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  1. kimmo

    No Water in my rivers!

    Bush Finish your GUIDE ????
  2. kimmo

    4000 map size to 8000

    yes this is amazing for arma 2
  3. kimmo

    4000 map size to 8000

    ok random you can just post some pictures:)
  4. What is the best combination of audio mod to use? for exemple JRSR + RWS + ACE_SM this is my request.
  5. Hi all for now use only RWS sound mod, what I can add for improving even more the sound. Thanks all
  6. kimmo

    4000 map size to 8000

    this software is called ?
  7. Hi this is my first project for arma 2 : Lm3HwlElte0 Bush thanks for helping me with the file Config.cpp
  8. Try this my method : First creates a folder on the desktop @ YOURMAPNAME after open BinPBO and click on Change Destination Folder and select the folder you created on your desktop and after creating the folder addons and we put the. pbo complete
  9. try this : http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index.php?action=details&id=383 k
  10. kimmo


    You have to ask someone who uses Oxygen 2, so the guardrail is not so much complicated as 3D object
  11. Thanks Bush , then I wait for your guide :), because I have tried all, also to modify a file Config.cpp existing, but how much I look for of it creates the file.pbo with BinPBO me from a proper error in the file Config.cpp THANKS BUSH k
  12. Hi all for now I know how to do everything except to create the files Config.cpp, cfgSurface.hpp and the file cfgClutter.hpp. I say to create them from zero. For now I would want to try that is only my map with the texture of the ground and a plant this model = "ca\plants2\clutter\c_grassDryLongBunch.p3d"; I have the whole necessary files to create the file Config.cpp however I don't know whether to create him. <script src='http://img830.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=vis3.png&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript></noscript> THANKS Kimmo.
  13. kimmo

    No Water in my rivers!

    but do you want to modify the map in 3d? man i have 1 question for you : How did you import the map. Png and then to see it in 3D?