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  1. Looks great buck! Didn't realize this was alt history when you were first showing me.
  2. thesn4k3

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Flagged. Everyone please do so in respects to the mod creator. If there is anything I hate it is stolen content
  3. Current WIP pics. TeTeT is doing amazing work with the scripts to make this easy to use and compatible with pretty much anything. I am still working on the textures for the model so this is an early look at the project.
  4. Been working on a little side project with tetet that we will hopefully showcase soon, but I promise as soon as I can I will post up some WIP screenshots of the lower decks. I am pretty happy with it all so far. If anyone has any suggestions for rooms they would like to see included I am open to any and all suggestions. I will try to accommodate as best I can keeping with the realism of the carrier
  5. thesn4k3


    Rest assured, this mod will be completed. It is pretty much waiting on my work right now so even if you had modding skills there isn't much to do. Don't take offense to what I said because I did not mean any, however, we have the stuff in game but not ready to release. Flanders has posted some WIP videos and hawkins has posted stolen content videos.
  6. thesn4k3


    While normally I would quote the rules, I figure I should probably let everyone know whats going on. I have been working on the cockpit a lot this week. Its hopefully going to look really good in game. Unfortunately, I wouldn't expect much until after I return from my trip all next week. Hopefully I can get these textures done soon as I know a lot of people are anticipating this mod. Also WastedMike1, I am helping a handful of teams with textures and models so I have to say the obligatory 'It will be done when it's done'
  7. Here is a quick snapshot I took today while checking the model in game. I still have a lot of work to do on it, so what you are looking at is a huge WIP though Tetet said he loves the color :D. Were making some great progress with this so far. So far, you will have a HEMTT box truck that is designated as the MAAS carrier. Once in position, you will have the option to deploy the MAAS. It is very easy to use and move. Hopefully this will give some really cool features to the community with emergency landings and highway/FOB style airfeilds.
  8. I think he is just commenting in general. It is amazing that the small bar that is the tail hook can take the force of stopping these planes without breaking regardless of the system stopping it. At least that's how I read it
  9. What about making an ea-19? It's like the ea-18, but one more.
  10. thesn4k3


    He should have sent the other angle where you can really see the wonderful changes i made :rolleyes:
  11. Yea, sorry, been really busy with IRL stuff lately for the holidays and such. I am not doing a full remodel, just some stuff that I wasnt very happy with. I am currently fixing up some models for the nimitz project, but I should have some news on it soon. I am ready to fly it as much as you are, trust me haha
  12. I decided to redo about 50% of the model. I wasn't happy with it. Hopefully ill have some news on it soon. My models are slow go right now for irl reasons but ill have some progress soon
  13. I know what he is talking about. It wont be much to implement, but we will have to talk to tetet to see how his cat script is to trigger then animation. I dont see it being a problem. As for the fuel probe, yes it will be modeled and animated.
  14. Well either way, it will be done well so there is no reason to worry about how it will be accomplished, just that it will be.