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Found 15 results

  1. SCENARIO FRAMEWORK (SF): MOVE TASK Difficulty: High This topic will cover the following subject(s): Creating a randomized move task system for non-AI (Players). As part of my Patrol Operations - ARLAND 1 scenario, I created a randomize move system to simulate performing a dismounted patrol using the SF taskMove.et. The SF will spawn one move task at the start of the mission. You proceed to the first check point and complete the move. At each intersection the framework will randomly select one of the directions to proceed and create a new check point task. This will continue until Mission Complete determined by you. The SF Entities used are Area.et, LayerTaskMove.et and SlotMoveTo.et. Unless otherwise noted, use default values of each scripted component of that entity. There is no enfusion scripting required. For our example, I will use a 3 way intersection, with 4 Check Points. A. INITIAL SETUP Drag and drop an Area.et at each of the road intersections you want the patrol to follow (1, 2, 3, and 4). Drag LayerTaskMove.et to the hierarchy panel, and drop it on each Area.et. This sets the coordinate of the entity to 0,0,0 and centers it in the Area.et. Drag a SlotMoveTo.et to the hierarchy panel, and drop into each LayerTaskMove.et. This sets the coordinate of the entity to 0,0,0 and centers it in the LayerTaskMove.et. Your hierarchy should look like below when finished. One for each intersection. Area1.et LayerTaskMove1.et SlotMoveto1.et Area2.et LayerTaskMove2.et SlotMoveto2.et Area3.et LayerTaskMove3.et SlotMoveto3.et Area4.et LayerTaskMove4.et SlotMoveto4.et Add 2 more slotMoveTo.et to LayerTaskMove2.et. I renamed the SlotMoveTo.et the name of the intersection you are going to. You are not allowed to have duplicate names so adjust your naming conventions accordingly. Area1.et LayerTaskMove1.et SlotMovetoA2.et Area2.et LayerTaskMove2.et SlotMoveto1.et SlotMoveto3.et SlotMoveto4.et Area3.et LayerTaskMove3.et SlotMovetoB2.et Area4.et LayerTaskMove4.et SlotMovetoC2.et In the below diagram, you enter at Area 4 (START POINT) and move to Area 2 at the 3 way intersection, the SF will randomly select one of the 3 options, SlotMoveTo1, SlotMoveTo3, or SlotMoveTo4. 1 <--------------> 2 <--------------> 3 | | 4 (START POINT) B. CREATE MOVE TASKS a. Area.et setup Highlight each Area.et one at a time. Highlight the SCR_ScenarioFrameworkArea in the Object Properties panel. In Debug, check both boxes to show debug shapes. Uncheck both boxes when you've completed your work. In Trigger and change the Area Radius to what ever size you like. I set mine to 15.00 meters to cover the entire intersection. Uncheck Once. b. LayerTaskMove.et setup Highlight each LayerTaskMove.et one at a time. Highlight the SCR_ScenarioFrameworkLayerTask in the Object Properties panel. In Children change Spawn Children to RANDOM_ONE. In Activation and change Activation Type to ON_TRIGGER_ACTIVATION. In Task enter the Task Title and Task Description. c. SlotMoveTo.et setup Highlight the SCR_ScenarioFrameworkSlotExtraction in the Object Properties panel. In Debug, check both boxes to show debug shapes. Uncheck both boxes when you've completed your work. In Plugins expand SCR_ScenarioFrameworkPluginTrigger. Set the Area Radius to 10 meters. Make sure it is smaller then the area radius set in a4. Uncheck Once. In OnTaskFinish expand Actions On Finished. Press the + button, enter in the search box Wait. Select SCR_ScenarioFrameworkActionWaitAndExecute (I use this SCR so there is a delay between task finished(old), and task created(new)). Expand Wait and Execute, set Delay In Seconds to 5 seconds. In Actions, press the + button, enter in the search box Spawn and select SCR_ScenarioFrameworkActionSpawnObject. Expand Spawn Objects. In Name Of Objects To Spawn Activation press the + button. In the 0 field enter the name of the LayerTaskMove.et of the intersection the SlotMoveTo.et will take you to. NOTE: For our scenario example above, the start point is at 4 (Area4.et) and we will move to 2 (Area2.et). We will enter LayerTaskMove2 in the 0 field for step 10. Each SlotMoveTo.et will be different depending on the scenario and the name of the components. Complete steps a, b, and c for each intersection you have placed the components. For our example we will enter the following in the 0 field of step 10. SlotMoveToA2 = LayerTaskMove2 SlotMoveTo1 = LayerTaskMove1 SlotMoveTo3 = LayerTaskMove3 SlotMoveTo4 = LayerTaskMove4 SlotMoveToB2 = LayerTaskMove2 SlotMoveToC2 = LayerTaskMove2 At this point if you have done everything correctly, when you spawn in and enter Area 4 it create a task to move to Area 2. Move to Area 2, and it will create a task to move to either Area 1, 3 or 4.
