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  1. Is there a way to disable a building's power/lights, like an EMP, graphite bomb, or command to cut the power?
  2. The least they can do now is make the grass, shrubs, and trees not glow as much as men and tanks. Not a peep since, though.
  3. Got an idea: Keybinding to disable/enable Compress, and also have it not override earplugs or ACE volume, since those are constant. ACE earplugs or ACE volume triggering eventually breaks TPW's Compress.
  4. Very weird issue that is hard to nail down as to which mod I'm using is causing this. Light going through walls. AI walking through walls.
  5. I'm using 208 legacy. Has this been fixed on the most recent release that would justify moving to it?
  6. I have no problem with forcing Advanced Flight Model, but selection of Auto Trim should be based on the type of controls you have, i.e. spring-loaded centering joystick or pressure stick, or force feedback or pro helo cylic that is either grease damped or mechanically trimmed.
  7. Reticuli

    STEAM forcing auto updates now YaY

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps Find app manifest with the correct number. Make it read-only. You can also turn disable community content in library Steam settings.
  8. Reticuli

    User is not logged in

    It's a contrived limit. Arma 3 will allow you to run up to two scenarios while offline that you've subscribed to and previously downloaded & used. If you try a third, it will ask you to go online. This has nothing to do with whether the scenarios are downloaded already and stored on your system. *** How to keep using 208 while staying online: Make the application manifest file in the steam folder for Arma 3 read-only. You can also turn off workshop updates in Steam settings. Pause the download, clear Steam cache. Viola! Start the launcher directly.
  9. Reticuli

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    That sucks if you can't get 208 now. I presume BI didn't revert these changes? In real thermals, the higher up on horizon the terrain is (denser stuff / deg V.FOV) the hotter it appears, vs looking down @ ground that's cooler due to less stuff / deg V.FOV assuming similar viewed objects. Obviously if it was hot tarmac under your feet and a grass field in the distance, that's a different situation. Grass, shrubs, & trees also have less contrast btwn them all & also ground. *** How to keep using 208 while staying online: Make the application manifest file in the steam folder for Arma 3 read-only. You can also turn off workshop updates in Steam settings. Pause the download, clear Steam cache. Viola! Start the launcher directly.
  10. Reticuli

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    These Reshade presets are with legacy thermals.
  11. Try Fatal Damage Source to either Sum of Trauma or (preferably) Either. If you only use Sum of Trauma, then instant death from a catastrophic injury is impossible. Set Unconscious Wake Up Chance to 0%. And Pain Unconscious Chance to 0%. You can also change Fatal Injury Death Chance, Critical Damage Thresholds, the speed cardiac arrest happens, and Bleed coefficient rates, too, but I would recommend just trying my settings first before messing with any of this stuff. Try my settings and switch those two above to 0%. Pretty nervous inducing.
  12. I like my gore bright and easy to see. YMMV. There are low and no-gore mods, too. Unconscious AI soldiers making sounds and rotating around is indeed unfortunate, but when they die, at least, it stops. On a positive note, it gives you info on who requires headshots later. If the movements were gone and the sounds unconscious injured soldiers made was just PiR-style gurgling & wheezing, I'd be content. You can change unconsciousness vs death so that people just die prior to going unconscious. I like unconsciousness, as it provides something you have a chance to wake up from after moderate injuries or even try to rescue someone else who is down but not dead, rather than being either a 100% goner or 100% awake. Then you have to do a little grind to get them back fighting. Fractures has options so that you alternatively can't sprint or even jog on them, including after splints. I use these other options. Explosives seem less dependent on ACE than on other mods. I had to get rid of some mods because they were drastically increasing the damage incurred from grenades thrown pretty far away from myself. All I notice from ACE is frag simulation affecting that aspect a little, and that's nicely tunable. I turn on all the frag stuff. Here are some more reaction mods added, plus comparing 6.5mm caseless from 16" barrel vs slugs vs out of 20" barrel.
  13. I don't think that's actually the case unless you've got Reduced Damage checked under Game Options - Difficulty, you're wearing armored clothing like the Viper suit under the stock Carrier Special, or you're using armor mods that allow fully maxed out vests like Operation Trebuchet or SSU Protective Gear Upgrade. The stock Carrier Special with ACE is somewhere between IIIa and barely full III. I did a write up on how armor performs under ACE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2868465442 With my current settings, which I've previously linked to with my easy-to-use profile, that means an AP round above civilian 308 should penetrate such a stock steel plate if that's all there is protecting the torso. If I unload over 30 rounds of M993 on a torso with a Viper suit and a stock Carrier Special, or just a maxed-out mod plate carrier, they're going to bruise, go unconscious, and eventually cardiac arrest. They'll at least fall down, even with that fantasy armor. If you want that to happen faster, lower thresholds below 2.5, raise pain unconscious probability above 50%, and/or raise pain from 10 to as high as 25. There's nothing preventing you from messing people up as much as you want regardless of their armor. The penetration of the steel plate itself isn't even necessary. If I tweak all those values in the directions you apparently want, I can easily get people becoming inert by 10 rounds or less into any plate. And again, if you want lightweight, expendable ceramic plates that specifically break down over time under gunshots of any caliber rather than durable heavy steel plates that are impenetrable below a certain caliber, then check out Armor Plates System. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2523439183 Your other option is to simply not even use the heavier stock steel plate carriers if you want less protection. For the most part, the AI enemy are using stuff like CSAT & Recon Fatigues that are equivalent to a Raven vest, which only protect moderately against stabs, shrapnel, ricochets, and birdshot when using ACE. Again, why am I using ACE but not bCombat, PiR, or the mags & ammo from Dagger? To prevent instant fatalities when unloading a mag into a leg. I suppose if you're cool with what's potentially amputations causing instant fatalities and don't want advanced ballistics, cookoff, etc, then PiR certainly has a lot of other benefits worth taking advantage of, like reactions and sound design. Edit: Here's a demo
  14. If you adjust ACE medical properly even the Arma 3 lvl V vests + wearing Viper suit will allow you to put someone unconsousious and eventually kill someone through bruising and combined trauma. With appropriate other mods added, you will also get hit reactions, falling to the ground, being unable to raise the weapon for a few seconds, dropping the weapon, helmet flying off, etc, such that you can walk up easily and shoot them in the head. Walking up and putting rounds in the head to ensure they're not getting back up is standard practice in CQB against even unarmored adversaries by groups like US SOCOM. There is a body armor mod, though, that apparently tries to model ceramic armor that wears out from subsequent shots, but I haven't tried it yet. Armor Plates System If that's not enough, you can always just not double up on armor, in which case you're going to only really stop handgun rounds, anyway, with ACE. Yes, PiR, bCombat, Dagger's mags/ammo, and several other things break ACE medical and revert to crappy vanilla hit detection and injury system.
  15. You can unload a mag into someone's leg and instantly kill them otherwise. That's a dealbreaker for me. The only way to get proper human injury detection is with ACE, but you can't use Dagger's ammo/mags or bCombat, either, as those currently screw stuff up, too. I like the temporary unconscious state, but you have to adjust the settings so it takes enough injury & pain to do it and you have a chance of waking. If you put lethal injury at a lower threshold or you put the chance of waking up to zero, then it's as if there's no temporary unconsciousness. You just have to tune ACE appropriately. Its default settings are far from ideal. You can try this for my settings if you want to (fairly) quickly see what I'm talking about without having do your own custom ones: