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  1. Thank you Pierre. I'm using SOG Prairie Fire CDLC. I tried it already using a clumsy combination of tools and modules like "Eden Extended Objects" to generate a bunch of random objects and "Terrain Object Replacement Module" to replace the created objects with a random selection of plants and trees. The loading times increased a lot, but it didn't affect performance too much, I think manly because it's only creating these objects in a small area and not the entire map. Regarding simpleobjects, do they affect line of sight of AI? The worst case scenario would be to have plants that limit a player's view but not the AI. Cheers
  2. Hello lads, I'm trying to figure out how I can randomly generate a random array of objects in a given area. I would like to increase the density of vegetation of a given forested area without the need to manually place each tree or plant individually. I'd like to be able to input an array of objects, a amount and a marker area, have it to randomly pick and distribute these objects inside this area. Anyone has any idea on how to achieve this? I thinking about these two sources: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Example_Code:_Random_Area_Distribution Cheers
  3. Is possible to use this module to instead of replacing existing objects, to simply add new objects in a random area distribution setup? I'd like to add more vegetation to forests and would like to be able to sync an array of plants objects to create. Is this possible? Cheers
  4. Storm Rider

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    If anything, I'd like Arma 4 to be a more like a realistic tactical simulator than a cinematics tool. My inspiration is always Steel Beasts Pro, a training tool intended to allow even the rudest and crudest of grunts to be able to quickly create realistic scenarios while at the same time as being simple, it's extremely powerful with clever and intuitive conditions/events/triggers logic tool. The problem with all OPF and Arma games throughout the years have always being its inability to accomplish the basics without extremely frustrating scripting and debugging. The scripting is without a doubt an absolutely powerful tool, the problem is when it becomes or when it became a dependency instead of being a just helpful addition. One should be able to at least accomplish creating a full working realistic scenario with only the Mission Editor alone and none scripting at all.
  5. Storm Rider

    team switch - losing supports

    Thank you very much @pierremgi for this code. It works! Would you be able to extend this code to also support vehicle types as support requesters? Cheers MGI_radios = ["vn_o_pack_t884_01", "vn_o_pack_t884_ish54_01_pl", "vn_o_pack_t884_m1_01_pl", "vn_o_pack_t884_m38_01_pl", "vn_o_pack_t884_ppsh_01_pl", "vn_b_pack_prc77_01_m16_pl", "vn_b_pack_03_m3a1_pl", "vn_b_pack_03_xm177_pl", "vn_b_pack_03_type56_pl", "vn_b_pack_03", "vn_b_pack_prc77_01", "vn_b_pack_trp_04", "vn_b_pack_trp_04_02", "vn_b_pack_03", "vn_b_pack_03_02", "vn_b_pack_lw_06"]; // or any backpack you want MGI_radioSupport = { params ["_unit"]; waitUntil {_unit == player}; while {isPlayer _unit} do { waitUntil {sleep 2; (backpack _unit in MGI_radios or (backpack _unit) isKindOf "TFAR_bag_base") or !isPlayer _unit}; if (isPlayer _unit) then { [_unit,SupportRequester,cas1] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; [_unit,SupportRequester,supply1] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; [_unit,SupportRequester,gunship1] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; [_unit,SupportRequester,helo1] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; [_unit,SupportRequester,arty1] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; }; waitUntil {sleep 2; (!(backpack _unit in MGI_radios) && !((backpack _unit) isKindOf "TFAR_bag_base")) or !isPlayer _unit}; if (isPlayer _unit) then { [SupportRequester,_unit] call BIS_fnc_removeSupportLink; } }; hintSilent " Player has changed"; private _providers = _unit getVariable ["BIS_SUPP_allProviderModules",[]]; private _HQ = _unit getVariable ["BIS_SUPP_HQ",objNull]; if (isNil {player getVariable "BIS_SUPP_HQ"}) then { if (count _providers > 0) then { { private _providerModule = _x; { if (typeOf _x == "SupportRequester" && _unit in (synchronizedObjects _x)) then { [player, _x, _providerModule] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; }; } forEach synchronizedObjects _providerModule; } forEach _providers; }; player setVariable ["BIS_SUPP_transmitting", false]; player kbAddTopic ["BIS_SUPP_protocol", "A3\Modules_F\supports\kb\protocol.bikb", "A3\Modules_F\supports\kb\protocol.fsm", {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "A3\Modules_F\supports\kb\protocol.sqf"}]; player setVariable ["BIS_SUPP_HQ", _HQ]; }; { _used = _unit getVariable [format ["BIS_SUPP_used_%1",_x], 0]; player setVariable [format ["BIS_SUPP_used_%1", _x], _used, true] } forEach [ "Artillery", "CAS_Heli", "CAS_Bombing", "UAV", "Drop", "Transport" ]; [SupportRequester,player] call BIS_fnc_removeSupportLink; player spawn MGI_radioSupport; }; player spawn MGI_radioSupport;
  6. Storm Rider

