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  1. m1lkm8n

    Geometry LOD random error.

    It’s most likely the size of the object. Arma has an issue with anything past 60m from the center of origin on the x and y. I believe the z (height) may be able to go more but generally most people stick to 60meters. You may have to split the building into a couple models as piece it together on the terrain.
  2. m1lkm8n

    Objects behind glass are white

    In objectbuilder select all the alpha textures then go to faces and click move to top.
  3. Wow that looks dope as h e double hockey sticks. Good job!
  4. m1lkm8n

    JBAD Release Thread

    ok after some tests it looks like we fixed most of the buildings. The minarets and the mosques needs the values tweaked. Luckily it appears to only happen if you fully unload On the buildings. I’ll get the values tweaked for the next release. Thanks for the report!
  5. m1lkm8n

    JBAD Release Thread

    hmm. I’ll double check. But I was certain that issue was fixed. What other mods are you using?
  6. m1lkm8n

    JBAD Release Thread

    That’s not a bug it’s a feature...for quick insertion. 😂 In all seriousness though it sounds like you may he running an older version of the mod. The newest release (should have) fixed all those issues.
  7. m1lkm8n

    ''" encountered instead of '{'

    Missing a “;” after displayName="212th Prowler UAV"
  8. m1lkm8n

    JBAD Release Thread

    probably need to update ur lythium mod. I haven’t receive any other issues of doors no longer working.
  9. At the very end you need one final }; to close out class Legend
  10. ok well that takes one thing out of the equation. Good. Try inheriting from class house_f instead of static. class House; class House_F: House { class DestructionEffects; }; class Ruins_F; class Land_PDE_larmschutz_tur : House_F { ect..... edit...you need the land_ xxx for the animations to work
  11. Shot in the dark....you are not using pboproject to pack your addon are you?
  12. right. That’s my fault. But ur cfgpatches is wrong. There’s a space between the characters. Also big difference in pboproject not making a pbo because ur addon is wrong...and it not working. and like EO said above a link to pastebin or something is much easier to help with than a screenshot.
  13. I may be wrong here (I’m not in front of my computer) but after your cfgpatches the rest should be inside this: class CfgVehicles { }; also. Loose addonbreaker. Use only mikero’s pboproject if you intend to mod. Edit - u have a space in your class name in the cfgpatches section. Looks like you forgot the other underscore
  14. m1lkm8n

    Mapframe properties

    Try setting the texture layer back to 40x40 or as close as you can get to it. if that doesn’t work post the actual error via screenshot
  15. m1lkm8n

    Mapframe properties

    Post the new map frame parameters you are using