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  1. NiMh HD

    Off map stuck for most of match

    Here is the link to my OneDrive https://1drv.ms/v/s!Agwc_rKjMqybiyvaUS2H33SoEYkO
  2. The spectate camera only shows the name of the person who kills you in the match...when that person dies the camera should update with the new name for those of us who enjoy watching the match. Also, the audio remains at the site of your corpse...shouldn't you be able to watch AND listen in spectate mode? also being able to free look in 3rd person around the person you are spectating would be nice.
  3. NiMh HD

    Off map stuck for most of match

    Reactivating OneDrive to upload the video. I'll post the link once that is done. Thanks for the reply @defwin
  4. NiMh HD

    Losing ammo picked up in matches

    I started a new topic about this just a few minutes ago...oops. didn't see this. I have left with ammo, not looted anything in the match, left early due to lag with an almost empty inventory and lose the ammo loaded in the weapon. This IS an issue when you are using Military Grade ammo...that you can't yet craft and have a limited supply of to begin with. Needs to be fixed along with all the other bugs and glitches.
  5. support for mouse isn't available yet....this is afterall still in BETA...oh wait...
  6. NiMh HD

    Restore my lost special issue crate?

    Sorry to say this bro...the devs aren't reading any of this. This socalled "Interactive" forum is just for us post beta testers to vent and complain about issues that Bohemia obviously doesn't care about. Harsh? prove me wrong! lol. Great game though, hope it survives this release phase and the BUGS don't kill it. actually...the devs read these...I just have yet to see or hear of any resolutions to a single issue mentioned (or any mention of resolving anything...tbh) <--edit
  7. I have noticed that on matches where I never fire a shot...say I brought (2) stacks of 30 rounds of ammo...you get in game and the weapon loads using one of those stacks...then you exit the map and return to your shelter...you only have (1) stack of 30 rounds and your weapon is now empty!!! Robbery, I tell ya. Please address these bugs Bohemia! This game has a lot of great potential but it certainly wasn't/isn't ready for release...once again a dev using it's customers as testers. When can we expect the first major bug squash?? Is is only me or have others noticed this issue? please post a reply so we can get this addressed. I'm tired of losing ammo and loadout due to glitches. Thanks Vigor Community!
  8. NiMh HD

    Loosing load out before entering the map

    This! I have lost my entire loadout when starting a match several times. Once or twice every now and then can be explained away, but it happened to me three times TODAY! Makes me not want to even use my special issue or military grade kit at all...not because I'm afraid to lose it, but because I'm afraid the server will eat it!
  9. While playing and with a full inventory, I was heading to the exit and jumped through a gap in some rocks to crouch and look at the map when I apparently went through the gap in the rocks that took me out of the map! I was stuck there for the rest of the match. Radiation eventually killed me. I captured video of this..but no clue how to post...it shows the map and location I was at.