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  1. What if I build terrain a simple square or a box, could be possible to move it closer to those light sources?
  2. A sun and moon in Arma3 are both dynamic light sources. So, is there any way to use sun or moon as mobile light source?
  3. Someone should made a map with all those funny places.
  4. Glow

    Arma3 Videos

    Finally I get my Hammer time chivo 🙂 + tips + some free music TT16 Weasel Run TT17 Shipping and Handling TT18 Hammer Time
  5. Nice compass, I didn't even notice. What is this for?
  6. Alias from ALIAScartoons? Dammm. Now you got me on my toes!
  7. 1. Turn off Battleye. 2. Setup difficulty to any but not Custom. 3. Try to switching screen display mode from Full Screen to Full Screen Windowed.
  8. Add some underwater rooms too.
  9. In Carpe Noctem I found about 12 interesting places like this but not this one. My favorite Miller News Reporter Abandon your posts The Tower
  10. Glow

    Contact DLC: Review and Tips

    Spectrum Device and ET signals riddle SPOILER ALERT! Once you read this you will gain information how to solve the most complicated riddle in Contact campaign. It's not that hard, but it need patience and time. This is a full solution but I have not verified by second play yet. I'm sure of this at 99%. After reading this you should have an idea how to solve this riddle. SPOILER ALERT!
  11. We have a slingloading from Helicopters DLC. It would awesome to have some structure, using similar mechanics, like this cargo platform to work as cargo lift.
  12. How about a lift for cargo platform? That would be a cool thing!
  13. Glow

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    @radiorobot Yes, I mentioned this too.