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  1. So.. I've spent a whole night reading the 59 pages of this post and nobody seems to have tried to make EOS persistent. Me and my online group have a dedi just for EOS so we want it to be persistent, so I've made it with inidb2. We are still testing but its already working so I thougt I'd let you guys know.. although I think there's probaly nobody interested since no one seemed to even try.
  2. _Yanko_

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Editing now.. I'm sorry!! BTW.. I also should mention that a loop has been added to... Let's just say vehicles and people shouldnt float anymore in the air when going down or sink through the elevator while going up.
  3. _Yanko_

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    You know.. This is a small world. A few months ago I was under TeTeT's wing learning to code and fine tuning Nimitz's elevators. A few weeks ago a friend of mine decided to start his own online group and he wanted to use the LHD as the main platform, guess what: The elevators didnt work. So I tried to remember what I learned with TeTeT and voila!. I came here to see how had you fixed it to see if it was the same way as I figured but it seems I may be first. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p79f7xssis8mhn/elev_ext_1.sqf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/43u7ry9b6gryxlt/elev_ext_2.sqf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a7bfq1w53o8wm6k/elev_int.sqf?dl=0 What to do with this? DePBO ATLAS_water.pbo and keep somewhere safe the 3 original files and substitute them with these. PBO and test with people and vehicles. I tested it on an dedi and it works for me. Tell me what results you got. Yanko. PD: EDITED TO CORRECT DUPLICATED LINK.
  4. So.. I'm back on day shift. I've sent sjones my contact details. I've added a few more things to the radar: - Optimized the code so the contact list generation and the markers work on different scripts and therefore work simultaneously. Now the refresh rate is at least 3 times better. - Signal lost is now simulated. Once a contact is lost its color changes and its information dissapears but the icon remains for a few seconds in the last known position. - Friendlies last known position is tracked and a warning is displayed in case of radar contact loss.. Just in case a CSAR operation required. In another level.. The cat computation has been fined tuned so the airplane does not stumble on the deck end on launch. Also I've been messing with the elevator script to fix the bouncing. I think I have a solution but I still need to check it works. I've modified the Osprey from the USAF mod so it spawns with its engines packed and can then be spawned inside the Nimitz hangar. Any updates on the Nimitz? Yanko
  5. _Yanko_

    United States Air Force

    Hey guys.. Fullerp and teammates. You guys went to the extent of animating the whole Osprey engine packing process yet there is no option to spawn an Osprey with its engines packed so you cant really spawn them in the hangar of a carrier... So whats the point? Do you guys have plans to make it available? Yanko
  6. Take a look at this. Think MP. Think one or more commanders in charge of the global strategy. Think a combined arms campaign with planes, helps, tanks, infantry...
  7. _Yanko_

    United States Air Force

    Regarding the radar for the awacs you may want to take a look at this:
  8. _Yanko_

    Looking for mod makers

    You can see the radar working plus more stuff. The real magic of this script is that it merges 2 radars, the one on the Nimitz and the one on the E2, and shows all the targets captured by both. Obviously LOS, Earth's curvature and detection range are taken into account and you have several tools there that any Commander will find very handy. Feedback is welcome.
  9. Ok .. Here goes the video. Its a long one but there is much to explain and my English is rusty. You can see the radar, the elevator menu and the cat mod with the actual weight shown on the screen. Remember is WIP, right now I'm on night shifts at work so cant barely touch the computer. Ideas welcome.
  10. _Yanko_

