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  1. Storm Rider

    Cartridges models?

    Hello fine people, I would like to ask if its possible to add in the mission editor, the model of ammunitions as a prop. For example, the Tow missile, or 25mm cartridge, or perhaps a 120mm round. I'd like to have this in order to make custom visual compositions. Thanks
  2. Storm Rider

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    I know this post is old, but I'd like to ask if its possible to add the tow missile, or any other ordnance, as model or prop in the mission editor in order to make visual compositions?
  3. Storm Rider

    Adding requiredAddons to a mod

    Where should I look for to find the latest cfgPatches class?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to create a mod to modify the configuration of the vanilla ammunition to make it more realistic. By checking the files of a few selected mods and also using the editor "Config Viewer", I already have a good understanding of the lines I need to add and the values I want to edit. What I dont know is how to create the mod structure and convert it into a fully working mod. Also, although I could locate the config files using the "Config Viewer", I am unable to find the actual config files in the arma 3 installation folders. I have some experience with map editing, but this is my first attempt at creating a "config patching mod". Please help. Cheers
  5. I like your ideas, but I'm still concerned if it would look and act convincingly. Take the videos below as an example. Do you think that it would be possible to get the AI to autonomously behave and act like the videos below?
  6. On regard to vehicles, in special armored vehicles like tanks, apcs and ifvs, my opinion is that it's useless and very cumbersome to display or even to exist all the AI crew members of all the vehicles in a platoon. Perhaps it would work better, or at least work to virtualize the AI and make vehicles behave as single entities. Perhaps this way a platoon of tanks can, after 20 years of OPF and Arma, finally drive and fight in formation.
  7. That's exactly the situation. One ≥20mm hit to the side should be enough to liquidate a bmp1. The BMP1 in particular was developed to be able to withstand 20mm hits to the frontal arc only, providing only small arms protection to the sides and rear. Also, it wasnt provided with any ammo or fuel protection at all meaning that any penetration is a potential catastrophic event for this vehicle. Do a comparison with the other BMPs found in the game (CUP, RHS...) but also, if you can, in other games (WT) and military simulators (Steel Beasts Pro PE*), with less limitations as in the arma series and you'll soon figure out that there's a problem there. In Steel Beasts, with the Marder 1A3 (20mm cannon) it only take 1, sometimes a couple of hits from <1000m to destroy a BMP. With a Boxer armed with a .50 cal RWS, with a few bursts its possible to destroy it from 500m and disable it from up to 1000m. With the CV9030 (30mm cannon) its possible with a few shots to destroy the bmp from the front at 500m and disable it at up to 1000m. It only takes only one shot to the center of mass at the side to destroy the bmp from any range up to 1500m. So yeah, its way over armored. You said 11 hits at 375m... 😫 https://imgur.com/a/uqvKJT7 *Steel Beasts, for those who dont know, is a professional military training simulator, offered in two distinct versions: SB Professional: Training of soldiers in a (networked) simulation lab under the direction of an operator/controller. SB Pro PE: Training of soldiers on their personal PCs using exercises that do not require an operator/controller.
  8. I understand that that is one of the many limitations that even after 20 years of development BIS could not fix. But its at the same time ridiculous. The BMP, being optimistic, is only very lightly armored. There were cases during Desert Storm where BMPs were disabled at distances close 1km by barrett m82 which is a .50 anti materiel rifle.
  9. Cmon, dont assume people are stupid.
  10. BMP 1 is WAY over armored. Currently it takes hits from 25mm cannon to the side armor, at less than 500m and survives.
  11. Storm Rider

    CQB DLC?

    That's the one thing that I would love to see, that 's always been missing in the Arma series. A proper CQB gameplay which includes other than the usual short DLC SP campaign and units & weapons, a proper CQB dynamics and AI doctrines. I imagine it with new map/top down commands and waypoints similar to Door Kickers, plus automated AI behaviors like one-man/team room and house clearing tactics, formations and specific commands.
  12. Storm Rider

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I really enjoy RHS, but after some playing I came to the conclusion that for me, M1 Abrams' long turbine start-up delay combined with Arma 3's automatic engine turning offs is a game breaker. Is there anyway to disable either of these features? Compared to CUP's, on RHS, as soon as one or the AI stops the vehicle, the engine turns off, making it impossible to properly move in formation and the AI keeps lagging behind.
  13. Storm Rider

    [WIP] Lebanon War Maps

    First update. The map feeling of space is huge, I mean, I tried populating just a small fraction of a tiny village and feeling was that it was a tiny dust spot in a whole world. Perhaps 1:1 scale is not the best solution for this map. On the other hand, I've been testing with a different concept, inspired a bit by BIS themselves. The idea is: if I'm going to down scale the map, to around 7m/px (from the original 12.5m of them Alos Palsar dem), then I might as well include in the map more regions of interest from the 1982 Lebanon War, by merging together and smoothing the transition between these different regions. Its still a hell lot of work, but with considerably smaller urban areas.
  14. Hello guys, I would like to present this project that I'm working. Although I started modding maps back in Arma 2, in 2010, I've been away ever since. I'm still in the very early stages of work as I'm still learning all the peculiarities of arma 3 modding and will definitely need as much help as I can get. I'm also working in parallel in another project, the map of Goose Green, Falklands (Ganso Verde, Malvinas). As always, I try to use the lowest cell size possible (<5). As of now, I'm not sure as I will ever be able to complete this project, as my free time is usually very short, but I can try. For this project, I intend to first create a prototype, with lowres textures and then improve it, as much as I can. I'm still a bit undecided on what portion of Lebanon to create. I'm very interested in the 3 main conflicts between Israel and Hezbollah: 1978 Operation Litani, 1982 First Lebanon War and Occupation, 2006 Second Lebanon War, although the regions of interest for these 3 conflicts vary considerably and would require an immense map. Perhaps it might be a better idea to create completely standalone maps of each portion, limiting the map size to about 20x20km so as to maintain a small cell size. The heightmap is a 12.5m resolution Alos Palsar dem The current region that I'm working on, is the area of Bint Jbeil, which has seen a lot of action in 2006. For these Im considering two options: 1- A single Mapframe of 4096 x 5 cell size = 20.480km 2- 4 Multiple Mapframe 4096 x 4 cell size = 16.384km each, with a total of 32.768km
  15. Thanks, I read somewhere that this is the universal settings to be able to make roads. Should I do the same to any map imported into TB, regardless if it was edited in L3DT or not?