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  1. We have plans for something along those lines still using the PMC characters. This is one of those things however we'll work on once the main foundations have been placed! We wanted to use Civvie characters from ArmA II but they cannot use the OA backpacks; therefore we used PMC as the closest civilian looking character. (I personally think PMC is better anyway :cool:)
  2. Take a look at that - A 2 hour (Already) play list of videos I've found for DayZ. ChKilroy's series shows our first major test but is most likely the best show.
  3. I'm thinking because of the way our database saved your characters (And if the server isn't full) take a look on one of the other servers because all your stuff would go over... (Okay so tents and vehicle are local per server..) and due to the fact we have servers around the world you could try any time you want as long as you can get on the server. Woohoo!
  4. Heya. S. Maunder here(DayZ Development) and this is something we're looking at it! However right now we're dealing with a few bigger problems still in Alpha and all. The thing about times going faster is that is can sometimes mess around due to our database not being able to keep up and therefore certain players might see day and others night... Which would totally be unfair and cause PvP issues Hope this helps.