  2. After numerous changes to memory points and config file, I still cannot get my vehicle to stay on the ground so it can be driven. If anybody can help me that would be awesome! Here is an image >> I can also provide the p3d, config file, and model.cfg files as well. Thanks for any help!!
  3. After lots of tries to make scripted waypoint to work I tried to just use the command "move", and A3 said NOPE . if (isServer) then { for "_i" from 1 to 10 do { _rPos = getMarkerPos (selectRandom ["inf_mrk_1","inf_mrk_2","inf_mrk_3","inf_mrk_4"]); _sPos = [_rPos, 0, 50, 0, 0, 0, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _grp = [_sPos, east,[ "DSF_IGF_SquadLeader", "DSF_IGF_Grenadier", "DSF_IGF_AutomaticRifleman", "DSF_IGF_RPG7Soldier", "DSF_IGF_Engineer", "DSF_IGF_RPG7Grenadier", "DSF_IGF_AutomaticRifleman", "DSF_IGF_Medic", "DSF_IGF_Marksman" ]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _grp setBehaviourStrong "AWARE"; {_x setCombatMode "RED"} forEach units _grp; _grp setSpeedMode "FULL"; _grp setFormation "LINE"; _grp deleteGroupWhenEmpty true; _AtkMrkOne = selectRandom ["atk_mrk_1","atk_mrk_2","atk_mrk_3","atk_mrk_4","atk_mrk_5","atk_mrk_6"]; _grp move (getMarkerPos _AtkMrkOne); sleep 120; }; }; Groups just spawn and stay where they are, not moving at all.
  4. Hi; I'm actually a beginner in edition Arma 3; my problem is when I define a "move" and "Trigger" for the group, they don't do exactly what I want. for example; they should stay in their position until the "Trigger" act. But they move around, this is not what I want. the second thing is when the "Trigger" acts, they don't have coherence and don't move exactly what I want. Please guide me.
  5. Hey guys, I am in need of a clever explanation of what I'm seeing and a helpful hand with fixing it. I have created an action that calls for a chopper from a nearby location and makes it move and land in a different location. The script works locally without issues. The script works in multiplayer when called using the Zeus code module option. The script does not work when called by addAction (either attached to a player or a static object). By "does not work" I mean the helicopter does receive the cargo (which means it is recognised) but the chopper just sits there forever. ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_closed_brown_IDAP_F", helicopter1] call ace_cargo_fnc_addCargoItem; ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_closed_brown_IDAP_F", helicopter1] call ace_cargo_fnc_addCargoItem; ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_closed_brown_IDAP_F", helicopter1] call ace_cargo_fnc_addCargoItem; ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_closed_brown_IDAP_F", helicopter1] call ace_cargo_fnc_addCargoItem; hint "Friendly chopper incoming"; helicopter1 move (getPos heli_landing_pad); sleep 15; while { ( (alive helicopter1) && !(unitReady helicopter1) ) } do { sleep 1; }; if (alive helicopter1) then { helicopter1 land "LAND"; while { ( (alive helicopter1) && !(unitReady helicopter1) ) } do { helicopter1 engineOn false; }; }; For the love of me, I cannot understand why it keeps happening. I even called the helicopter1 move part individually from the zeus interface and it did work. Thanks a lot, Adam
  6. Can I use one Task Marker and move it around like I do with triggers and WP? I'm able to create a Task Marker in position but I can't make it move to the next position. It would be much easier to just move the uncompleted task around (in my usage case) than it would be to complete/create new each time it moves. I don't want there to be a hundred completed tasks by the end of the scenario. This is how I create the Marker, [true,["task1"],["Approach Vector","Approach","Plane"],objNull,1,3,true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; ["task1","ASSIGNED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; ["task1",[approachAP1,true]] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; task1 call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; running the same script again with a new destination doesn't work. How do I move an active Task around?
