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  1. rocket


    Incorrect. DayZ used to use jayarma2lib. Now it uses nothing, just its own DLL using the callExtension command. So any issue is with HiveEXT and has nothing to do at all with Arma2net.
  2. DayZ does not use any modifications other than @dayz and @hive. CBA was used on old version with JayArmA2lib, but this has not been used for some time.
  3. publicVariableServer (run on client) publicVariableClient (run on server) Enjoy :)
  4. Please note new commands: publicVariableServer <varname> Publishers the variable (name as STRING) to the server only. Useful when you want to synchronize a variable with the server but not any other clients. <clientID> publicVariableClient <varname> Publishes a variable (name as STRING) to a specific client, from the server. This is useful where you want to synchronize a variable with only a specific client. The Client ID is the temporary ID given to a connected client for that session. You can find out this ID with the owner command (using it on a player's character, for example, will give you that players client ID). This is a useful way to cut down on network traffic, as publicVariable commands are issued as a priority message. So use publicVariable sparingly, and these commands where they apply.
  5. rocket

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    Without $able's update, the DayZ central server would have remained shut down, so yeah. I owe him very many beers!
  6. rocket

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    Exactly. Revo was DayZ without the Z.
  7. rocket

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    Anyone here ever heard of my USEC Revolution system?
  8. I'd just like to say how helpful and supportive Sickboy and his team have been, right since the start. Really great example of community support. Thanks so much :)
  9. rocket

    Question on Key/GUID

    The best would be install for separate users under windows. To do this make sure you don't check "install for all users" and both have different users to login and play the game. Unfortunately in the current way the mod is setup, this is the only way to do this.
  10. This topic is no longer maintained. Please post bugs at the dev-heaven project, and discuss issues at the http://www.dayzmod.com/forum/ I have requested the moderators close this thread.
  11. That's the whole point, there is no right way to play it - you decide for yourself. Concepts like PvP or PvE and etc... don't really fit well, because its not a structured gameplay environment in that respect.
  12. Please remember, it's an Alpha. I'm following the traditional software development life-cycle, i.e. Alpha will end with a feature freeze. My focus up until this point was on core technology components such as zombie spawning, persistence, and the hackery needed to get it all working. As I've said in all the interviews so far, this was never really meant to be fun as such, because my focus was on the core components with no thought to longevity or replayability.
  13. The "Save <vehicle>" Option forces a save to the database for that vehicle.
  14. Tonic is our expert, he's getting it configured. We're looking at getting HIVE to synchronize bans beyond the database level (so BattlEye runs off the same list), but that's going to take some time. Tonic reviews the setup and Dwarden is also taking a key role to ensure we're doing everything we can here. It's a testament to those guys and the hosters that we haven't had more of this going on. When they figure out that its very easy to spot them in the database, and their profiles stop working (or I turn them into funny things like WildBoars) they will stop.
  15. Hacker. Name: GreyWolf. He has been banned, and his database profile corrupted in such a way his game will lockup whenever he tries to connect. He went through a number of servers doing what hackers do.