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Found 14 results

  1. While playing and with a full inventory, I was heading to the exit and jumped through a gap in some rocks to crouch and look at the map when I apparently went through the gap in the rocks that took me out of the map! I was stuck there for the rest of the match. Radiation eventually killed me. I captured video of this..but no clue how to post...it shows the map and location I was at.
  2. Let me start with saying that I love this dlc. It really is a joy to play for me, but it looks great as well. Now, I'm stuck in the single player campaign. I'm in that chapter "Carpe Noctem", with the mission "Relevation with Alien Entity" and the task "Communicate with alien entity". So it is probably the end of this chapter, but I can't get passed this damn communication thing. The ship is hanging there in the sky and I am supose to communicate with the radio thing. I have tried it and but nothing is changing. Yes, beside the main golf there apear first one and then two other radio golf, then three small radio golf, then all gone and only the main one again. I tried several combinaitons of communicating, but no result. Please BI, what are we supose to do here? This is were you dropped the ball I think, it is not clear. I don't mind thinkwork and I'm no idiot, but this silly thing has no clues.
  3. Hello, I wonder if is there a way of getting out of a waitUntil loop in the case when a script is remoteExec on the server in the init.sqf with player passed as argument and when the player disconnect from the server? I see on my linux server'screen when i disconnect from the server the error " Client: Remote object 4:0 not found " and the diag_log message continuing emmiting each second so the script never end. //init.sqf if (hasInterface) then { waitUntil {!isNull player}; [[player], "test.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM", 2]; }; // test.sqf params ["_player"]; while {!isNull _player} do { waitUntil { diag_log "!!!!In waitUntil loop!!!!"; sleep 1; /*(condition code)*/ or isNull _player }; if (isNull _player) exitWith {}; //code... // // };
  4. Zachary Kelly

