’t notice I had clicked the link for the mod post. 🤦‍♂️
  7. m1lkm8n

    Unedited tanoa map

    You could make your own version with your own heightfield.
  8. Sounds like someone stole something otherwise why post this thread?
  9. Hey guys. Please welcome Sanchez Milsim to the team. With him joining the team hopefully we can get jbad in your hands sooner and have it looking real nice.
  10. Sort of. Do not use 4 layers that is for Arma 2. Its bit confusing the way they labeled things however you need to use either 5 layers or 6. Use 6 if you do not plan on using a sat norm mask. Check out out the pmc wiki for more details
  11. m1lkm8n

    QGIS Game terrain tools

    Adanteh strikes again!! Good work pal. As usual!
  12. m1lkm8n

    Bulldozer Error - White map

    Generally a white terrain is an issue with ur rvmat or layers config. Can you post those configs via pastebin links
  13. Hop into the discord server when you get a minute https://discord.gg/0nJVYhUHhWEiFgfC
  14. Currently the new buildings are implemented into jbad and the addon. Since OPX released his stuff open source any buildings we converted will eventually be released as the same for people to do as they please with them.
  15. Yes we have upgraded and opened quite a bit of his buildings. Also most of the miss. stuff he made such as walls and other objects have been upgraded and included as well. I think if you go to my YouTube channel you should be able to see all the buildings and object that will be included in the next update