  7. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to keep an AI controlled SUV to sit still until a specific AI unit enters that vehicle. So far I haven't gotten it to work, nor could I find anything to help online with something this specific. Hopefully someone has the solution. Thanks
  8. hi, I want the player to be teleported to a MHQ. I'm hereby doing this: if (!isEngineOn westmhq1) then { player moveInCargo westmhq1; }else{ player setPos (westmhq1 getPos [10,10]); }; if (!isEngineOn westmhq1) then { player moveInCargo westmhq1; }else{ player setPos (westmhq1 getPos [10,10]); }; that works too. If the MHQ named westmhq1 is destroyed, spawns it again: _vehicle = _this select 0; _respawntime = _this select 1; _facingofvehicle = getDir _vehicle; _positionofvehicle = getPosATL _vehicle; _vehicletype = typeOf _vehicle; _name = vehicleVarName _vehicle; .... _vehicle = _vehicletype createVehicle _positionofvehicle; _vehicle setVehicleVarName _name; _vehicle setPosATL _positionofvehicle; _vehicle setDir _facingofvehicle; ... that works too. After respawning from westmhq1, the player is no longer teleported. No error message appears. Unfortunately, I do not understand why that is. Maybe someone can explain why the player is no longer teleported after respawn westmhq1. thanks..
  9. Hello guys, I'm having a problem trying to command a Mechanized platoon with High Command. The problem is that when you're the high commander and the commander/gunner of the vehicle that you're in, when you try to select another unit from the map (by clicking left mouse over the unit's icon), your own vehicle is ordered to move to the location where you left clicked. So in order to use the High Command module to select units from the map, you need first to switch yourself to Driver position or get out of the vehicle altogether: very clumsy! Is there any way that I can work around this, perhaps reassigning somehow the map move command to some other key? Cheers
  10. Hi everyone ! I want to move an UAV ( with ~ 2/4 meter precision ). I used this script VEH = createVehicle ["B_UGV_01_rcws_F",position player, [], 1, "NONE"]; createVehicleCrew VEH; VEH setCombatMode "BLUE"; VEH setBehaviour "STEALTH"; VEH move position player; VEH disableAI "ALL"; VEH enableAI "MOVE"; But the vehicle stop at 20 meter of the position where he should be . I tried also with waypoint and i have the same issues Thank :)
  11. I've built a compound that is required as part of the mission to have a narrow entrance coridoor. It's probably a little over 2m in width, maybe 2.5m - and should be perfectly navigable by an infantryman. However, the AI can't seem to make sense of how to use the route to get into the deeper pats of the compound. Is there any way of specifying a 'safe route' that AI will automatically follow? In the same sort of way that when driving the AI recognise a road and follow it in most cases. Thanks. Law
  12. Hello, I need a script to allow me to move a unit to the nearest object of a certain type. I believe the answer is nameofunit move {nearestobject [position nameofunit, "land_pencilred_f"]} I tried this with "land_pencilred_f" being the classname of the objects that I'd like my unit to move to the nearest pencil to his current location. No luck so far but any help is much appreciated :-)
  13. Hello all I am working on a single player immersive Zombie mission and I am attempting to get my player to play an animation. I've never really done this I've normally always made the AI do them. So I have my guy here and a trigger. His name is [p1] I have in the Trigger act: p1 play or switchmove "AinvPercMstpSrasWlnrDnon_G01"; I walk into the Trigger and nothing. So is there something I need to know about animating an actual player not an AI unit?
  14. Objects placed on map in terrain builder end up in a different position when I pboproject to create the terrain for ARM 3. Some objects sink in the ground, others rotate out of position. Some just seam to shift a bit in relation to the terrain. Why and how do I stop it from happening?
  15. Ok, so I have this tank that works fine in Arma 2, and I'm working to get it working as it should in Arma 3. I understand that for a vehicle to have engine sounds, it must have a physX simulation. So in the config, I (to my knowledge) changed the simulation and added the physx properties as they should be. In-game, my troubles are that the vehicle is stuck in the ground, and while the tracks spin, I cannot move anywhere with it. I believe it has to do with it being physx simulation. Originally there was no physx simulation until I realized I need physx simulation for engine sounds to work. Here are two screenshots of what it looks like, if anyone has ideas, please give them to me. I will provide more info upon request. Geometry Phys LOD - It is the same as the Geometry LOD, save that this one has no properties. What it looks like in game - as you can see, it sinks into the ground a few inches, you should be able to see the tracks touch the ground.