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  1. nenzeo

    Hoovering tank

    Why does the sample car use two points in its axis`s?
  2. nenzeo

    Hoovering tank

    Hey everyone, I figured it out. I had two mempoints on the wheels axis's in the memory LOD. Unlike cars (uses two mempoints), tracked vehicles uses a single mempoint in combination with the wheel boundary to see the size of wheels that are generated onto the PhysX LOD.
  3. nenzeo

    Hoovering tank

    Hello, I`m making a Norwegian version of the Leopard 2A4. Only have a few bugs left to iron out, but I have hit a wall with this one. I have tried: - Adjusting every physX setting I can think relates to this. - Main PhysX are as follows (weight 62000kg) sprungMass=4428.5714; springStrength = 324000; springDamperRate = 36000; - All LODs should be centered - All related memory points have been rebuild many times. - I have tried settings from BI Example tank, Burns M1A2, BW mods Leopard. With no same results as seen above. I cannot for the life of me find the issue. Thanks in advance for any help!