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  1. scripts were enigma revive, DMS, exile occupation, ryans zombies, exile z and ZCP, plus some for making CUP, RHS vehicles weapons and gear accessable in the traders...... i re installed exile overall to the server, re scripted the missions and now everything is gravy.... i mustve really messed up a script somewhere for the RPT to not show any errors.
  2. server RPT: https://pastebin.com/TxjrbvU4 myself and others in my community have started to get stuck on this screen, the server RPT seems like the server itself is doing fine, this is happening after installing a few scripts, however i was able to join once, had a database issue, had to wipe/reinstall the database and now none of us can complete joining again, and it doesnt seem like the RPT has any player join or leave messages... any help appreciated. 07 thanks
  3. yes, i did the railway width fix. i have since gotten past this error, however my new problem is that players now get stuck in the loading screens, however the server RPT seems fine, no errors that are causing hangups, scripts running for spawns and capture points, i just cant physically load into the mission as a client, unfortunately none of my players are available to see if they can or not right this second.
  4. i dont get the UI at all as shown, folks are just spawning on the beach. any ideas?