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  1. Access to Contact DLC files with LDF uniforms would be enough🙄
  2. How did you get to Promet values?
  3. There was that good mod that allows you to use Arsenal on every character in Arma3, even from scenarios. That was beautiful thing: Take a guy from squad, press a Ctrl+button, load Arsenal profile on that guy and you had all team ready in very short time. No need to give some orders - move there - pickup that - rearm... I cant remember the name of that mod, but last time when I look at it, was obsolete anyway. I miss that mod a lot.
  4. Glow

    Arma3 Videos

    Contact DLC fan made trailer
  5. You can make airfield that alive you want. There is plenty new lights assets in Project DLC. Very easly you can do funny things with those too:
  6. Uniforms LDF uniforms are variants of AAF commander uniform, already present in Arma3 but I like those. Will fill behind BLUFOR and AAF uniforms. Definitely not looking modern but we already have stealth and special purpose models for that kind of scenarios. The tshirt model will be popular for sure. Colonial space marines mod or any inspired by Vietnam era uniforms. -- @Jozef Sztacheta Wz.93 become common name for uniform but to be correct it's uniform pattern code - Kamuflaż wz. 93 „Pantera” What you meant was uniform shape and those are: wz.123/MON, 124/MON, 127/MON, 127A/MON and 124Z/MON - those long jackets with pockets. Not very practical at night, against enemies with nvg - uniform become very visible and recognizable in nvg. I hope that this disadvantage will be modeled and copied to Arma3 too. -- Specnaz looks proper to me. Very recognizable. -- NATO woodland camouflage very cool and really needed in Livonia. Multicam not working at all, looks funny in Livonia. -- CSAT ghillie suit model This model look interesting, those front protectors giving very modern look - That model could be utilized in some more ways easily. A new special purpose uniform maybe? I wish to have that CSAT ghillie suit uniform model without this ghillie part. It just ask for some more models variants. O_ghillie_lsh_F Would LDF have some special forces? -- Criminal's black leather jacket Not sure is it new model or brown partisan jacket variant, but that thing looks evil! It will find a use in scenarios for sure. -- LDF helmets Very cool. Will place between Combat models and Stealth models. I'm just not sure do we will get variants with glasses and no-glasses too. If only with glasses, than how to use it with gas mask and other face gear? Those glasses can be problematic but a free face slot for a other face gear is always welcome. I hope we will get those for testing soon. -- LDF Vests What's that screen box at front-top? Not sure what's that - a place for iPhone? A wallet? Doesn't fit imo. I like this shape of this new vest, not to modern (like those fancy looking US and GB vests) but looks like something very simple = not expensive, well working and effective on battlefield. Fits LDF. -- More about Robot These robots are used indoors too., right? I assume that it would be more silent than Darters and Stompers. Shotgun bullets with a uranium core are extra fun but how about being more stealth? One stealth UGV please - to do all those funny things in more sneaky way. Darts, knifes - super cool, silenced weapons are just to easy (and probably to OP when mounted on robot vs AI) but already present in Arma3. Only two robot variants? Shotgun and spectrum device? -- Mora insded of Marshall Do we need Marshall for LDF? Mora fits better by the Arma lore, is more defensive. Marshall is too powerful imo and most Marhall's features couldn't be fully used by LDF. AMV-7 Marshall 110 km/h, Cannon 40 mm, 8× Passengers, a base armour value of 320, is fully amphibious, can be airdrop; FV-720 Mora 76 km/h, Cannon 30 mm, 7× Passengers, a base armour value of 900; LDF having powerful allies have no real need to own such a offensive vehicle. --- Don't forget about: + CBRN clothing - hazmat suit, mask and o2 bottle, i hope for those in next d-b update! + "ghostbuster's" backpack + radio backpack + Zubr .45 ACP atachments: optic and light (seen on screenshot) + Exercise Electron 38 insignia + blindfold (does it blind player when use?) + foil hat - I bought aluminum foil and going to made one of these. I found good tutorials on YouTube 😄 + spectrum device + robot + tractor --- Light cones When placing those in EdenEditor lights are off - no visible direction make it difficult to use. I found some more light (POLPOX's Artwork Supporter mod) that stay on all the time in Editor. It's much easier to work with. If you can, make those Light Cones work same way please. You can do funny things with those:
  7. Are tools in dev-branch anyway different, unstable or nerfed? I can't do anything in AddonBuilder, the simplest thing not working like it should. -- @lex__1 try with this one : ace Singleplayer by Krieghof (Steam Workshop) I have this one with MCC, Liberation Livonia and some extra guns. Few issues at start but is best working sp version I use. You have to turn off some modules in MCC and ACE if you want AI to heal you.
  8. Nah... Not Livonian enough... Here you have life examples: Piwo ~ Beer and park with benches Monopolowy ~ Liquid store Bar Mleczny ~ that would be close equivalent
  9. Yes, ACE is difficult, but is better now than 2-3 years ago as I remember. You have to set it up and adjust properly or just use already adjusted version, plus tons of fixes for compatibility with mods like CUP, NIA. ACE and Dev-brach - that's asking for trouble. I agree. My Ace Arsenal is working now... ok, but when I load more mods like MCC, CUP, NIA, etc, then... yeah... but seriously are you, Veteran of Arma can play ignoring ACE? I can't. Now even official campaign can be played with ACE. -- I'm happy to see new dlcs coming every year. I don't think that ratio of testing and troubleshooting haven't increased from A2, there is just more of everything. But of course it would be nice to have less, and less bugs and in game issues but more and more dlc and stuff works better.
  10. Would be nice to have BI Arsenal same like ACE Arsenal. All is there, ready and waiting, depends from BI team and ACE successfully communication I believe. How much bigger is A3 from A2? Have you notice that?
  11. It's all there, and new Off-road variant you can see on promo screenshots. All look good, especially computers and server racks with blinking lights, plus lots of new light sources.
  12. Popup windows in Arma? Really? BTW: Why don't you use ACE Arsenal?
  13. Very common thing... intended 😎
  14. Would be cool to have shotgun as secondary, it is often seen, but it would required using a back slot. Caring shotgun, even cut off on your leg isn't a good idea and look very unprofessional. Same thing with smg guns... but this is just slowly pushing Arma in to Call of Duty imo.
  15. Glow

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Can that robo-arm throw grenades? Knifes? Darts? 'Con! If you waha be ArmA you have to be cool like ArmA: