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  1. In a terrain I have made, some building appear in the ground for some users but not all. This what one users sees: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B62cVQheKk95UVhnZHhjdGQ2bTg And this is what I see at the same place with the same terrain version and addons. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B62cVQheKk95STFKbk5fU3BsMmc Anyone any idea what causes it and how to fix it? Thanks.
  2. isenhand

    Problem with getting glass to break

    I deleted the named selections, re-did them and now it works. I now have in the geo lod: Glass_1_hide Glass_1_unhide and in the fire lod: Glass_1_hide
  3. isenhand

    flashing blach hashing

    Fixed it. Turned out to be a problem with the actual textures. I re did them and the new ones worked.
  4. I have a flashing black hashing appearing on textures. They also look slightly transparent in that the back hashing appears where there is an object behind another or at the edge of an object. I made a short file so you can see the problem: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B62cVQheKk95a3pqcDN6RW1YZ0k Anyone able to help fix this? I am also still having trouble with breaking windows. The film also shows the problem. Thanks.
  5. isenhand

    Problem with getting glass to break

    Thanks. I have a bit of a problem running in buldozer as it complains a3\structures_f\data\Windows\window_set.rvmat is missing but that file exists so I don't know what to do about that. The end result is it shows the model but "ghosted out". I can run the animations and things do change but I can't see if the right texture is there. So, I run the model in ARMA. There it partly works. The texture does appears correct to start with. Then I get the broken texture but the first texture remains. I'd go with a problem with the named selections. I built the model in Blender so I made the window in the visual lod and added then to vertex group glass_1_unhide and glass_1_hide In the fire geometry I have made another window and added that to the vertex group glass_1_hide These vertex groups then map over to named selections in OB. So, what is wrong with that?
  6. isenhand

    Problem with getting glass to break

    yes, here you go: http://pastebin.com/C4gg54DA But that is just strait out of the A3 examples.
  7. Problem with getting glass to break: The texture appears correct on the window. When I shoot it I get the sound effect and the broken texture appears but the unbroken texture remains. Continue shooting and the window fully breaks but the textures remain. I have modelled the building in Blender 3D. The window is made of two cubes in lod 1. One is grouped in a vertex (named selection) called Glass_1_hide and the other as Glass_1_unhide. I have the same set up in the fire geometry lod. In the geo lod I have named properties as map (house), class (house) and damage (building). I load the model up in Object Builder and do structure->topology->find components on the geo lod and structure->convexity->component convex hull on the fire geo lod. I set texture as a3\structures_f\data\windows\window_set_ca.paa and material as a3\structures_f\data\windows\window_set.rvmat for all the faces in the window Glass_1_hide named selection in the geo lod. I set texture as a3\structures_f\data\windows\destruct_full_window_set_ca.paa and material as a3\structures_f\data\windows\destruct_full_window_set.rvmat for all the faces in the window Glass_1_unhide named selection in the geo lod. In the fire lod I only have the Glass_1_unhide named selection. I set material as a3\data_f\penetration\glass_plate.rvmat for all face. In the model config file I have the Glass_1_hide and _unhide in skeletonBones in class CfgSkeletons. I also have class Glass_1_hide in class Animations. I have a hit point lod set up with vertices for the windows. In config.cpp I have class HitPoints using the BIG_GLASS_HITPOINT macro to define class Glass_1_hitpoint. I have also defined class Glass_1_source in class AnimationSources. The config.cpp is here: http://pastebin.com/0TkdJgzg The model.cfg is here: http://pastebin.com/NJJyPMgZ I have used the test_house_01 model from A3 samples as a base. I'm not really seeing what is wrong here. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  8. isenhand

    Animation not triggered in game

    m1km8n fixed it :) It was a problem in class Animations. It should be referring to the bone (Door1): class Animations { class door1 : Rotation {
  9. I have a mode house with a door that I would like to animate so a player can open and close the door. But the player gets no option to do so in game. I made the house in blender. Added a memory lod with 3 vertices. Two are grouped as "door1_axis" in a vertex group and lie where the door axis is. The third is grouped as "door_actionptn" in a vertex group and lies mid way in the door. The door itself is grouped as "Door1" in a vertex group. The model is called "house_c_w_d". I define a model.cfg file with class CfgSkeletons containing a default class and class house_c_w_d_bones : Default. The class house_c_w_d_bones contains skeletonBones[] = {"Door1", ""}; . I define class CfgModels which contains class house_c_w_d : Default. In that class is class Animations which contains class house_c_w_dRotation : Rotation which has source="house_c_w_dRotation"; (I've tried "user" as well) and selection="Door1" and axis="door1_axis";. I define a config.cpp file with class AnimationSources which contains class house_c_w_dRotation with source="user";. I also have class UserActions containing class OpenDoor with statement = "this animate [""house_c_w_dRotation"", 1]";. I load the mode in Object builder and the vertices appear in the Named Selections window of the memory lod. I use buldozer to test the animation and it works ok. I put the model in a terrain using terrain builder. However, when I crunch the terrain and load it up in ARMA I can not trigger the animation. There is no option nor window to do so. As if the "door1_actionpnt" isn't recognised nor triggered. Anyone any ideas why? The model.cfg file is here: http://pastebin.com/kJQDpsph The config.cpp file is here: http://pastebin.com/UGJGK9UF Thanks.
  10. Sad but understandable. How about making it PD? Let other people continue it?
  11. isenhand

    Geometry lod not working

    I solved it. It was a problem with the seat to keyboard interface. I did something wrong with the find component stage. I see from Windows -> Named selections that the components were missing. Now fixed and now working :) Need to do find components on the geometry layer!!!
  12. Why can I run trough an object that I have made? I made the object in Blender. I made 4 visual lods, each marked "ARMA object properties" and set as "custom". I made one geometry lod. Marked as "ARMA object properties" and set as "geometry". I name the object "Component01" I also added a geo physX lod, marked as such in the "ARMA object properties". I exported as p3d using the ARMA tools for Blender. Load up the p3d in Object Builder. All the lods appear in the lod window. I set mass in the geometry lod. I run Structures -> Topology -> find components. I run Structures -> Topology -> find non-closed. (No red vertices). I run Structures -> convexity -> find non-convexities. (No red vertices). Save the file again. I use addon builder to convert the p3d to a pbo Load the model into the terrain using terrain builder. Exported the wrp. Use pboproject to build the project pbo. Run it in ARMA. The object appears ok but I can run through it. Suggesting I did something wrong with the geometry lod? Any ideas what I have missed? Thanks.
  13. What happened to FOA? Is it dead? I see it is no longer on steam workshop?
  14. isenhand


    Ah, yes! There they are! Thanks. :)
  15. isenhand


    is there a way of getting log messages from terrain builder and terrain processor? I'm having problems with both and would like to get more information to see what the problem is.