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  1. Well, first I would advise to get some sleep. 36 hours is way to long to go without, your brain will not function optimal after long periods of no sleep. It could be that you only can send the squad away, but that there are indeed some guys not belonging to that squad or any other (or a squad you have not picked up on via your device). I guess that some times you have to sneak or kill with silencer to stay stealth. The ladder thing. If I'm not mistaken, there shows up a little arrow when in position to climb. Sure I am that when in front of the ladder, the little action menu will show the option to choose to climb ladder. If not, then I don't know what else.
  2. Seems you have problems that I don't. Yes, this game has some bugs or inperfections, but those things you name I don't have. First, the whole squad will leave when you deceive them with a radio order. If soldiers still standing in place, that might be another squad (you send Bravo away, but Echo is still there, for example). Climbing down ladders is so basic, I don't even recall how I do that. Did you play anything before this dlc? Better start with the tutorial.
  3. Does anyone know the flag textures for the two LDF flags?
  4. Antilochos

    Contact: Spectrum Device screen blank

    Are you starting the game via the correct button in launcher?
  5. Antilochos

    Contact DLC: Review and Tips

    Agree. I have some other bug happening to me lately; missions I have made after the dlc came out, I can not load randomly (some times I can, other times I don't) because it is missing content. The missing content are addons (and not always the same), addons that I did not even used in the mission I want to open. Very weird if you ask me.
  6. Antilochos

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Well, if it is a know bug, I don't mind waiting for the next patch. Thanks for your help.
  7. Antilochos

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Thanks for the rapid response, but somehow I don't get it to work. Keeps giving me a error message. Must be on my part, but BI could've made this a little bit easier if you ask me...
  8. Antilochos

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I keep getting that introduction screen as Contact being the new dlc. I mean, I already finished the campaign, I know. Is there a way to turn this off? I can not find it under options neither in the launcher. If not, my advice to BI is to make this option...
  9. Antilochos

    Hey Miller! What are you doing here? :O

    But did he sold the women as well?
  10. Antilochos

    Having Trouble With Contact

    I had this problem as well. Problem is not you, but a bug. There supose to be a second ship right in front of you (can't miss it, really in your face), but this does not always get loaded. To solve it, just revert once or twice to a point a little bit earlier. At one point you will get that second ship and than it only takes a minute of interacting with the radio signals.
  11. Antilochos

    New platform from Contact

    Don't know exactly wich platform you mean, but there is a new platform in editor under Structures Altis - Military (don't ask me why under Altis...).
  12. Antilochos

    Why Contact is not like other DLC?

    I was wondering about that myself.
  13. Antilochos

    stuck on missioan 2 "going Dark"

    I don't know that. You can always try putting all the default. If it then still not works, you at least know there is another problem.
  14. Antilochos

    Hey Miller! What are you doing here? :O

    So they abducted poor Miller. Probably anal probed him....
  15. Antilochos

    stuck on missioan 2 "going Dark"

    By default it is the F button for that screen where he can pick different recordings. Check your key bindings if your F is not taken by something else.