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  1. Hi all. I have a question about some wasteland servers. Few years ago i played on a wasteland server that don't have shops at all. I try to find these servers but can't. All servers i got when i filter sandbox the server list is wastelands with gun shops genaral shops and no loot in buildings only in cars. I like very very much the buildings loot wasteland servers like battle royal but wasteland. Can some one tell me how to find those kind of servers?
  2. I started to play the story Arma 3 after 2 years since i bought it. All fine until i died by a mine in Adapt > Signal lost mission the time the mission ended. I pressed continue to the next mission and the mission start but after 2 sec i am dead from the last mission, because i died at the ending of the last mission. With few words the "Signal lost" mission triggered the end successfully and after that i died by a mine in the mountain. The next mission starts and in 2 sec i die in the moral. (In the war words) So i can't continue campaign any more. I tryed to play Signal mission again to step automatically to the next mission as default by no dying this time, but i die again after 2 secs in the next mission. Also, there was no saves for the Signal mission, i had to play the mission from the begining.