    Stuck in cabinets

    When looting cabinets I keep getting stuck in the doors even from good distance away. Sometimes it’s like the drawers suck me into them and then there I am trapped until I quit, am killed or die of radiation.
  5. Whenever I start the scenario in either Singleplayer or Multiplayer I load into this. I can't control or move the camera, but I can access the menu (which sometimes stops working too for no reason). The only way I've found to get past this is to open the Zeus menu while ingame, which doesn't work for any units I don't allow to Zeus (i.e. player characters). I'm kinda at my wit's end with this and would appreciate some help. I don't think this is a mod problem since it started to occur after I had already loaded in with no problems with the same mod set up, but just in case here's my list of mods. Edit: After an arduous trial and error testing of what was breaking the mission (i.e. deleting things individually, testing if it worked, then adding more and more back) I found that what was messing up my mission was one of the Ares mod structures. In particular, it was the AP minefield. Once I deleted it, the problem went away entirely.
  6. I've built a compound that is required as part of the mission to have a narrow entrance coridoor. It's probably a little over 2m in width, maybe 2.5m - and should be perfectly navigable by an infantryman. However, the AI can't seem to make sense of how to use the route to get into the deeper pats of the compound. Is there any way of specifying a 'safe route' that AI will automatically follow? In the same sort of way that when driving the AI recognise a road and follow it in most cases. Thanks. Law
  7. Alright, I have a small dedicated linux server with arma 3 server on it. We do some small scale zeus missions on it, But since day or 2 the server doesn't want to start up any more. Server starts up just how it should without any error, we use some mods like, ACE, CBA, Task force radio, Ares and RHSUSAF. But whenever someone want to join the server, the server see the id of the player etc. but the player stays in the loading screen (no lobby). Player can't get in at all, the server doens't even show any errors. Also tried a vanilla mission didn't work but a APEX campaign mission loaded without any problem.
  8. Hi! I tried using Dynamic Simulation to increase framerate in my mission, but surprisingly it doesn't work. The units which have DS enabled don't "wake up" at all. The simulation does not start, therefore I have quite a big problem. If I disable DS for a unit, the simulation goes normally, same for global disabling of DS - all units behave as they should. I'm using 3den Enhanced, but don't think that's what's causing this situation, since I've read that it works normally with 3E. Any ideas where the issue lies?
  9. I'm working on a mission that doesn't have re-spawns and designed for quick firefights. My intention is to design a mission for a dedicated server with the following: If all Blufor (players) are killed, failure If time runs out, failure If all Opfor units are killed, victory Notify all players (even dead) when there is one player remaining Notify all players (even dead) when there is one enemy remaining have the same number of units and type of unit on the enemy side, i.e. 1 autorifleman blufor and 1 autorifleman opfor (shown in the initServer.sqf is already working) My experience with multiplayer scripting is limited and I'm struggling to understand why it works in local hosted multiplayer (as the host alone) but not on dedicated servers, issues include: After starting the operation using the action (see flowgraph) the LastMan.sqf will start running immediately, even with 2 blufor players Server, after starting the operation using the action, will stop updating unit positions and AI will not react. All players except yourself are running in place, coupled with sudden spikes in framerate loss when initially activated and unable to kill enemies. Enemies don't react to being shot or standing directly in front of them even. this problem isn't present on the locally hosted Possibly an issue of the server ending the mission locally but not for clients (just a guess)? Mission must still be working enough to continue the countdown timer, mission fails properly when timer reaches zero Maybe I should be getting rid of triggers entirely? But it always seemed like they synced across multiplayer better Using the trigger and (count Thislist < 2) is that when all remaining players enter one vehicle, it counts as one unit and starts the trigger Tried using setting the triggers to server only and using Bis_fnc_MP but led to the mission immediately ending upon starting the operation action Code Flowgraph Mission Source https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B85GbOCq33caWlhHNW1KcENzV00/view?usp=sharing Thanks for the help on this issue
  10. Ok, so I have this tank that works fine in Arma 2, and I'm working to get it working as it should in Arma 3. I understand that for a vehicle to have engine sounds, it must have a physX simulation. So in the config, I (to my knowledge) changed the simulation and added the physx properties as they should be. In-game, my troubles are that the vehicle is stuck in the ground, and while the tracks spin, I cannot move anywhere with it. I believe it has to do with it being physx simulation. Originally there was no physx simulation until I realized I need physx simulation for engine sounds to work. Here are two screenshots of what it looks like, if anyone has ideas, please give them to me. I will provide more info upon request. Geometry Phys LOD - It is the same as the Geometry LOD, save that this one has no properties. What it looks like in game - as you can see, it sinks into the ground a few inches, you should be able to see the tracks touch the ground.
  11. What is the best means for a server admin or moderator to help an in game player out of a stuck situation? Had an issue where a player "glitched" inside of a shipping container and wasn't sure how I could just login and "slide" him back out of the container. I've done some searching, but I don't really know what the "best" or "easiest" solution is for this. I had thought about running with MCC, but I don't really want to go that route. Does it all have to be done through the Debug console? Thanks in advance for help in this matter, Fire
  12. After numerous changes to memory points and config file, I still cannot get my vehicle to stay on the ground so it can be driven. If anybody can help me that would be awesome! Here is an image >> I can also provide the p3d, config file, and model.cfg files as well. Thanks for any help!!
  13. I started to play the story Arma 3 after 2 years since i bought it. All fine until i died by a mine in Adapt > Signal lost mission the time the mission ended. I pressed continue to the next mission and the mission start but after 2 sec i am dead from the last mission, because i died at the ending of the last mission. With few words the "Signal lost" mission triggered the end successfully and after that i died by a mine in the mountain. The next mission starts and in 2 sec i die in the moral. (In the war words) So i can't continue campaign any more. I tryed to play Signal mission again to step automatically to the next mission as default by no dying this time, but i die again after 2 secs in the next mission. Also, there was no saves for the Signal mission, i had to play the mission from the begining.
  14. Recently I started a Multiplayer server with the intent of having a friend join me (he bought and downloaded the game explicitly to play with me). But every single time he joins, he connects is stuck spectating and then it shows he disconnected, we tried removing all addons, we tried having him host and it was the same thing only from my end, we tried different maps, different settings, different circumstances (i would save the game/not save, be in lobby, be in game) nothing seams to work, some assistence would be appreciated.