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  1. MachineMadness

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    A digital watch of some sort? Suunto, G-shock; something modern with a light on feature. And with that a dive watch for depth and air left in tank etc for Divers. Small cosmetic addon for immersion.
  2. MachineMadness

    Grid size crash

    I am having an issue when trying to edit the base texture layer size in "project parameters". At the moment it is set at 7.5x7.5, but I want to up it to 30x30 as I had a similar problem to this thread (still do). http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=88003&highlight=grid When I enter 30x30 and press ok - Visitor 3 crashes. Iv tried re-installing, starting a complete new project and it still crashes everytime. Any help appreciated.
  3. MachineMadness

    aircraft need improvement

    Some of the aircraft need improvement in their performance too. The A10 is absolutely terrible atm, its like flying a rock. F-35 is a blast though.
  4. MachineMadness

    Petition for mouse fix ~!

    Tip: Turn float zone to 0.
  5. MachineMadness

    USEC Maule M7 - WIP

    Yeah its pretty fun "mowing" people down :D We have done some hilarious testing of it.
  6. FINALLY got my copy from Game.Uk
  7. Still havent got my copy from Game.Uk.... WTH
  8. MachineMadness

    Lights in ArmA 2

    There was a script for ArmA1 that achieved this. Not sure if it would work in Arma2 though.
  9. MachineMadness

    Fix the miniguns

    Can you change the RPM with the F key? You could in ArmA1 from 2000 to 4000
  10. :| my game STILL has not arrived from Game.Uk. Post is usually 4-5 days from UK to AUS, both of my friends who live close have received theres. Is it true Uk royal mail is UK royal fail mail?
  11. yeah mine was posted same date except to Australia, my friend got his, I haven't got mine...
  12. thats why you have a ghuilli suit.....
  13. MachineMadness

    ATI 4890 white blobs

    I have 3 other theories 1. You didnt connect the graphics card properly 2. Your monitor is playing up 3. ATI is known for its issues with this game (and others), might have to suck it up until new drivers or a another ArmA2 patch comes out that specifically fixes it.
  14. MachineMadness

    Weapon down after looking at the map

    GPS mapped to toggle or sit in top left/right hand corner anyone? /end thread