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  1. Let me ask you two questions. 1. Are you packing with pboproject? 2. Where did you get that island config?
  2. Here's a couple of screen shots form last night. I think we are going to do a video each week showing the progress. Or at least try to! I did combine myselfs and smokedogs portion of the terrain however I imported all the object on the same layer which is not good for editing so I will be going back and redoing that. Plus he is not 100% done with that section anyway. https://imgur.com/a/sJ66J4Q Edit--- oh yea here's a fun video 🙂
  3. m1lkm8n

    Binarize rvmat files?

    Do as you please. However if I were you I would try to figure out the problem.
  4. m1lkm8n

    Some guidance to Arma 3 Modding

    First off... welcome. Modding for arma can be relaxing but it can also add to said stress haha. That's why above all else use mikeros tool suite! https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php follow the above link and that should set you up with whatever you plan to do. I would say once you get started to jump on the arma 3 discord channel as well. You will find tons of people in there who are very talented individuals willing to help as long as you are willing to put in the work.
  5. m1lkm8n

    Binarize rvmat files?

    Please do yourself a favor and stop using addon maker, pboproject is a far superior replacement. Your hair with thank you in the long run.
  6. progress update on my end. quick fly around. This is part of the lower right side of Jalalabad https://youtu.be/_d-4gYAIocs Once i get smokedogs completed upper right portion of the terrain we will really have something to show off 🙂
  7. Here are a couple screen shots. Keep in mind the current sat map is only for placement of object. I am currently placing objects and trees and will fill in the fields once complete. https://imgur.com/a/CZ3ZBWG
  8. m1lkm8n


    When you say blueprint do you mean the wire mesh will show in other lods? Because that's in the option menu. or do you mean showing a picture in the background of the lod. For that you press 'a' then draw the picture box. Then right click it and load an image in
  9. m1lkm8n

    Can't see door's user action in game

    Your main config is a little messy. I can't do it now because I'm mobile but if no one has responded later today I will sent an updated config
  10. m1lkm8n

    Can't see door's user action in game

    Try this pastebin.com/HDxZpwVp also note in the main config if you want the model to animate when binarized to a terrain you must add Land_ to the front of the class name and if the doors open in the opposite direction flip the angle values...so move angle0 to angle1 and visa versa
  11. Minus the cake part...which has been corrected 😂
  12. It appears to be just the sat map. So at a distince the ground textures fade into the what is called the sat map or " satellite map" which is basically a large image draped over the terrain. If your sat map is overly bright that could be the cause of it. Try playing with the color settings so they match more closely to the actual ground textures to get a more blended look.
  13. So I've been concentrating on models for so long I finally got to load up the terrain to take a look at SmokeDog's work. All I can say is absolutely amazing. The amount of detail is stunning. We both pretty pumped up and can't wait till we can share not only some pics but the terrain with you guys. Stay tuned.
  14. m1lkm8n

    RwG Addon Tunnel -Preview

    Wow. Looks awesome. Keep it up!
  15. When you say you want to rotate the model do you mean in object builder?