    Looking for mod makers

    I want that E2D!!! I have a radar script working for it..
  11. Hey Shay_Gman! Regarding the ILS module, I'm trying to set it up on a carrier (Nimitz) and the glideslope dives in the water.. It seems the module takes as Z reference the local ATL 0m which in the case of a ship is the bottom os the sea. Is there anyway to make it point a spot in a given elevation? The deck of the Nimitz is roughly 17m ASL.
  12. Hey Nkey and team! I've been looking for information regarding this but can't find anything. Is it possible to send a recorded message over TFAR? Let's say I want to broadcast an automatic distress signal over a given frequency.. How would I do that? Obviously that signal would an in-game sound file. How would you script that? I want to do a mission where a crashed aircraft's emergency beacon sends a distress signal continuously over an emergency frequency and a CSAR helicopter plus escort have to triagulate its position based on signal strengh. BTW.. Thanks for you great work and the wonderful effort you have made to document and share all your code.
  13. Just 2 quick captures: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406373117 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406372760 The weight shown on the board is actually computed. Yanko
  14. Yep.. Mine looks pretty much the same! I actually fit 2 planes in each elevator. There are 2 fixed spots in each elevator and the code checks if either are free and if so moves the plane there otherwise an "Elevator Busy" message shows up. Also I've managed to put the actual weight numbers in the weight board of a static picture of a boatswain's mate (the guy that informs both the cat controllers and the pilot of the weight) wich shows up before launch.. I'll upload a vid to YT of everything working as soon as I can. If there were an animation of a SM with a board perhaps we could texture the numbers on it... Something to research. @TeTet Thank you for the hints. The automation of the elevators can be as simple as disabling the buttons on the elevator's dialog. I know that the cat's actually will push more or less depending on the actual weight to compensate but I want the people to "feel" the weight and for the to launch with a heavy plane to be more challenging. I dont see anybody actually volunteering to play Air Boss.. I'd rather have them organized automatically. I think they'll want to fly rather than sitting in the carrier taking care of traffic jams. BTW.. I just saw you updated the FTP with a newer version of the Nimitz and while it still is in WIP is functional enough for me to work with while you finish it. Why the tow trucks are not spawning? Should I add them manually and then syncing them to the TOW module?
  15. Hey TeTeT! I'm working on an Air Campaign based on the Nimitz for Arma 3. By now I'm focussing on something that works for my online unit [sT1] and if I ever get it to work as I want I will release it online. I have a few questions/requests/ideas.. 1) I've seen on your online FTP that you have a WIP version of it, new textures, working sounds, Hangar lights, etc.. As far as I can tell it would be an operational release except for the clipping issues (You can walk through most walls and fall to the water through many surfaces). Are you very far from a release at this point? 2) I'm learning to code to do this.. So bear with me. I'm having issues with the FA18X from Spartan & Co. where you wont get the launch menu option in the catapults, Any idea how to fix this? 3)I want the catapults to be weight-aware meaning that a heavier plane should be launched with a smaller speed than a lighter one. I think you make all catapults to accelerate to 50m/s (180kph) regardless of weight so my buddies take unrealistic loads with them. I've made a simple script with actual weights that checks the airplane loadout including how much fuel internal and external it carries and calculates a total weight and provides a launch speed with some random factor between 42 and 50m/s that should make launches more interesting. Let me know if you are interested. 4)The guys at first liked to tow the planes around but now they are impatient to wait for action so I've made a little script that checks whether a particular elevator has a free slot (in an elevator fit 2 F18) and if it is moves the plane. Obviously some of them are throwing their planes to the water because they forget to check whether the elevator is up or down. How could I detect whether a particular elevator is up or down? 5)I'm working too on an automated tower controller that would sequence planes to land and assign cats to launch. To make it realistic it will work on 4 modes to be switched by the mission commander: Launch only mode (All cats and elevators available), Mixed mode (only the 2 starboard forward elevators and cats 1 & 2 available for takeoff and aft elevators for landing), Low Visibility (Elevator 1 for departures and Elevator 2 for arrivals and only cat 1 available for launch). We use TFR so I'm researching a way to transmit pre-recorded radio messages via TFR. 5)I also want to make the rescue heli operational. In reality a helo is hovering while there are flight ops in progress. Its ready to rescue any downed pilots. I'm working on 65fr's Pirinees map (100kms x 100kms) and I want it to be available for any downed pilots withing 15 or 20kms from the Nimitz. 6)My greatest challenge is a radar.. I know SFP used to have a working radar script and USAF's FullerP is working on one too. I want the Nimitz to have radar for defense and a working CIC and operational E2 Hawkeyes for ofensive both air to air and air to ground capabilities. Any input to any of this will be appreciated.