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  1. Hello There! I've been playing with the Object Builder for a while and had the great idea to make my own car :) (why... couldn't just mind my own business?) I've followed a tutorial on yt (probably you will all know the guy with the delorean) and all went smooth up until I realize that in game the wheels do not spin nor turn. The base 3d model came from the darkweb on sketchup, I've cleaned it a bit in C4D and exported with baked texture in paa to Obnoxius Builder. Side note I'm having issues with trasparency and texture but will fix next time around, this is just a test to know how to process, you will see even the memory points are not really aligned... I'll upload a zip with all the files: -The main P3D (can be opened in Obsure Builder) -Texture (not useful but hey!) -2 CFGs (one from the base testvehicle in arma, one from a car I copied somewhere long time ago, both adapted to work with the car) -Model.cfg (I think here is where the devil is) I've tried multiple ways, naming, weights and bones with no luck, if someone can explain me how cfgs work, at what they point i the LODs, if bones are needed I would be really graceful, I'm not the guy who wants the answer cooked but can be really stubborn to understand things. You can contact me ofc here but also on Steam, Skype, Teamspeak, Discord even Whatsapp. Thanks in advance! I would really like to import this car as is my daily driver and I'm attached to her :P FIxed :D Dont know how to close