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  1. Ash.Hope

    Naming Vehicles - PhysX

    Could well be, there's about 100 vehicles on my asset list which seem to have it. Ahh well, thank you for your help, guess I'll have to live with the X.
  2. Ash.Hope

    Naming Vehicles - PhysX

    Yeah, replaced that line to add yours in, just having a look through the other assets and it seems to be common that they are prefixed with X, i presume Bohemia use this to note all the PhysX assets at a glace?
  3. Ash.Hope

    Naming Vehicles - PhysX

    Get the error 'No entry 'bin\config.cpp\CfgVehicleClasses\GB_Army_Tracked'' when i remove my vehicle classes class, and when i leave it in with that code it has no effect.
  4. Ash.Hope

    Naming Vehicles - PhysX

    The subclasses work, I have a drop down selection with Test Tanks and can see First Tank below it. However it's still showing as 'X First Tank'
  5. Ash.Hope

    Naming Vehicles - PhysX

    Okay so my above snippet is the wrong area, cfgVehicleClasses is for the category the vehicle will be held in, as i'm going to be making a few variants of the same tank but want to group them together. https://hastebin.com/poxovikese.cs -- that's my current config, most of it is from tutorials i could find online. Line 56 - This is the name i want to display. Line 54 - I think this is what is causing the X to display in front of the name.
  6. Ash.Hope

    Naming Vehicles - PhysX

    Yeah so my current config.cpp looks like.... class CfgVehicleClasses { class TestTank { displayname = "FirstTank"; }; }; However it displays as 'X FirstTank'
  7. Hi All, I'm having a really minor issue however now i've noticed it I feel like i need to resolve it. I'm creating my first asset (a custom tank using PhysX), and it seems to be prefixing my display names with 'X'. I've noted that changing the simulation from 'simulation = "tankx"' to 'tank' removes the X, so i'm certain that's the issue. Is it possible to remove the prefixed X on each of my vehicle names?