    TeamSwitch Bug

    I think I found a bug in the teamswitch *sic where the group leader of the original group will skip its current waypoint. The mission setup is as follows: Two groups (>1 members) of infantry units, all playable, are given 3 parallel "Move" waypoints, the last being "Cycle", creating a square. Using this code in a gamelogic init, to enable AI after switching units: null=[] spawn {sleep 0.5;onTeamSwitch "selectPlayer (leader _from); {_x doFollow leader _from} foreach units _from; selectPlayer _to;"} -If the first player unit was one of the 2 group leaders, then after "teamswitching" to any other unit, its original group will skip the current waypoint. -If the first player unit was a subordinate unit of one of these 2 groups, then after "teamswitching" to any other unit, including squadleaders, the group will maintain their current waypoint. Ps. With or Without the above gamelogic init code, the condition can be reproduced, except that the previous/original group will not move although having an active waypoint.
  7. Storm Rider

    Cartridges models?

    Hello fine people, I would like to ask if its possible to add in the mission editor, the model of ammunitions as a prop. For example, the Tow missile, or 25mm cartridge, or perhaps a 120mm round. I'd like to have this in order to make custom visual compositions. Thanks
  8. Storm Rider

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    I know this post is old, but I'd like to ask if its possible to add the tow missile, or any other ordnance, as model or prop in the mission editor in order to make visual compositions?
  9. Storm Rider

    Adding requiredAddons to a mod

    Where should I look for to find the latest cfgPatches class?
  10. Hello, I'm trying to create a mod to modify the configuration of the vanilla ammunition to make it more realistic. By checking the files of a few selected mods and also using the editor "Config Viewer", I already have a good understanding of the lines I need to add and the values I want to edit. What I dont know is how to create the mod structure and convert it into a fully working mod. Also, although I could locate the config files using the "Config Viewer", I am unable to find the actual config files in the arma 3 installation folders. I have some experience with map editing, but this is my first attempt at creating a "config patching mod". Please help. Cheers
  11. I like your ideas, but I'm still concerned if it would look and act convincingly. Take the videos below as an example. Do you think that it would be possible to get the AI to autonomously behave and act like the videos below?
  12. On regard to vehicles, in special armored vehicles like tanks, apcs and ifvs, my opinion is that it's useless and very cumbersome to display or even to exist all the AI crew members of all the vehicles in a platoon. Perhaps it would work better, or at least work to virtualize the AI and make vehicles behave as single entities. Perhaps this way a platoon of tanks can, after 20 years of OPF and Arma, finally drive and fight in formation.
  13. That's exactly the situation. One ≥20mm hit to the side should be enough to liquidate a bmp1. The BMP1 in particular was developed to be able to withstand 20mm hits to the frontal arc only, providing only small arms protection to the sides and rear. Also, it wasnt provided with any ammo or fuel protection at all meaning that any penetration is a potential catastrophic event for this vehicle. Do a comparison with the other BMPs found in the game (CUP, RHS...) but also, if you can, in other games (WT) and military simulators (Steel Beasts Pro PE*), with less limitations as in the arma series and you'll soon figure out that there's a problem there. In Steel Beasts, with the Marder 1A3 (20mm cannon) it only take 1, sometimes a couple of hits from <1000m to destroy a BMP. With a Boxer armed with a .50 cal RWS, with a few bursts its possible to destroy it from 500m and disable it from up to 1000m. With the CV9030 (30mm cannon) its possible with a few shots to destroy the bmp from the front at 500m and disable it at up to 1000m. It only takes only one shot to the center of mass at the side to destroy the bmp from any range up to 1500m. So yeah, its way over armored. You said 11 hits at 375m... 😫 https://imgur.com/a/uqvKJT7 *Steel Beasts, for those who dont know, is a professional military training simulator, offered in two distinct versions: SB Professional: Training of soldiers in a (networked) simulation lab under the direction of an operator/controller. SB Pro PE: Training of soldiers on their personal PCs using exercises that do not require an operator/controller.
  14. I understand that that is one of the many limitations that even after 20 years of development BIS could not fix. But its at the same time ridiculous. The BMP, being optimistic, is only very lightly armored. There were cases during Desert Storm where BMPs were disabled at distances close 1km by barrett m82 which is a .50 anti materiel rifle.
  15. Cmon, dont assume people are stupid.