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  1. J. Point

    Warrior FV510 PhysX issues

    So if I understand correctly you are saying there are no issues with friction, wheel size, physx geometry hitting, or stuff like that? Why is my wheel rotation speed on the right higher than on the left? they are exact copies in the p3d model. The current settings for the enginePower, maxOmega and peakTorque are taken from the Real life engine that is in the Warrior and I tweaked to torqueCurve to something that makes sense to me. Are the above settings the cause or part of the problem? Or is the only think I need to tweak the MOI & dampingrateinair? Finally; I read about the diag.exe's config merge function in the link you sent before but I don't understand how I can get that to work? These settings aren't in a single config file, this is the current PBO structure: Thanks.
  2. J. Point

    Warrior FV510 PhysX issues

    Thanks for the reply. I'll try and get the diagnostics run tomorrow and update here. Am I ok to change the phsyx lod mass to 1 then? I don't know if it will help you to find the problem but some of it behaviour while driving: When I stop accelerating or as soon as the vehicle speed drops itself to 10km/h or below (when it was still able to go that speed) the vehicle hits the brakes, hard and stops. Same on reverse. Changing the brakeIdleSpeed has no effect on this behavior. So right now with 8km/h being the max as soon as I stop accelerating it stops. The gearbox switching might be the cause but I've tried it on full-auto and still no luck. When I tweak the dampingRateInAir and MOI the vehicle goes totally out of control, accelerating on itself as soon as it gets above 10km/h (again, before the axis and bounds being corrected) and would go to about 90km/h and then start flipping like crazy.
  3. Hey, I'm working on the config of a model I created but I'm having trouble with the config of the Physx, more precisely the speed. I am aware of the normal reason for this, being that the memory points for the wheels aren't all the same diameter but that isn't the case, the warrior was stuck at about 12-13km/h when this was the case with the sprockets at a different size but after fixing this the new max speed is a whopping 8 km/h! picture of the memory LOD for the axis & bounds: physX.hpp link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_clmWh1yXm2z_BAag3cgdt9eqgLZv-DU model.cfg link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YTLLd0_N6zpp9vNuSeWGRRM9dN2k8ABo The only thing I can think of might be the mass? The mass for the geometry is 25400.0 and the mass for the Geometry PhysX is 6.45. Pictures of both: Any help is very very appreciated!
  4. On to the interior!
  5. Thanks! Work on the turret is progressing slowly, it's a pain making it able to be seen from the inside!
  6. Work on the turret has started.
  7. 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade Who are we? Under Army 2020 the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade forms part of the reaction force. As a unit our main aspect of gaming is Infantry. The 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh is a Regular Army armoured infantry battalion based at Tidworth Camp. It comes under 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade who are an Armoured Infantry Brigade that uses the Warrior IFV. The Infantry will also be backed up by a variety of support assets. What do we do? As you can tell from that short description, we are a UK-based and reenactment MilSim community. We were founded recently from a big group of members splitting of from another community. Find our ORBAT here: 12aib.co.uk. (Note: you have to register first!) So if you are looking to join a MilSim community (and we take that word seriously!) that is established and led by very experienced people with years of being in the loop then don't hesitate and register today! 12aib.co.uk. We are all about being as realistic as possible while keeping everything fun because after all it's a video game but that doesn't keep us from making maximum effort in making our mentality in-game as serious as possible! So no yes/no sir mentality. What we offer: Experienced and organised leadership that have a unified vision. No favouritism! Everyone is treated equal, no one will be given any better treatment for whatever reason. Real MilSim playstyle. We try to have a very high amount of professionalism when we are in-game. Banter is great and encouraged (British) but professionalism is required when in-game. Homemade weekly missions and training. We create all our operations and training ourselves and they aren't recycled. Operations are weekly on Wednesday (19:30 GMT) and Saturday (19:30 GMT). First-person only. A real armoured infantry experience, utilising real-life tactics and Infantry Fighting Vehicles, looking to use challenger 2 MBTs in the future. A lot of members with real-life military experience both serving and ex-serving. Homemade mods and modpack. Extensive planning pre-mission (SITREP/WARNO) issued days in advance. Operations and home-rotation alternate each other realistically. What we look for in applicants: 17 years or older (no exceptions). Functioning microphone. Willingness to learn and improve. Take constructive criticism! Your idea of fun should be immersion and making it MilSim, realistic, not going on your own and killing AI. Attendance requirement is 50%, if unable to meet this you will be put in the reserves, able to join when you are available. We DO NOT require this to be your only ArmA community, we allow multi-clanning.
  8. Just need to put some straps around the tools at the front and the 2 nuts on the driver hatch and then the hull is finished! :)
  9. After I finish the base version I intent to create variants with the Warrior Reactive Armour Programme 2 and after that the other model variants (511 - 515)
  10. Thanks :) I've started watching some texturing videos but that all looks very intimidating still!
  11. Can you do one for vehicles by chance?
  12. Hello everyone! I've been working with UK military vehicles in Milsim communities for about a year now and having recently changed to using the Warrior we had to resort to the default Arma variant and it's partial re-textures so a week ago I decided that I will try and learn how to model a new vehicle into ArmA from scratch and I have been spending a lot of time since then watching tutorials, reading forums and asking questions just about everything. I downloaded Blender and started to learn how to use it and this is where I stand after a week: My intent is to create a better and more immersive version of the one currently available with a fully modelled interior not just for the passengers like they do now but also for the crew and with opening hatches like the rear door as seen above and the top hatch. I'm learning as I go, discovering fast ways to do something that took 30min of manually moving each vert with one shortcut but I enjoy it! :) This thread is for me to keep you guys updated on the progress and ideally, if people are willing to ask some of the more technical questions and possibilities as besides the base model I have no idea haha! As you can probably see I'm currently working on the driver's hatch and with me wanting to give it an interior there has to be an inside view where he can manually look out the viewing ports which afaik I will have to accomplish by making them simply openings with glass to look through instead of the periscope it has IRL. The only other possibility I see is using PIP to simulate the periscope but I don't think that is a good idea as the quality is very subject to the client's settings. The problem I currently have is that if they are just viewports the driver his head will be a lot higher than it is IRL (he will have to be able to see outside with his own eyes directly) which I think will make the helmet clip through the top of the hatch and making the hatch taller isn't really an option as it will just look unrealistic from the outside. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the feedback!
  13. J. Point

    Arma Memes...

    I've rebound mine to double tap G ;)
  14. These pictures look amazing! all look very natural :)